Red Table Talk: “You, me and he…”

Jordyn Woods tries to dispel cheating allegations/TMZ.

Jordyn Woods says nothing happened. 

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LOS ANGELES — “You, me and he… what we gonna do baby?” Earlier this week, alleged homewrecker Jordyn Woods appeared as a special guest on “Red Table Talk” — telling host Jada Pinkett Smith she didn’t have a fling with NBA veteran Tristan Thompson. However, she came awfully close. According to TMZ, eyewitnesses caught Jordyn huggin’ and kissin’ Tristan during Valentine’s Day weekend — causing Khloé Kardashian to amputate her relationship with the 27-year-old baller. Now they have to figure out a visitation plan for their young daughter.

Jordyn, the 21-year-old former best friend of Kylie Jenner, admitted she shouldn’t have attended Tristan’s house soiree. But she denied any debauchery took place. Instead, a tearful Jordyn said she merely draped her legs on Tristan while sedentary in a chair — calling it “innocent fun.”

There were no lap dances. No booty slappin.’ No sex.

As for the “kiss?” Jordyn claims Tristan gave her a grandma smack on the lips as she was leaving his crib. There was absolutely no affinity. Khloé, however, ain’t buying it.

The 34-year-old reality TV star tweeted:  “Why are you lying @jordynwoods?? If you’re going to try and save yourself by going public … at least be HONEST about your story.”

“You ARE the reason my family broke up!”

Jordyn said she’s no “homewrecker.”

Do you believe her?

Was the encounter “innocent fun?”

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Denise and Raul

    First of all the Kardashian’s/ Jenner’s are hoes Kim had a sex tape, khloe got pregnant of Tristan and was a home wrecker to Tristan’s ex and Kylie got pregnant of Travis on the first date and kris has so much affair!!! Idk why they are making a big deal in Jordan and second of all it’s all Khloe fault for letting her a get cheated on not once but twice she knew what she was getting her self into

  2. Nothing intimate but he did kiss me 🙄 what lol

  3. Ms.Chi-Town Run it

    I don’t feel sorry for her because she had turned her back on young black girls now you won’t sympathy from the black community now that the Kardashian’s turned their back on her!! # Black girls still rock with out you ☝🏾☝🏾💯💯😘😘🔥🔥🔥✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾

  4. First of all…what family did they have? 🤔 She’s a baby mama. They weren’t married.

  5. Pink Cupcakes006!

    Khloe only thinks about herself…. For god sake, Jordan is getting told to harm herself and talks crap about her dad, while Khloe sits and tweets that she is the reason her family broke up. Tristan cheated before and he will do it again…

  6. That’s what she gets. She looks like an idiot crying when she should have never been be associated with original Opie faced Kylie anyway. She signed up to be a flunky to an ugh mug who she had more status than! Let that sink in.
    Weirdos… lol

  7. Bre The Beauty

    Whew chile 😂😂😂😂😂 the Kardashian pain is making my melanin glow ☀️☀️ it be like sometimes when yo nigga a HOE !!!!

  8. Wtf? You mean to tell me a black woman this fine had to cheat with this sellout nigga?? Wow. Black women love dumb shit and drama.

  9. Melinated Vessel

    Why is she explaining herself, in any way?

  10. Rebecca McKinnon

    She’s lying

  11. Team Jordyn!

  12. khloe is so insecure and a bully tristan ain’t your man he don’t love you jordyn is a beautiful black women and is not the blame here jordyn come get your man sis you don’t owe her shit the whole Kardashian’s Jenner clan kkk culture vulture family is a scam breaking families like nba draft pick jordyn we got your back all of them trash 🗑💯👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 jordyn don’t need them her family got money 💰 will and jada Smith is her godparents. I hope this is the fall of the kkw brand cancelled

  13. Selina Ricciardi

    I also think it’s ironic that Khloe accepts the shit from Tristan for so long and blames Jordan much more. On the other hand we talk every day about “girls support each other” and I guess it hurts like crazy to get hurt from two people you love. Fact is… he is just an A… doesn’t matter if his chick is white or black. To be fairly honest you made some good points but I don’t like how you make a black/white thing out of it. It happens in all skin colors that people cheat, lie or whatsoever. Has nothing to do with your skin color but all with your character. PEACE

  14. Jordyn is everything these women want to be, authentically black and beautiful.

  15. MadyMoi696969690

    Why does this young girl have to explain anything to anyone? She doesn’t owe the KKK’s shit! So what if she hooked up with trash Tristan? How long those KKK whores been messing with other women’s men and suddenly we are to cry tattoo tears for Khloe? Bih pleeeeease🙄

  16. U took my words I’ve been saying from day 1 that Jordyn shouldn’t even apologize cause the KarJenner family don’t even apologize to the friends they hurt! Overall I respect her more after watching the Red Table Talk.

  17. Until the K clan apologize to black women and especially the black women they threw themselves into their relationships for clout. They can shut the fuck up. Im sone with this topic and been done with them. Lots of black women should troll khloe with the phrase u lose them how u get them to shut her up abd remind any black woman defending her of how she got dude and selling black culture back to them. Cancel all k clan members. Dont even watch the show if its still going.

