Khloe Kardashian breaks up with Tristan Thompson after catching him ‘cheating’

Khloe Kardashian dumps Tristan Thompson/TMZ.

Khloe breaks up with baby daddy.

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LOS ANGELES — Khloe Kardashian is finally calling it quits. The 34-year-old reality TV star severed her tempestuous relationship with NBA veteran Tristan Thompson after learning he cheated on her with Jordyn Woods, the best friend of Kylie Jenner. Tristan, a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers, flew into Los Angeles last week to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Khloe and their infant daughter, True. The ensuing Sunday, Tristan was busted making out with Jordyn at a house soiree. Word on the street claims he groped her derrière then banged it doggystyle. Once word got back, Khloe broke things off.

Getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar is nothing new to Tristan.

If you recall, two years ago, the 27-year-old baller French-kissed two prepossessing chicks at a hookah lounge in Washington D.C. The amorous ordeal was captured on video. To compound matters, TMZ leaked raw footage of the affair a few days before Khloe gave birth. Tristan was also captured on camera escorting a sexy babe back to his hotel room during a road trip in New York.

What’s your take?

Will the cleave last?

Do you envision Khloe taking him back?

Is this all a publicity stunt for ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians?”

Share your thoughts below.


  1. lay down with dogs, wake up with fleas

  2. They will be back fucking again!!!💅☕this aint the first time he cheated on her💅

  3. He wanted to feel a real ass

  4. Publicity stunt guys, new season coming up

  5. tammy ollibierre

    Well she lost him the same way she got him boop!💅

  6. The Truth And nothing but

    Within a couple weeks you’ll see Khloe out on the town with Kyle Kouzma.😃

  7. She fine ass hell, give the man a pass..I mean Khole let Scott sleep in her bed on TV🤨🤨

  8. Andrea Shields

    Well he’s just sticking it every where isn’t he? The damn thing is just gonna fall off. Wonder how he’s going to feel when someone does this to his daughter.

  9. WaveCheck100 Waveyton

    Hollywood women act like they don’t cheat
    Khloe been a hoe from the jump
    Ain’t that what Hollywood is all about?

  10. prettyslim2010

    That’s so messed up, two relationship’s ruined maybe more because now ky has to choose her BFF or her sis, if she does not kick her friend to the curb her and her sisters relationship may be strained. I firmly feel you should not have your friend and man hanging out but Tristan had been a cheater so his low does not shock me.

  11. I still can’t gather why Jordyn would do something sooo risky!! After all Kylie and Khloe have done for her too 🤭

  12. Fuckin Tristan wildin’ 😂

  13. Khloe is better off without him anyway but I feel really bad for Kylie and the fact that they just ruined her friendship with her best friend!

  14. OGBabyface Walker

    Now if these celebrity hoes get a real nig like me then they wouldn’t have cheating problems , debt maybe , but cheating never 🤣😂

  15. Okay thats her fault she should’ve left him when he first cheated while she was pregnant with their first child. Tristan already had a girl and a baby onna way when he met khloe you get him how you lose him sis its called karma i dont feel bad for her the only person i feel bad for is her daughter. and jordyn stupid too she only had one job nd thats being kyile bsf smh now i said what u said @ me if yuh want to cuz u got time

  16. I Got Hoes4sale

    This is all publicity to their new season KUWTK in March…. I highly doubt she did this. She kept Kylie’s pregnancy a secret so I’m sure she wouldn’t violate her family like that

  17. Janisha Hollingshed

    The big payback… Khloe is getting her KARMA. For what she did to Rob and Chyna 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 you can convince ppl but you can’t lie to God and the universe…. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and it’s showing Kylie is for self she doesn’t care about anyone but her self . like she slept with Chyna’s fiancee Tyga when she was 15.

  18. Black Women Rock

    Humm the Kardashian’s are known for taking your man, now someone is taking there man. First Kourtney , Khloé, Kylie, Kim …..

  19. that nigga probably got AIDS, chlamydia & gonorrhea

  20. Never let a man show you that he doesn’t want you, TWICE. Khloe should have ended this the first time he cheated, but at least she finally came to her senses!

  21. This is what happens when you got 2 chics and you try to see BOTH of them because its Valentine’s Day and you cant pick 1… Lol

  22. Khloe stole him from a Jordan only to lose him to a Jordyn!!!! Safe to say how you get ’em is how you’ll lose them.

  23. prettymelanin exotic

    The title should be “Tristan dumps Khloe again” lolol😂😭

  24. Krystal Sedillo

    What do you expect when you start a relationship with a man who left his pregnant girlfriend for you. What quality of person is that? Khloe thought she was excempt from being in the same situation. He wasn’t eager to marry her like Kanye married Kim. That means she wasn’t shit to him. Kanye speaks on his love for Kim putting dudes in their place. As for Jordyn and Kylie, their breakup is more devasting then Khloe’s. My heart goes out to Kylie❤ . She is only beginning to mourn the loss of her friendship. The real victim in this scenario is True. One day Tristan is going to have to answer to her about his inappropriate behavior.

  25. She going to take him back lol

  26. Serves you Kardashian right, next time give the white man a chance..


  28. Why do beautiful women end up stuck with jerks like him thinking they can fix his sorry ass he won’t change Khloe deserves better!

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