Gary Dennis claims he found a ‘sex tape’ showing R. Kelly abusing underage girls

Gary Dennis claims he found R. Kelly sex tape/Associated Press

Man finds third Kelly sex tape.

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NEW YORK — While cleaning out an old collection of VHS tapes inside his basement closet, Gary Dennis — a black nursing home assistant — stumbled across some pornographic footage that shows a man (who appears to be R. Kelly) sexually abusing a coterie of underage girls. Gary, who said he was “disgusted” by what he observed, turned the tape over to the cops. He also hired man-eating barrister Gloria Allred to represent him because…. he’s gonna sue Kelly too. Gloria and Gary held a press conference shortly after the video was discovered. It’s the 3rd sex tape featuring Kelly to go public.

Kelly, who’s already facing 10 felony counts of aggravated sexual abuse, “denies that he is on any tape with underaged girls.” His lawyer, Steve Greenberg, backed his elucidation. “The doubt here is self-evident, with reporting that the man on the tape kinda, sorta looks like R. Kelly,” Greenberg said.

“That doesn’t make it him. It is not him.”

Even Allred acknowledged she’s not “100 percent certain” that’s Kelly in the video.

Ok, so how did we get here? After finding the tape, Gary decided to descry its footage. He initially thought it contained concert performances. But… as soon as he hit the play button, there was nothin’ but ass and boobs everywhere. The man, believed to be Kelly, also barked mandates on how to blow a penis.

“I was disgusted and horrified when I saw that,” Gary said. “To my shock and surprise, R. Kelly appeared to be on tape, but not in concert. Instead, he was sexually abusing underaged African-American girls.”

Gary said he’s not sure how the tape got inside his house. When asked how he knew the girls were juvenile, Gary basically said their derrières and breasts weren’t fully developed. Gary’s spiel is eerily homogeneous to the bullshit Jussie Smollett regurgitated a few weeks ago.

Think about it. A nursing home assistant just happens to clean out his closet and locates a video of R. Kelly urinating on little girls. Does that sound credible to you?

Hell, maybe we should check our closets?

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  1. The seems suspicious. I don’t doubt that R Kelly is guilty but… WTF is this💁🏾‍♀️

  2. Gloria saw the tape, this better be real.

  3. If its not Kelly ….this dude is bunking with smollet

  4. Michael Frempong

    R Kelly can’t catch a break. Allegation after Allegation. As much I hate him, I kind of feel bad for him.

  5. Unpopular Opinion

    Are we living in a twilight zone? VHS? <- I don’t remember watching that in the year 2000 I had a DVD player who was still watching VHS? That tape he claim he has should have been corroded by now. Who are they fooling? R Kelly put himself in this situation though but this is bs

  6. All bullshit. You cant put people in jail for being whores. R kelly is just a whore. This story is wack sorry. Who is supposed to feel bad for grown women who are whores.

  7. Homie the Clown2K

    I smell bullshit on this nigga’s breath

  8. Gary bought that tape in 2000 from the street bootleggers and now he want a pay day off a old R Kelly tape he forgot he had.It was millions of bootleg tapes in 2000.

  9. First off! you can not film during a concert. Second! Why now! out of the blue, you decide to go through your collection of “VHS ” tapes and all the while, this is 2019. Go fuck yourself!

  10. How does he know the females on that video are minors? Unless he know them girls

  11. How is this guy linked to the tape? You just cleaned up your basement and happen to find an R.Kelly VHS tape? Gtfoh. Shhh getting ridiculous at this point

  12. Sherral Toney-Williams

    I agree there is something unclean in this story. Why is the tape in his possession? Gloria is a lawyer that runs after cases that destroy lives

  13. Who keeps a vhs of this dude raping lil girls in there house in the basement unless the dude was into it amd was collecting that video…

  14. Maybe it’s the guy who faked the tape 😂 if he doesn’t remember where he got the tape then he’s lying

  15. It’s crazy because unless you’re famous and have a lot of money you will never understand how people who want your money will lie on you.. people lie everyday but when your rich and famous it gets real..

  16. He bought that tape on bootleg back in the day n forget he had it….

    This some Bs 4real str8 money grab

  17. How does this man know the girls were underage? Also , they had a lot of bootleg tape of RKelly back in da day!! Nothing more than he bought the jive years ago, and forgot ALLLLLL…….. about this tape till RKelly shit resurgence! I think 🤔 this man looking for some damn money 💰!

  18. the nutcracker

    found a tape in the basement? nigga please

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