Mother & daughter murder entire family claiming their relatives “wanted to die”

Shana and Dominique Decree did the unthinkable.

Mom & daughter murder relatives.

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PHILADELPHIA — The city of brotherly love is grieving womanly hate after 45-year-old Shana Decree and her 19-year-old daughter, Dominique Decree, murdered a quintet of family members because everybody “wanted to die.” The familial macabre transpired inside a nanoscopic apartment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where police found the cadavers of 5 relatives: Naa’Irah Smith, 25, Damon Decree Jr., 13, Jamilla Campbell, 45, and 9-year-old twins Imani and Erika Allen. No wonder they snapped.

All seven lived in the same little ass apartment.

During the interrogation process, Shana and Dominique told investigators they choked the victims because everybody, including the children, “wanted to die” and they were all “talking about suicide.” Toya Nelson, Shana’s niece, called the authorities multiple times prior to the massacre.

Toya knew something was afoul when the kids stopped attending school.

The family also got involved with a religious cult. “We’ve been trying to call for three weeks and I’m so angry at city officials because we’ve been calling them,” Toya told reporters. “It just makes me angry because now they want to be sorry but you had the opportunity to save them.”

Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub labeled the crime “an unspeakable tragedy.”

Shana and Dominique are charged with five counts of homicide and one count of conspiracy.

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  1. In this world any one can turn on you 😢

  2. These monsters do not deserve to live

  3. Vanessa Martinez

    Probably a long history of mental illness in this family. Why was it so many ppl in that apt something was bound to happen too many females under on roof.


  5. What would make a mother and daughter do this ???

  6. Guys…. they killed 3 innocent children. 2 twins ages 9 years old and 1 boy aged 13 years old.

    The death penalty is sounding real good rite about now.

  7. county sheepdog

    From my Experience
    When a mom kills her children, it’s typically extremely horrific, gruesome, & morbid.

  8. Katelyn Grochowski

    One word: monsters.

  9. Those poor kids god bless them so sad😢

  10. gotta love those beautiful black queens

  11. Mental illness or hard drugs?

  12. Sounds like a setup.

    2 women strangled 5 people?
    Probably some trump supporter.

  13. Why is seven people living in one apartment

  14. Kyra April Barker

    Oh my god. The blacks are SICK! I pray for them.


  16. Why would you kill innocent children. What kind of mom and teen would do this to their family ? The world is just so evil theses days.

  17. 7 black lives sad

  18. billthestinker

    More proof that missing links still exist in the 21st century. Government must stop feeding and housing these creatures and allow evolution to take it’s natural course. Extinction like Neanderthal

  19. Fahjah Fajitas

    Big shocker … Women are heartless. The number one agressors of domestic violence. Check the stats if you do not believe me. Wake up people.

  20. NaturalCurly Hair

    The devil is on a rampage.

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