Zion Williamson’s knee abrasion ignites colossal debate on athletes gettin’ paid

Zion Williamson’s injury sparks cash debate.

Zion’s knee injury sparks cash debate.

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DURHAM — During Wednesday night’s ACC battle between No. 1 Duke and rival North Carolina, Blue Devils forward Zion Williamson hurt his knee within the first 40 seconds of the game after he blew out his tennis shoe. Not only was the game nationally televised, tickets sold at Super Bowl level prices — going for an average of $4,000 each. For those of you who aren’t casual basketball fans, Zion is the most hyped college player of all-time. Keep in mind, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James eschewed college — making Zion the NCAA’s most marketable player ever.

Even Barack Obama attended the game and he’s not a fan of either school.

Everybody came to see one guy and one guy only.

Anyway, Zion’s foot went through his cheap Nike shoe prompting Puma officials to tweet, “wouldn’t have happened in the pumas.” Ouch! The tweet has been deleted.

However’s Nike’s stock plummeted following the incident.

Zion’s leg abrasion also raised the issue of whether or not athletes should get paid. Right now, Zion and his peers play college sports for free while affluent head coaches like Mike Krzyzewski, Bill Self, John Calipari and Tom Izzo garner million dollar salaries sitting on their avaricious asses.

Again, tickets for Wednesday’s game sold for thousands of dollars at face value.

The players didn’t receive a dime.

After Zion got hurt, Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell tweeted: “Let’s remember all the money that went into this game and these players get none of it… and now Zion gets hurt. Something has to change.”

Golden State Warriors forward DeMarcus Cousins added, “Well, knowing what I know now, college is bullshit. College basketball and the NCAA is bullshit. So my advice to [Zion] is, ‘Do what’s best for you and your family.'”

Should college athletes get paid?

Probably not, because playing for “free” is a choice.

If Zion and others alike are dissatisfied volunteering their skillsets, they should quit and/or not sign a letter of intent. American sports are synonymous with capitalism. The black athlete should be viewed as an industry comparable to oil, gas, wheat and gold.

Seriously, if you and I open a lemonade stand and we’re astute enough to ruse negroes into working for free, why should we pay them? Black athletes continue to get sodomized by pro franchises and the NCAA because they’re disturbingly complacent being subservient.

See, everybody knows blacks are content saying “Hi Mom” on TV while donning gold chains and diamond earrings. If Zion and black athletes walk out on their teams, the sports world would dissipate and nobody would get paid. As marketable commodities, black athletes have all the leverage.

They’re just too apathetic to use it.

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  1. Leave Duke

  2. Halfman Halftree

    Yea let’s play for coach K and blow ur knee out for free while everyone else is making millions off you

  3. Zion doesn’t’ get paid a dime to play for the NCAA. All the money goes towards the coaches and NCAA, Zion gets nothing. Wait for the NBA, get paid, and you still get to play basketball… but this time you get PAID.

  4. Everybody knows the NCAA doesn’t care about the players. Zion get your
    money bro.

  5. blacks have been slaves for hundreds of years…… they used to it

  6. All the one and dones should sit out. Maybe then they will stop forcing them to go to college for one year. Bet if they all sit out NCAA would fix some rules.

  7. Shut it down. Protect your financial future. Listen to only trusted long time neutral friends. Listen to other players. People who dont have a dog in the fight other than you. Do not listen to anyone who makes money off of you. I would not trust Nike. NCAA. or NBA.

  8. The ncaa is the most corrupt money hungry association in the world. They make a billion dollars in revenue every year and don’t pay these players a dime. If I were Zion I would sit out the rest of the season even if healthy…because let’s face it ncaa title doesent mean shit for an individual accomplishment in the long term!!

  9. What we saw in unc vs duke game is SLAVERY. Those ticket prices were 3 grand a pop. And I have to wear a sneaker because the school gets paid and I don’t and I’m the reason why we have all of this. THATS SLAVERY when a person isn’t being paid for his labor or likeness that’s slavery. Zion should sit it out good bye duke.

  10. Blue Chip/NBA bound players should be paid a salary and given a career ending Insurance policy for playing in the NCAA against all of these other scrubs.

  11. Young man. F*ck Duke. Get money !!!

  12. Nike isn’t Zion proof. Nike probably won’t let him play with anything else but that trash azz pg 13 shoes. He’s probably never gonna wear another nike shoe again

  13. Good job Nike… Good fucking job 👏👏👏 you just took the biggest L of the decade

  14. College players aren’t pro athletes, they shouldn’t get paid yet this is to prove they’re good enough to become pros to be paid for being such an elite athlete, you guys are just being greedy saying college athletes should be paid

  15. Zion is going to be really good but injuries are going to limit his potential. Being 285 pounds and jumping really high and landing on the ground every game is going to crush his legs.

  16. Bethany Miller

    Word on the street is he got those shoes from Jussie Smollett. Witnesses saw them at Subway. I dont know about you, but I TOTALLY believe it!!!

  17. Next game Zion going to be repping sketches

  18. Jester Avrgjoe

    They’re going to beat the piss out of that 9 y/o Chinese kid who made that shoe.
    Poor kid.

  19. NCAA making so much money and these kids don’t…

  20. niggers good for 2 things: jail and basketball

  21. Nike’s stock would’ve crashed if Zion tore his ACL

  22. Millennium Racist

    blacks dont deserve to get paid

    they used to doing shit for free

  23. Nigga wearing Walmart shoes ong

  24. Zion should only play if he can step on the court wearing a pair of shoes of HIS choice. Coach K gets PAID millions by Nike—Zion makes nothing. People are paying to watch Zion.

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