Leaving Neverland: Alleged victims claim Micheal Jackson sexually assaulted them

Wade Robson, director Dan Reed, and James Safechuck spill the beans/Rolling Stone

Jackson docuseries details molestation. 

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SANTA BARBARA — “I said you wanna be startin’ somethin.'” As many of us continue to convalesce over Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly,” HBO aired Michael Jackson’s “Leaving Neverland” docuseries on Sunday and, as anticipated, it’s “must-see TV.” Alleged victims Wade Robson, 36, and James Safechuck, 40, said the late singer sexually assaulted them several years ago when they were child dancers. Robson is a choreographer who’s worked with pop stars Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

“He was one of the kindest, most gentle, loving, caring people I knew,” Robson said. “He helped me tremendously. He helped me with my career. He helped me with my creativity, with all of those sorts of things. And he sexually abused me for 7 years.”

Safechuck claims Mike coerced him into rehearsing in the nude.

“He would run drills with me where, you’d be in the hotel room, and he would pretend like somebody was coming in, and you had to get dressed as fast as possible without making noise,” said Safechuck who met Mike on the set of a Pepsi TV commercial when he was 10-years-old.

“So not getting caught was a big [deal], like, just kind of fundamental. It was very much a secret, and he would tell me that if anybody found out, his life would be over, and my life would be over.”

Safechuck then claimed Mike concocted barriers to keep him away from his family. “At the same time the sexual relationship is growing, he’s working on pushing you away from your parents,” Safechuck said. “Or pushing you away from everybody else, and… it feels more like… it’s just you and him.”

In addition to Robson and Safechuck, the docuseries alleges Mike had sexual indecencies with Brett Barnes and “Home Alone” actor Macaulay Culkin. Barnes and Culkin declined to appear on the show. But, both deny any wrongdoing took place.

“Not only do we have to deal with these lies, but we’ve also got to deal with people perpetuating these lies,” Barnes tweeted. “The fact that they fail to do the small amount of research it takes to prove these are lies, by choice or not, make it even worse.”

Like R. Kelly, Mike settled several sexual assault cases out of court — leading many to believe he’s a pedophile. Millions of viewers tuned in Sunday night.

Oprah Winfrey, who conducts the interviews, is catching hell from irate fans.

Mike’s family is suing HBO for $100 million in damages.

Do you believe the alleged victims?

Is Mike guilty in your eyes?


  1. Let him R.I.P ffs.
    This looks so fake its cringe. LowLives trying to come up with a quick dollar. HBO & all involved. Cant come up with an original doc? SMH…

  2. Let’s boycott all channels that are attacking The King of Pop:
    He showed us what compassion and love is – for all creatures. If he had been abused as a child, he might show tendencies of this: The need of being close – of feeling love – the way you learned as a cild. I know way to well….

  3. Boycott HBO!!!

  4. Ralph Gonzales


  5. Sarthak Natekar

    MICHAEL Jackson is Truly Innocent
    Fuck you HBO 😡😡😡

  6. Xx_Sparkle_Fairy_007_xX Roblox

    Why tf are we siding with the rapist???
    Is this what our society has come to where we assume that the victims of a rapist is lying?
    Yeah mj’s music is good

  7. Michael Jackson superfans are part of a cult. No matter how much evidence you present to them, they will continue to deny what’s obvious to the rest of us. I hope Jackson’s victims are able to find peace and continue healing.

  8. Donna Murchison

    Bullshit mfs wanna come out and said this man did something now that he can’t defend his self jump off a bridge BITCH!!!!!

  9. Please people
    Know the two sides of the story no matter how “wonderful” Michael Jackson’s career is or if Wade did really lied, let us all please first know that even Lucifer was once an angel, even the kindest man you’ve ever met can be evil. First know the two sides of the story please

  10. caligne aubrey

    lmao i’m sorry but this is bullshit.
    michael’s completely innocent. robson is a liar, new fans please do not hesitate to not watch this film hence it will give out very false information.

  11. Christopher Migliore

    Wade changes his story after Jackson dies. What a scum bag.

  12. mehdi eskandari

    yeah yeah some other bullshit about Michael Jackson
    Michael help’d god know’s how many kids and you’re saying this Bullshit
    HEH i wonder who blives it? (dumb ass’s)
    so yeah go fuck your selfs

  13. Michael was abused As a child, and worked as an adult his whole life… As soon as he was able to he could create his childhood he could. He wouldn’t hurt a child, he wanted to be a child and experience what he couldn’t. They testified he didn’t do anything. so funny how this just comes out and streams millions of views… 😅 🙄

  14. Propaganda!!!!!🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️

  15. I am literally canceling cable after this complete BS documentary. Ive had HBO my entire life. From the first real sex to gang banging in little rock. To release blatant lies about any human being to that extent is demonic. When in the history of television have they ever allowed graphic descriptions of abusive sex acts towards children to be so vividly described. ( the Devils in the details)You know it’s nonsense because they have the grandparents the Friggin grandparents are willing to lie. Not to mention why arent the parents being brought up on charges. But the best part is… everyone knows its BS. Michael told us about the industry and how he out smarted them in so many ways. Tommy Mattola and all the satanic industry elites hated Mike. Oprah is a demonic pawn used to control woman and blacks. Im black i witness it 1st hand. Defame a dead man. You get what comes to you for sure. If u cant tell that these people are lying…. then i have ocean front property in Nebraska for a great price. This is all to push a pedophile agenda to bring it mainstream desensitized the masses. Its no coincidence that Rkelly is in the news for being a pedo. But why not go after Daddy Bush or bill clinton or Charlie Sheen. Epstein is the fall guy. They are going to try and normalize it by saying its a sexual preference like being Gay. Get rid of Cable. Its poison if u aren’t aware of its true purpose. For those aware of the times it serves as a countdown to his Return.

