Singer R. Kelly charged with 10 felonies, embattled artist says he’s being set up

R. Kelly arrested and charged with sexual abuse/TMZ.

R. Kelly charged with 10 felonies. 

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CHICAGO — “When a woman’s fed up…” On Friday, the Cook County State Attorney charged R&B icon R. Kelly with 10 felony counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving a quartet of young girls between the ages of 13 and 16 years old.  One of the victims is tied to four counts. Each charge carries a sentence of 3 to 7 years in prison. According to court docs, Kelly allegedly had oral and vaginal sex with at least one of the girls and he “transmitted his semen onto [the alleged victim’s] body for the purpose of Robert Kelly’s or [the alleged victim’s] sexual gratification or arousal, by the use of force or threat of force.”

Kelly’s indictment comes on the heels of last week’s grand jury hearing that included the testimonials of a dozen women. On Thursday, Latresa Scaff and  Rochelle Washington joined attorney Gloria Allred at a press conference in New York and commenced to singin’ like a canary.

Kelly hand-picked both chicks out of the crowd at a Baltimore after-party in the mid-90s. Latresa and Rochelle, who were 16 and 15 at the time, said Kelly approached them with his dick hanging out of his pants. Apparently no foreplay was needed. Kelly’s phallus was locked, loaded and ready to shoot.

“When Kelly was alone with me, he asked me to perform oral sex on him,” Latresa told reporters. “I was under the influence of marijuana and alcohol and I did it. He then had sexual intercourse with me even though I did not have the capacity to [give] consent.”

There’s also visual evidence in the form of a VHS sex tape that was turned over to authorities by attorney Michael Avenatti. The video shows Kelly having sex with a 14-year-old.

The 52-year-old pedophile turned himself in Friday night.

He was encircled by his entourage and refused to answer questions.

One journalist asked, “What’s your message to black women?”

Another yelled, “Are you innocent?”

When you take into account infelicitous incidents involving Kelly, Jussie Smollett and Clark Gable, it’s probably safe to conclude it’s been a lamentable ‘Black History Month.’ Yes, I’m calling Clark “black” because pretty much everybody on “Cheaters” is African American.

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  1. He’ll pay millions in “fines” and most likely no jail. That’s what they do with rich ppl.
    I’m 42 this started when I was 17. Thats nuts.

  2. I’m not for pedophilia but he’s going to jail for having consensual sex….jus sayn


  4. R Kelly new song gonna be ; I don’t see nothing wrong with a little underage sex.😣

  5. rasheed rashad

    Guess he won’t be doing the music for Space Jam 2.

  6. Castle Floorworks

    funniest black history month ever 😂

  7. My minds telling me nooooo…. But the evidence… The evidence is telling me yeeesssss…. I don’t see nothing wronnnggg… With a little jail time…

  8. 10 counts of aggravated assault man these women all assisted In having sex with R Kelly but some how it’s assault. If I took my pant off screwed a rich women then I decided I felt like she assaulted me could I have her arrested

  9. Junior Lewing Koo

    R. Kelly should of been arrested an put away two decades ago! What took authorities so, so, so long to arrest this renowned sexual predator/paedophile! If this isn’t black celebrity privilege, I don’t know!

  10. FINALLY!!
    Don’t give him a bond
    because I Believe
    He Can FLY!!

  11. Another stinking black piece of filth. Put it in a zoo.

  12. Kavania Wilson

    Thank you lifetime for that documentary. Its about time.

  13. It’s about time!
    He’s a child molester and needs to be put away for life.

  14. 1030817 ayriifek

    Free my nigga r Kelly all those hoes want to milk for his money easy to say “rape” and get what u wanted money!!

  15. This is really sad man with kids 🤦‍♂️ this nigga fooled everybody bet he wish he should of Gone to perversion specialist Chicago’s finest prostitutes wow some foul shit

  16. evangelina grey

    Step to prison in the name of love kells. U about to get butt raped.😝

  17. Another great model for blacks just like Bill Cosby, josie bissette, OJ simpson, Cee Lo Green, Flavor Flav, Darryl Strawberry etc…

  18. Frisky Bottomsuuater

    Jussie better get accustomed to being pissed on by R Kelly, in the middle of the night!

