Belligerent dad shows up at son’s middle school brandishing a loaded AK-47 rifle

Christopher Freeman busted with loaded AK-47.

Dude jailed for brandishing gun.

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WEST PALM BEACH — “Say hello to my little friend!” Christopher Freeman, 27, had his gun-toting ass thrown in jail on Monday for showing up at Bear Lakes Middle School with a loaded AK-47 rifle after his son called to complain about a teacher shoving him. The felonious ordeal went down in West Palm Beach, Florida. Freeman, who’s bound to a wheelchair, faces charges of aggravated assault, possessing a weapon on school property, and disturbing the peace. According to officials at the Palm Beach County School District, Freeman’s son video-called him in tears, claiming the teacher “slammed him.”

Freeman told police he saw an adult grapple his son before the call concluded, prompting him to pack his gat and roll out. Word on the street claims the teacher hid like a little bitch when Freeman showed up. The belligerent dad told staff members everybody’s gonna die if he can’t speak with his son.

Even though he went about it wrong, can you blame Freeman for defending his son?

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  1. Fast Food Junkie

    the nigga was just tryin 2 protect his kid

    whats da problem?

  2. Marcus Russell

    That is not just a gun that is the ultimate assault rifle.

  3. if a teacher hits my kid im fuckin him up

  4. This guy should be sent to prison for a long time. Great role model for his child.

  5. Allison Foster

    He was concerned for the safety & wellbeing of his son. He came prepared for whatever. He had it in the tuck. What’s the problem?

  6. This school is known for teachers assaulting kids. Why isnt there an investigation?????????

  7. Bulletproof Jones

    ak-47? damn that nigga meant business

  8. @The Truth: I would like to see your kid get slammed to the ground by a teacher and you just watch. Now you call that a better role model?

  9. why nigga????? why?????

  10. “the teacher hid like a little bitch” Lol

  11. that niggga mustve thought his kid was in afganistan

  12. O hell naw, I would had fucked that mf teacher up on god.

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