  16. Madame Shahira

    Lets just forget about the allegation and the details of it. Why aren’t u guys creeped out over the fact that a man is surrounded by young boys and had bunch of sleepovers with them. These kids are not related to him at all. And even if they are, its still fucking creepy. As a child back then, i was disturbed by that fact. Yes i get it he doesn’t have a happy childhood and hes trying to relive some childlike persona. But Its still inappropriate. Whether hes a pedophile or not idk. But that shit he does is fucking weird, and you have to admit that. Imagine if this was just some old rich business man having some sleepover with your kid.

  17. Lets be honest, we all are already bias and none of us want to believe this.

  18. He was wrong for having SLEEPOVERS at his home with kids. That’s it and that’s the end. The Parents and Micheal Jackson ain’t 💩.

  19. MJ is dead and gone and was found not guilty of everything. Why are they still talking about this man? Let the man rest in peace!! Some people would do anything for rating and attention

  20. What will be will be & what’s done is done but, why take the best part of a decade to make & release this documentary? I know there’s been accusations for years but all of a sudden we’ve been bombarded with this documentary…

  21. jmartinezpadilla

    I’m sorry but this is to put it bluntly “crap”. These two have lied countless times…. he didn’t do it, he did it.. he didn’t ..he did. What this boils down to is that Michael Jackson is not alive to defend himself. This is two men that are once again getting money off of their knowing Michael Jackson. Their families were paid and assisted by Michael Jackson and now they themselves are getting money off of tarnishing his name. First of all, the network should be ashamed to even create at this and I hope they lose in the lawsuit by the Jackson Estate. He is dead. He has 3 children. Let them live in peace. There is no way to prove any of this. All these two are about is money….money…money. There should be a law that people who falsely accuse others can go to jail. That would stop alot of this bull.

  22. ariesrule Paris

    Bunch of bull$hit.. The devil have a bed waiting for them in hell. Oprah has the master bedroom.

  23. Mercedes Arnwine

    BS, they’ve run out of money and are taking advantage of the fact that MJ is not here to defend himself. Money hungry opportunist! Tearing down a man who has cooperated with the authorities time and time again, for YEARS, who came out innocent. You want to pull MJ’s music down? When you got living breathing pedophiles in Hollywood and all across the nation. When organizations such as NAMBLA exist? With a President in office that is a walking contradiction? A hypocritical conman that lies and denies and is the Chief of this country FOH

  24. hollywood is full of pedophiles but MJ i believe is fully innocent.


  26. Stefan Parocki

    All I know is that when he was alive he answered every question and every allegation that was thrown at him. It was clear he had some issues (loved children and never wanted to grow up) but as far as I know he was never guilty of any abuse crimes. I think it is strange that this has popped up again 10yrs after his death. Sorry, I think the root of this will be money, basically someone trying to get money from him or make money through the media exposure it will generate. Sure, make some noise if there is some new irrevocable evidence but as far as I know there is NONE. It all seems unfair as he is no longer with us to answer allegations (even though when he was alive he did, and did sufficiently to show he was basically innocent….. some strange actions admittedly but nothing done in malice)

    Leave his legacy alone and leave his family alone. We all know the media are liar and horrible people and you can include Hollywood into that too.

    MJ was a great talent and people need to let him rest in peace.

  27. all pedophiles should burn!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  28. Censored Gurung AG

    He was an artist! He was weird and had some issues but seriously he was someone who genuinely cared about children and of course the way he behaved with them may be a red flag to someone but seriously he was a person who just didn’t want to grow up! He has got money and all the accusers want is money. Michael made a mistake by paying off the first accuse and the evil looking maid who is now coming up after losing her job speaking a^against him will burn in hell

  29. All I’m gonna say is the FBI yes THE FBI investigated him for a decade and he was still found innocent so yea his innocent, people who say otherwise are haters or just have a dirty mind and can’t think positively 💯🤷‍♂️

  30. Oprah you turned on Michael Jackson just for ratings….. You are a snake and a witch for this.
    Next we want to see you interview Harvey Winston victims.

  31. I don’t think it’s true. Money money 💰 people will do anything to get it!

  32. Am I the only one who wants a lie detector test

  33. Samantha Patrois

    F#$k you Oprah. Pure evil lies.

  34. I cant believe how many ppl are defending Jackson and attacking Oprah, everyone defending MJ knows damn well if these 2 guys were up there accusing a priest, a teacher, a coach, or anyone else, these people would be sympathetic to these guys and calling for that coaches head, but because its your hero, you will defend a dead man you dont know from adam

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