Gunman is busted for shooting at police officers at Highlands Elementary School

Dylan Ruffin jailed after shooting at police/

Man busted after shooting at police. 

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MISSION, Kan. — Dylan Christopher Ruffin, 26, was thrown behind bars for shooting at police. Dylan’s trigger-happy ordeal went down Friday afternoon at Highlands Elementary School in Mission, Kansas. According to police reports, a teacher’s assistant was standing outside with a student around 1:30 p.m. That’s when Dylan let his gat explode, forcing the employee and student to rush their asses back into the building. The school immediately went into lockdown. Law enforcement officials said Dylan fired at least 5 shots.

One bullet hit the school’s front exterior wall.

Another shattered a window on a nearby minivan.

Police traced the gunfire to Dylan’s residence across the street. When officers confronted him, Dylan fired a round of bullets at them. Fortunately, no cops were hit. But, Dylan somehow managed to shoot himself in the leg. A recalcitrant Dylan was placed in handcuffs and taken to the hospital.

Dylan faces three counts of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and one count of criminal discharge of a firearm at a dwelling or structure. Teachers and students said they’re relieved.

School is back open.

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  1. My little brother was in it ,he was scared to death

  2. Shooting at police?

    That was simply self defense.

  3. Straight Outta Compton

    “fuck the police” — NWA

  4. Haha, and you wonder why cops shoot people for resisting!!!! Every damn criminal has 2 choices, do the time or pay the price!

  5. gonzalo agarrayua

    thats why u always need to have ur gun in ur hand , no taser, your gun

  6. he shot himself? good, he deserved it

  7. Bill Self's Toupee

    only a dumbass would shoot near an elementary school….what was he thinking?

  8. I hate cops…… they are all pigs

  9. Brian Brooklyn

    The man was just protecting himself

  10. I hope police officers die!! I HATE COPS!!

  11. Tow Hermosillo

    People have so much hatred towards cops

  12. he mustve been high on meth

  13. A white guy? I thought the suspect would be black.

  14. Shot himself???? Lol now that’s what I call karma

  15. I hope he gets 500 years in jail.


  17. the dummy shot himself😂🤣😆


  19. Typical AmeriKKKa

    Cops are only good at shooting unarmed black men but when they get a chance to shoot somebody white they try to negotiate and let them live😭🔫🔫

  20. This guy deserves a medal of honor


  22. if he was black they wouldve smoked his azz

  23. To all of you saying f*** the police and I hope all cops die you are honestly the most ignorant person.🤦🏽‍♀️

  24. white boys cant shoot….🤔🤔🤨

  25. He shoots at police. They dont kill him. They take him to the hospital. Sounds about white.

  26. kill every single cop on planet earth. it’s an act of charity to put down a miserable little piggy.

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