Patriots owner Robert Kraft remunerates prostitutes prior to ‘Championship Game’

Robert Kraft buys prostitute before Chiefs game/USA Today.

Robert Kraft buys Asian prostitutes. 

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JUPITER — First Spygate. Then Deflategate. Now Thotgate? Just hours before his team defeated the Kansas City Chiefs to advance to the Super Bowl, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft patronized a Florida massage parlor where he participated in a series of salacious acts with a young prostitute. As a matter of fact, the chick must’ve been good because he visited the hooker-infested venue twice. Little did he know, Kraft was the target of a sex trafficking probe. Now he’s facing charges.

Here’s how Kraft spent his time the day of the AFC Championship Game on January 20th: At 11:00 a.m., the 77-year-old billionaire arrived at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in a 2015 Bentley (blue in color). The sex haven is located in Jupiter, Florida. Kraft went inside. His chauffeur waited in the car.

Law enforcement officials then recorded a young Asian chick siphoning Kraft’s phallus while lickin’ his decrepit bollocks. Didn’t take Kraft long to ejaculate. The elderly proprietor gave the nescient damsel $100 before leaving around 11:15 a.m.

Moments later, Kraft hopped into his private jet and flew to Kansas City.

The game didn’t kick off until 5:30 PM CST.

So he made it in plenty of time.

Kraft was also caught on camera receiving a blow job the night prior (Jan. 19) at the same venue. He’s now being charged with two misdemeanor counts of first degree solicitation. If convicted, Kraft could receive one year in jail accompanied by a $5,000 fine and 100 hours of community service.

Kraft ain’t the only high profile businessman to frequent the spa.

Former Citigroup President John Havens faces analogous charges for sex remuneration.

So, how did they get caught?

Well, a health inspector visited the spa for a routine evaluation and noticed several women living there. The inspector vacated the premises and called police amid concerns of human trafficking. Detectives responded by concocting a sting operation where they discovered all kinds of risqué activity.

First, they watched a profusion of concupiscent men come and go every 30 minutes. Then they investigated a nearby trash dumpster that was laden with shredded accounting ledgers, credit card receipts and napkins saturated with semen.

The Spa’s owner, 58-year-old Hua Zhang, was arrested and charged with one count of maintaining a house of prostitution, one count of renting space to be used for prostitution, one count of deriving support from the proceeds of prostitution, and 26 counts of soliciting another to commit prostitution.

A second woman, 39-year-old Lei Wang, was also arrested. She’s charged with one count of maintaining a house of prostitution, one count of renting space to be used for prostitution, 26 counts of soliciting another to commit prostitution, and 26 counts of deriving support from the proceeds of prostitution.

“The larger picture, which we must all confront, is the cold reality that many prostitutes in cases like this are themselves victims,” said Palm Beach State Attorney Dave Aronberg. “[They’re] often lured to this country with promises of a better life, only to be forced to live and work in a sweat shop or a brothel performing sex acts for strangers.”

Kraft, who’s worth more than $6 billion, is widowed.

But he has a girlfriend half his age.

Hmm… with his money, makes you wonder why she didn’t slob his wrinkly knob?

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  1. He doesn’t have a wife. Wow, this news smeared his NFL career.

  2. What!?!?!? A rich man soliciting a prostitute? I’ve never heard of such a dirty act. 😱

  3. if the women in this particular case R considered “victims”,why R they being prosecuted? Riddle me that Mr prosecutor? 😶

  4. If an adult (male or female) wants to sell themselves for a sexual act – it should be allowed.

  5. A great American PATRIOT? 😬

  6. give him a break hes an old man and I bet he tips good.

  7. How would police have video inside the massage parlor unless they were running it, if so they were pimping the girls who worked there, if the girls lived there 24\7 how did the cops install the 📷 to tape the sex acts, why were the girls do the sex acts knowing they were being taped, makes no sense!

  8. so its proven the prostitute is a victim of human trafficking? where im from, all the hoes doing it willingly at the strip clubs or advertise online ….feel like theyre trying awfully hard to further this human trafficking issue in the news

  9. What do you expect? He kisses Tom in the mouth. Dirty old man.

  10. I’ve always known that guy was a piece of trash.

  11. At least he didn’t hire a couple of drug dealers to stage a fake hate crime and blame it on President Trump.

  12. I think it’s a blessing to be able to get some head at 70 May blessings fall on me at that age,

  13. Hammer Sandoval

    Dude is wroth 6.6 billion, he has the power to make this never happen and accusers never exist. 🤔😤👍

  14. This crap is such nonsence! Who cares? I mean come on ALL women over the age of 18 and some under this age are all about the dollas. The only reason it is frowned on is because the government isn’t getting a cut. If it happened in Nevada at a brothel the joke would be on the media. My exwife was calling me for money in exchange for a mouthfull. I turned her down . Now maybe shes in a spa.

  15. Hey, relax its just another case of a millionaire American patriot screwing captive immigrants!!

  16. Kraft has 7 rings, 6 super bowl rings and 1 prostitution ring


  18. If I had that niggas money I would get my dick sucked too

  19. Could’ve just gone to bunny ranch 🤷🏻‍♂️

  20. Just another criminal in the Patriots organization, this is nothing new

  21. Yall wanna incriminate a playa for being a p.i.m.p.. smh

  22. jerry williams

    As a Christian I forgive Mr Kraft. I don’t count, but Mr Kraft needs to ask forgiveness from God!!! Earthly man DOESNT COUNT, were just his brothers, LET HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN cast THE FIRST STONE. ALL HAVE SINNED AND COME SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD!!!

  23. He just wanted a saki-saki special… normal prostitution.

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