  18. In today’s culture most black women love kissing up to white folks asses. Have you seen that LovelyMimi Asian hot mess. She got fake big lips, fake ass, married to a stupid black man, and runs 2 nail salons in ATL with all black (slave) workers. 98% of her followers are loser black folks. Until black folks come together and demand better, things will stay the same i.e. sucking up to the blue-eyed devil 👿

  19. Javonda Mitchell

    She is adorable!!❤❤ it was a mistake damn!! They acting like she killed somebody!! They are the hoes of all hoes🙄🙄🙄 I hate when people act like this over people with money because at the end of the day they not gone pay none of yall Bill’s or give you two nickels to rub together🙄🙄🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ smh

  20. Team Jordyn ❤️❤️❤️they should leave Jordyn en her family alone

  21. I heard that this whole situation is fake. That Tristan & Khloe have been broken up for a while, but they’re using Jordyn as a scapegoat.

    And if you listen to the entire red table talk interview, you will hear Jordyn call Khloe Tristan’s ex … but how is he the ex if the act just happened?

  22. Someone needs to take the kkk Klan down these bitches need to get what’s coming to them thank you jordyn.👏👏👏👏👏

  23. Special Melanin Star

    I wish I was Jordyn’s big sister! Khole would get all that saline and gel kicked out her pouty ass lips and ass.. She’s been thirsty since day one always in the shadows of her surgically transformer sisters who all are complete trash!! Theyre either taking care of dudes or sleeping with everyone like nobody cheats on them. Travis, Scott, Bruce, Kanye all cheat! Kanye might be in the sunken place now but he cheats. 🤷🙃😂

  24. The Kardashians are mad asf they thought their men couldn’t be touched !!😂😂 and Jordyn is pretty😘

  25. Tia's Real Talk

    I have soooo much to say about this! Whew chile!!! First Khloe broke the girl code on Trina twice! James Harden and French Montana! Second, I still think this is all a PR stunt. Maybe Jordyn is in on it or maybe she’s being set up, but I heard cameras were rolling when it all went down so it will be featured on the upcoming season AND it will make it to be featured in the upcoming trailer. Just like all of the other scandals that just so happen to take place during filming, like Tristan cheating the first time or when Kim get robbed in Paris or when Lamar OD’d at the brothel, must I go on? No one family can possibly have this much drama! And if what Jeffree Star says is true about people knowing that they have been hooking up for over a month now, how come Khloe is just now finding out? So you mean to tell me she finds out at a party but there is no evidence because all cell phones were taken but she didn’t find out when it was talk around Calabasas for over a month? Not to mention she lives in Calabasas..and no one spilled that tea! Should I go on? Yes I shall! Tristan made it public that they had already broken up. Media Outlets said that they were broken up before Valentine’s Day which is why he tweeted that this was fake news but then deleted it. I’m sure he was ordered to take it down. I don’t know all of the players in this scam but it smells fishy to me. Just my opinion.

  26. Dan_the_ Architect

    Jordyn can come stay with me 😉😏 lol

  27. Gale Wright-Lyons

    This is ridiculous. There are too many important critical things going on in the world. Jordyn is not a mistress and she didn’t murder anyone. She’s not the first friend to have an inappropriate relationship with a friend’s boyfriend.

  28. Travis_Redfern

    God damn 2 beautiful ass girls at a table together. Sorry, but that’s about all I got from this in terms of my interest level.

  29. 😂😂👍 these trashy celebs cant stop cheating. It’s like breathing , so normal.

  30. I‘m in my early 20s and I did things I’m not proud of and I’m learning from them. I’m not saying that what she did was right, it was wrong. But she’s learning from them. She’s so young. Khloe stole her „man“ from another PREGNANT woman. He cheated on her before. Why isn’t Khloe mad at him? You can raise your child without a cheating bastard. And Khloe is a GROWN ASS WOMAN and she dragged a young girl on Twitter. Seriously? Grow up Khloe

  31. Why the F*** is a grown ass Man who has children out parting with 20 year old girls ??? Like grow up dude ! To say SHE shouldn’t have been there Ok …but he shouldn’t have been out , or having after parties till the break of dawn either!!! he has kids , he’s a grown ass Man . Like wtf . Khloe deserves a guy that’s gonna want to be a father and husband more than a host to young girls , or acting like a frat boy !!! Ughhh I hurt for her .

  32. I honestly feel like jordyn is so close with the K’s that when this happened it was like a way big deal. More so than what it really was. But i honestly feel for her and i think that she should definitely move forward and make her own path! Jordyn stop being apart of the kardashians entourage!! You’re seriously better than that 🤙

  33. She felt comfortable enough with Tristan that she draped her legs over his legs??? WTH? This something you would do with someone that either you are already intimate with or someone you want to get intimate with this is not something an acquaintance would do!!

  34. Tristan has a community d*** and Jordyn is a hoe. So they were BOTH wrong!

  35. Brittany Austin

    Khloe also broke a home… Tristan was with a whooooole nother woman before her… clears throat just sayin

    Taste of her own medicine clears throat just sayin

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