Divorce Court: Kevin Garnett’s ‘estranged’ spouse is seeking $2.3 million in alimony

Kevin and Brandi duke it out in divorce court/TMZ.

Kevin Garnett facing divorce. 

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MINNEAPOLIS — The old adage goes “it’s cheaper to keep her” and Kevin Garnett is finding that out the hard way. After 15 years of holy matrimony, the NBA icon is going through an expensive divorce and, according to court docs, his estranged wife — Brandi Garnett — is requesting $146,000 per month in alimony. The gold diggin’ damsel is also seeking $46,000 in monthly child support for their two daughters; 6-year-old Kavalli and 10-year-old Kapri. Add it all up, and we’re looking at an annual approximation of $2.3 million.

Brandi, who filed in July citing irreconcilable differences, says she deserves every penny for two reasons: 1) She has the kids 95 percent of the time. And, 2) Kevin is bringing in $5 million a year in addition to the $300 million he’s earned during the course of his lengthy NBA career.

So far, Brandi has accumulated $300,000 in legal fees for divorce proceedings and she’s asking her hubby to pay that too. There is, however, one little impediment. The couple signed a prenuptial agreement prior to saying “I do.” So, it’ll be interesting to see if Brandi’s stipulations are met.

Speaking of legal fees, Kevin is already tied up in a separate pecuniary matter — claiming his former accountant worked in cahoots with a fraudulent wealth manager to swindle $77 million. Between his acquisitive spouse and shady ex-business partner, Kevin’s going through a lot financially.

Let’s hope he doesn’t pull a Rae Carruth.

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  1. Stop marrying broke people…. if you are a millionaire or billionaire don’t get married……just date the person unless they have equivalent income… take a note from Oprah

  2. How much does a hitman cost?

  3. Asking for all that money… yet haven’t done a single worthwhile thing in her life.
    Except opening her legs.

  4. This woman is just more proof marriage isn’t about love if a man is successful. She wants KG to pay for her lawyer, she wants $146,000/month in ex husband welfare, and child support just to end their relationship. What does the man get to end a relationship? Nothing but his ex and lawyers all coming for the money he earned from his talent.

  5. No reason to ever get married.He could have a different girl every night and it would be cheaper.

    Marriage is for suckers buying fools gold

  6. Gold diggin’ Ho needs to get a job!

  7. Seriously, what the

    Kevin having learned the hard $$$ way.

  8. It should be illegal to be that greedy. Get a job and have money you can be proud of….

  9. So he’s making about $5 million a year working and she thinks she should get about half and do nothing? I know watching the children is hard work but not $2.3 million hard.

  10. She looks like the Grinch when he was young 😫😂

  11. igot5babymamas

    Ever heard of Ray Caruth😎😎😎

  12. Give me $2.3 million and I will be straight! Jesus, the courts that enable these greedy women are disgusting. I think it’s long past time judges needed to be reminded that these athletes made the money, not these women. Sooner or later, they will have to deal with the declining birth rate and guess what’s going to come up first??!!!

    Why would any man want to get married these days? Think I know a guy at work who gets $60-70K, he had lost his job a few years ago, got another one, think he got divorced because of it, told me on Friday he was going to work five hours at a part-time job at minimum wage, probably because of his child support/alimony payments. It’s just tragic. I mean, no wonder guys run away from all this.

  13. charles walton

    Instead of getting married he should of just ordered a blowup doll more cheaper😁

  14. I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger….

  15. Go girl!

  16. Citizenthirteen

    Women are fishermen . The first hook is getting you to marry them. ZING ! I got a live one here . Then they finish the job with a bunch of kids . That my friend sets the hook forever and ever. If you are wealthy she has you hook , line and sinker. You try to escape she’ll yank the whole tackle and rip your throat out with it. You are stuck and you are fucked. I know men who threatened suicide after a divorce. I know men who plotted to kill their ex wives. They are scarred and angry for the rest of their miserable lives. And for what ? The worst bottom feeders are the divorce lawyers. When women go for their first consultation it’s literally like winning the lottery. They’ll tell the woman what they can go after and how they’ll help her do it. I’ve heard some disgusting stories that would make any man puke. Here’s the thing KG and others need to ask themselves. Is this woman with me for love or what I represent ? This woman would not have given him a snowballs chance in Hell if he wasn’t a wealthy athlete. Run away !

  17. it’s cheaper to keep her? bump that…it’s cheaper to never have her!

  18. Who's yo Daddy?

    She needs to get a job and fund her own lifestyle

  19. I guess she’s gonna be on basketball wives soon.

  20. Jermaine Smith

    Marriage is just a piece off paper for entitlement for the women…..That’s all it is and you women wonder why men don’t want to get married anymore. We have to many example of failed marriages out here and NO man want’s to go through this at all.

  21. Please pullup, pull over and pull out! Done….👈💨💁‍♂️

  22. Patrick Mwakitwange

    Im gonna be a straight player until the day i die. Marriage just aint worth the risk 🤦🏾‍♂️

  23. Yahudah Israel

    He lost $70 million from thieving accountants. Now, the wife is going to break him down.

  24. 95% of women are hoes period.

  25. Stop marrying these HOES

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