2019 Oscar Awards: Spike wins a trophy, implores viewers to diss President Trump

Spike Lee slams Donald Trump at Oscar ceremony/TMZ.com

Spike wins Oscar, slams Mr. Trump.

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LOS ANGELES — After accepting an Oscar Award on Sunday for his critically acclaimed film “BlacKkKlansman,” veteran director Spike Lee implored viewers to vote President Donald Trump out of office. Spike’s audacious behest was met with retaliatory tweets from the Commander in Chief. Can’t lie. Spike’s speech was arguably the worst in Oscar history. The fidgety filmmaker stumbled over his words while holding a sheet of flaxen notebook paper. Not sure why rich negroes have such an arduous time addressing crowds. But it was embarrassing.

Look, it’s okay for you and I to screw up on TV. We’re average Joes. However, Spike and his “hooked on phonics” peers have plenty of cash to enroll in public speaking courses. There’s no excuse. Nevertheless… in his tweet, President Trump appears to insinuate Spike can’t read. Hell, he may be right.

Trump also called Spike a bigot.

“[It would] be nice if Spike Lee could read his notes,” Trump wrote. “Or, better yet, not have to use notes at all when doing his racist hit on your President who has done more for African Americans than almost any other Pres! [i.e., Criminal Justice Reform, Lowest Unemployment numbers in history, Tax Cuts, etc].”

Trump is correct. Blacks, from an economic perspective, are better off now than when Barack Obama occupied the White House. The problem with Trump is his brash style incites cynics while turning off others. See, as Americans, we’ve grown accustomed to lauding politicians who articulate what we want to hear. Trump does the opposite. He says what you don’t want to hear.

You should also know Spike and Trump share a capricious history. Last year, Spike used his “BlacKkKlansman” promo tour to lambaste Trump’s controversial rejoinder to the sanguinary white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Trump, if you recall, said some white nationalists are very “fine people” — drawing both ire and aversion from the American public.

Spike even called Trump a motherfucker.

“We have a guy in the White House — I’m not gonna say his fucking name — who defined that moment [post-Charlottesville] not just for Americans but the world, and that motherfucker was given the chance to say we are about love, not hate,” Spike said last summer. “And that motherfucker did not denounce the motherfucking Klan, the alt-right, and those Nazis motherfuckers. It was a defining moment, and he could have said to the world, not just the United States, that we were better than that.”

Whoa! Such a potty-mouth.

Calm down Spike.

Ok, back to the Academy Awards.

Spike, 61, has garnered a quintet of Oscar nominations during the course of his lengthy career. But, he won his first trophy Sunday night. Spike, as anticipated, panegyrized Black History Month before digging in on Trump. “The 2020 presidential election is around the corner,” Spike told the audience.

“Let’s all mobilize, let’s all be on the right side of history.”

“Make the moral choice between love versus hate.”

“Let’s do the right thing!”

Do you agree with Spike?

Is it time to vote Trump’s ass out of office?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Im trying to figure out.. what was racist about spike lee’s speech.

  2. Maybe he was nervous or something but it sure seemed like he can’t read very well…

    stumbling over his words going from one topic to another..and of course he had to get in a nice jab at Trump..

    At one time I actually liked Spike and a couple of his movies..

    I’ll bet he lost a lot a fans last night due to his embarrassing behavior.

    Why wouldn’t he be happy for the Green Book movie which was also a true story about an African American man?

    Total ASS CLOWN👎👎

  3. So, let me get this straight…the racist Oscar committee that has been snubbing him and his films for the last three decades finally recognize him (to appease their SJW virtue-signaling viewers) and Spike Lee runs up on stage like he’s been waiting for this his whole life. “Hooray, I’m finally accepted by white folks!”

  4. Can no one do a speech anymore without mentioning politics?

  5. Wow I didn’t know Samuel L Jackson & Mr Spike Lee we’re old college buddies – what a moment !

  6. Laniiyah Scott

    I’m so proud. Love you Spike Lee ❤

  7. Spike Lee is a fucking Down’s Syndrome baby. Glad the academy gave him a token Oscar so they wouldn’t be accused of being racist every year they don’t nominate a shitty ham fisted low budget racist “black” movie.

  8. The Shawshank Inception

    I’m glad for Spike lee and all, but was that speech not a mess? It was so random and jumbled.

  9. Finally yall got your white acceptance lmaooo I don’t wanna hear Oscar’s so white from you akatas again! Well done Akata you got a little treat from massa lmaoo

  10. Finally Spike Congrats.😀

  11. Fuckibg ridiculous that this bitch won!!! All it takes is blacks bitching bitching bitching and they’ll get the awards!! Fucking Disgustibg that the oscars allows these racists blacks to govern over what should NOT be!!! Ridiculous!!

  12. Why is be talking about slavery?
    It’s irrelevant.

    He needs to shut his racist ass up.

  13. Do the right thing…vote for Trump!
    TRUMP 2020!!
    50 years on social security? lazy ass woman should have gotten a job.

  14. I 1000% agree with the following twitter comment off POTUS
    Be nice if Spike Lee could read his notes, or better yet not have to use notes at all, when doing his racist hit on your President, who has done more for African Americans (Criminal Justice Reform, Lowest Unemployment numbers in History, Tax Cuts,etc.) than almost any other Pres!

  15. About fucking time.


  17. Fuck that racist piece of shit

  18. InvisibleMan95

    Yes Spike, the 2020 Presidential election is around the corner. MAGA baby! Trump 2020!

  19. “LONG OVERDUE” repping prince and repping black history never forget the past and “do the right thing” in the future 🙌🏻

  20. Spike needs to get a refund from Moorehouse if he reads like that.

  21. And idiot Trump says his speech was “racist”? Where? All he did was express personal memory and true American history. How is that racist? What a moron. Love to Spike Lee. As A HUGE MOVIE FAN, it makes me so happy to see him finally get a golden statue. Long over due. He should have more. He utterly and totally deserves it.

  22. Spike Lee is a lousy liberal, a race baiter, and a professional victim. The little weirdo is obsessed with white, biracial, and light skinned women, and all his movies reflect so. The only way a dark skinned black woman can get a part in one of his movies is if she’s portrayed as a coon, ugly, or undesirable woman. The academy wouldn’t let Kevin Hart host this show because he said that he would hit a homosexual upside the head, but yet they give this man an oscar even though he said that someone should shoot screen legend Charlton Heston because he was a conservative.

  23. Spike Lee is a HAS BEEN RACIST PUNK🖕Drop Dead you Bigot reverse Racist punk!!!

  24. Congrats to Spike he deserved more Oscars from the past. The fact trump called it a racist hit without any indication of racism proves he guilty latent racism.

  25. Spike, sounds like you need to take a reading class

  26. Zachary DuBose

    That’s right MR PRESIDENT keep calling them out 💪💪👍🏻👍🏻 Trump 2020

  27. Rozalynn Jackson

    I’m still trying to see where the racism is at in the speech 😕 “Do the right thing” is a racist statement now 😂😂😂

  28. Missie The Jackal

    Donald trump is my president and I wish he wasn’t my president at all

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