Khloé’s single & ready to mingle

Khloé Kardashian enjoys single life in Las Vegas/TMZ.

Khloé parties in Vegas with friends.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

LAS VEGAS — The old adage goes: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Fresh off her severance with NBA veteran Tristan Thompson, reality TV star Khloé Kardashian expended a recuperate weekend in Las Vegas to succor twins Malika and Khadijah Haqq as they celebrated their 36th birthday. Khloé, 34, partied like a rock star Sunday night at Vegas’ Hakkasan nightclub and she looked sexy as hell. The voluptuous damsel wore a see-through, pink fishnet jumpsuit with a pair of strappy Gianvito Rossi stilettos.

She accessorized the raiment with a Dior saddle bag worn as a fanny pack.

Dude, you can see her boobs through the outfit.

Khloé’s perky backside was also beautifully displayed. She had negroes salivating. The twins were hot too. They wore some kind of sparkling garb. Anyway, nice to see Khloé partying her ass off. She’s embracing single life quite well. The Vegas trip also gave Khloé an expedient opportunity to blow off some steam in the aftermath of Jordyn Woods’ debauchery with her baby daddy.

Speaking of baby daddy, word on the street claims Tristan is jealous of Khloé’s Vegas trip.

Should he try to win her back?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Christon Peters

    She is sexy

  2. werk it knloe white girl got moves

  3. id fuck the shit out that sexy white bitch


    What Goes Around Comes Around. Khloe Is Now Part Of The I Got Hit Cycle.

  5. Khloe should put out a sextape

  6. I’m lost with Khloé hahaha sometimes she looks sexy af and sometimes she looks ruff af

  7. How many times can you guys show a half-naked Kardashian?? I think we’ve all seen enough. I’m so over seeing their faces pop up everywhere. If Kim had never made that sex tape they would be working at a fast food restaurant.


    Jordyn proved that PLUS SIZE WOMAN can take your man also. Skinny chicks 🐣 feelings are hurt.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Edward Dunbar, MBA

    Khloé is trash and will never replace the Black Woman!

  10. Gir get over yoself

  11. THEY ARE right where they belong on the strip with rest of the HOES IN Vegas.

  12. 😆 She’ll be fine, There’s more BD out there for her to steal 😁😶😆

  13. Been a thot for years 😭😭😭😭😭💯💯💯😩 nothing new to me 😫

  14. Tristan is an abusive spoiled brat. Move on Khloe. He will always cheat. To immature for the family life and commitment.

  15. Tristan said Khloe Whooooooo 😳

  16. These niggas be something else. They treat their girls like shit and then have the audacity, the charisma to be jealous smh gtfo here.

  17. How do you know tristan is jealous? 😂

  18. Tristan is not Jealous. Kids want a toy more when they can’t have it and thats what he wants. He wants to play or better said bang her now bc she doesnt want him anymore.

  19. He’s far from jealous 😏

  20. Blog King, u make up shit to report. He is NOT JEALOUS of her!

  21. Tristan don’t give a damn about that

  22. janicestean tillman


  23. She’ll take him back … 😒

  24. Jealous over what????

  25. He got worse.
    She deserve better.

  26. bethann conway

    Why would Tristan be jealous of Khloe in Vegas remember he dumped her and he never did want to be with her so please stop reporting fake news and the only reason why she went to Vegas was because she wanted him to be jealous he know that body is janky and fake so why be jealous of a mannequin looking body he can just go buy one that would look way better than her Khloe Kardashian looked very Pasty add plastic in Vegas. Please find some real news to report I’m beginning to believe that you are working for the Kardashians.

  27. She is a walking STD. eewww.

  28. She out there looking for a new Mandingo

  29. Trust me… Tristan does not care about khloe

  30. one man’s steak is another man’s big mac

  31. Tavanisha Simpkins

    Soooo…seeing her in a tight outfit makes him realize he messed up on a good thing??🤔🤔 Yeah, ok😏😏

  32. Tristan is probably phuckin some strange [pussy] as we speak. He’s not jealous over her. LOL

  33. He don’t care stop spreading lies she’s a hoe.😂😂😂

  34. im hotter than you

    Lies Tristan is not jealous 😂

  35. Pokadots andWhatnots

    Screw Khloe, shes cheated before and Tristan cheated way before Jordan came in the picture. Kylie, get ur best friend back 😒😒😒

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