  19. Another black superstar in prison. Who is next.

  20. This man should have been put in the slammer when he married Aaliyah when she was 15.

  21. I want to piss on you drip, drip, drip!!!!! ROFLMAO

  22. One hell of a black history month!!🤦🏾‍♂️ Chicago PD is putting in work!!✊🏾

  23. Hillary Got screwed

    He’s a sick man. He needs his Penis cut off

  24. He believed he could fly, and get away with the raping of minors!.

  25. Cosby gonna be his cell mate talking about you got some pudding

  26. shouldve been jailed 20 years ago…… what took so fuckin long?

  27. Truth Hurts Doesn't It

    And for all the people that don’t understand why Robert Kelly wasn’t arrested and indicted sooner, just remember this: The Alleged Victims were (are) African-American! Just like the hundreds of African-American females missing and murdered in the United States of America every year, there were no suspects, no arrest, and very little in the form of investigations. Truth be told, if R. Kelly’s victim’s had blond hair, blue eyes and white skin, he would’ve been buried under the jail, along time ago, just like Bill Cosby (95% of his victims were white). Don’t pretend like it’s not a racial issue, because Trump openly bragged about his sexual exploits, grabbing pussies, and doing whatever he wants, and he was elected to the Presidency of the United States of America, in spite of his ignorance and sexual perversions. This country is still fascinated and the news media is still covering J. Ramsey, and that poor little white girl was murdered over 20 years ago. What about the countless numbers of African-American children missing, raped, murdered and found with their organs (heart, kidneys, lungs, eyes, livers) missing? Let’s have a truthful, open and honest discussion about that…

  28. You know you got problems when you are being investigated by the IRS, FBI, and Homeland Security! 😂

  29. The best Black History Month ever jussie Smollett and R Kelly who’s next??✊✊😂😂

  30. Avenatti couldn’t get Trump , SO THIS !!! I guess Gloria Allred is pulling in the parking lot RIGHT NOW !! They both need to hangout and checkout the Catholic Church , now they really have a SEX SCANDAL going on over there, just saying! 💯🤔🤷🏾‍♂️😳

  31. Why all this after a documentary. If ppl really cared they would have got him before a documentary. This just for publicity

  32. Naledi Sithole

    PARENTS stop trusting everyone with your kids……not everyone has good intentions 🤦🏿‍♀️

  33. I bet they got his azz this time…..Damn me too movement!🤣😂

  34. Reaper Zoroark

    The “R” in R. Kelly stands For Rape

  35. Its system matic racism, always trying to take the black man down, this is such BULLSHIT. Why is this wrong if one of the supreme court justice raped at least one woman? The president is on tape bragging aboout grabbing woman by the pussy and they get a pass. Amerikkka

  36. nasty bastard. cut his balls off…. then let him try. and the cats in the joint don’t like child abusers

  37. Shiiit I’m sure all y’all hoes still listening to his music tho

  38. I'm right you're wrong

    Hide yo Wife,.
    Hide Yo Sista,.
    Hide Yo Mums & dade,
    Cuz they…….rap’n’…..era’body
    Out here!

  39. Yumi Chocolate

    Dammit can’t believe I went to his Concerts He’s amazing Performer..😏💦👅

  40. Bet the JUDGE is a Fan of Kelly. WELLL.

  41. This whole situation fuc!ed up. Keep it 💯 EVERYBODY has known about this ish for 15 ➕ yrs. From artist too fans. No1 said nothing. BUT wait it’s politically correct now to speak up 🤔. Society is messed up. He been fuc%!ed up. HE MARRIED AALIYAH WHO WAS UNDERAGE. 🤔

  42. Maxine Galloway

    He has one of the best voices I have heard – hes good looking, he is rich – he could get who he wants- so my question is WHY??? -why do this kind of thing, when money would buy you anything? its not only bad, its also fking stupid

  43. I wondered where he peed while in the joint?

  44. but how old is 14 really??

  45. Jacobim Magoto

    Wal-Mart is having a sale on the R Kelly Designer “Little Girls Panties”. Now through the end of the month they are 50% off.

  46. R Kelly is INNOCENT until proven guilty that man has done nothing wrong all those hoes lied on him for no reason.

  47. Felicia Webster

    R Kelly is hilarious! 😂😂😂

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