Toni Harris makes football history as ‘first’ woman to secure non-kicker scholarship

Toni Harris’ football journey reaches next level/ESPN.

Woman makes football history. 

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DETROIT — She’s in the history books. Toni Harris, a diminutive defensive back with huge NFL dreams, just became the first woman to garner a non-kicking football scholarship. On Tuesday, the 5-foot-7, 130-pound safety signed a letter of intent with Central Methodist University — an NAIA school in Fayette, Missouri. “It feels super amazing and it’s been a long time coming,” said Toni. “It’s overwhelming but I feel blessed to be in this position.” Toni, if you recall, was featured in Toyota’s Super Bowl ad a few weeks ago.

The extra publicity certainly paid off. The 22-year-old damsel was heavily recruited, receiving several scholarship offers before choosing Central Methodist. “I always try to push myself every single day and keep my faith in God to let me go as far as I want to go,” she said.

Toni’s peregrination, however, hasn’t been smooth.

She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was 18.

“I had a tumor inside of my stomach,” she said.

Toni, a Detroit native, also has skeptics.

Many have told her to quit.

“I had a coach tell me before that I would never get to the next level because I was a lot smaller and not as fast as the other guys. So that moment taught me to never give up,” Toni said. “From that moment, I told myself no one’s ever going to decide what I am going to do with my life.”

“That’s my decision.”

Toni’s mom, Uriia Jones, said her daughter can compete with men “if she puts her mind to it.”

Fox Sports analyst Jason Whitlock said Toni could get seriously hurt.

What’s my take?

Well, Toni’s attractive so hopefully the fellas will take it easy on her.

Keep in mind, football players typically pat each other on the ass after a good play. Trust me, Toni will receive plenty of those. Also, in addition to concocting gridiron history, Toni will become the first woman to get hit by a man and he won’t go to jail.

Should women be allowed to play men’s football?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I’m sure there will be rule changes to allow women to use steroids to compete. Also transgenders will count as women

  2. It’s a goddamned shame when Jason Whitlock OF ALL PEOPLE says something I agree with!

    If she takes the field and gets wrecked she better not blame ANYONE but herself!

  3. alexander battin

    Man she’s not going to play, but if she does she’s going to get hurt. When she gets hurt, the NCAA, the school and whatever other dumbass decided “this is a good idea” need to be put on blast, sued, whatever. Man NCAA football and the MAKE A WISH foundation are not the same thing. These are men who are freakishly fast and strong athletes. No natural woman who isn’t taking some kind of hormones can be safe running around with these dudes. This is the equivalent of throwing little foot into a pit of T-REXes. Like yeah sure you’re gonna root for little foot to come out on top. But biologically it ain’t gonna happen. Sorry you can’t physically compete with a man in a sport like this if you’re a woman. Yes you’re parents lied to you, you can’t be anything you want. . If you’re a woman who is an elite athlete you’re not going to beat a man who is an elite athlete in a sport like football. Just like if you’re a man you ain’t gonna naturally bear a child without some kinda creepy medical help. Biologically were on different playing fields.

  4. Angela Stewart

    That girl needs to play with her women peers, get off the men’s teams… joke.

  5. This society sends women into combat zones. So this really is not surprising to bring honest.

  6. Mikhail Washington

    I actually agree with whitlock for once

  7. Kings are kings!! Queens are Queens!! Period! This shit gotta stop..! We got woman running for president!! Some shit gotta same the same!! This tryin to be first shit gotta end!

  8. Viewsfromjay23

    Lmao this bitch finna get rocked

  9. “Toni will become the first woman to get hit by a man and he won’t go to jail.” Lol.

  10. I’m sorry. I am sick of women thinking they are physically equal to all men. Seriously wtf?

  11. Imagine you’re the guy that didn’t get a scholarship that year. holy shit!

  12. I say let her do it but no special treatment on the field….when she get out there and them real boys start banging her ass she will change her mind

  13. I was really starting to admire her and then she had to start with all the god-bothering nonsense. Even if the existence of the christian god could be proven, it can’t, why would she care about someone playing football? Silly evangelicals.

  14. She gets handed a scholarship then parades around like she earned it. It’s all a publicity stunt and she’s acting like her “skills” got it.

  15. i hope she get`s her head knocked off

  16. She stole someone’s spot…. if she was a good size grade she could have potential but shes 5’6″, 130. Like just watch her tape and she is absolutely athletic but the height disadvantage really shows and no solo tackles. Too much hype

  17. This “every gender is exactly the same” thing is going to get someone killed…

  18. if she got hit by a 280 lb linebacker she would probably die . But equality right 🤦🏽‍♂️

  19. Watch her highlights. She may be the first person legally killed in the NFL. This is so stupid

  20. Trumps America

    She’s fucking terrible, but please let her step on a college field, I’d love to see her get fucking smoked, that’s the only way she’s going to learn that she can’t play football.
    She could literally die out there lmao but the publicity must be worth it!!

  21. James Anderson

    She got a lot heart 🏈because she come into a dangerous game ❤️

  22. I wish her the best. I just hope that the nfl doesnt accept her JUST because shes a girl. Or by trying to be the “first team to draft a girl” to push some legacy of a social justice agenda. They should only draft her if she is good. And if shes good enough, then good on her 👍

  23. Good for her and all goin after her dreams like that, but if we’re being honest does anyone expect her to survive getting trucked by a 6’ 4” 200lb receiver going full speed?

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