Michael Jackson getting R. Kelly-esque treatment, Oprah catchin’ hell from fans

Oprah catching hell from Michael Jackson fans/Bennett Raglin-OWN

Michael Jackson losing supporters.

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LOS ANGELES — Despite being buried six feet deep, Michael Jackson is receiving R. Kelly-esque treatment. Since the release of the controversial HBO documentary “Leaving Neverland,” several artists, radio stations and entertainment entities have jettisoned Jackson’s images and music. The #MuteMichaelJackson campaign is also gaining momentum. “Leaving Neverland” focuses on the asseveration of Wade Robson and James Safechuck, both of whom are accusing Jackson of committing sexual indecencies when they were children. Safechuck claims the moonwalking legend coerced him into rehearsing in the nude.

Robson swears Jackson sexually abused him for 7 years.

Oprah Winfrey, who’s also a rape victim, is the show’s moderator.

Here’s a condensed list of those who’ve chosen to sever ties with Jackson:

1) Rapper Drake erased the track “Don’t Matter To Me” featuring Jackson from his latest set.

2) The Los Angeles Lakers no longer play “Beat It” during in-game festivities. Instead, they’ve replaced Jackson’s song with hits from Nirvana and Chuck Berry.

3) The Simpsons cartoon show has deleted an episode that features Jackson.

4) Also, several major radio stations have stated they will no longer play Jackson’s music.

Speaking of Oprah, the 65-year-old television mogul is catching hell from Jackson supporters. Comedian Mo’Nique is one of ’em. In her recent YouTube podcast titled “Open Relationship,” Mo’Nique lambasted Oprah for involving herself in the docuseries.

“Here’s a man that was found ‘not guilty’ in the eyes of the law and you wait 10 years after this man was deceased to now do an interview?” Mo’Nique said in the video. “For me, it’s disheartening. That man welcomed you in his home…”

“When we’re calling someone a molester and they’re no longer here, [that’s] a major problem,” Mo’Nique continued. “[He was] found not guilty, then you come back and allow these two men to get on your platform and tell this story, and that man cannot defend himself, who does that?”

Mo’Nique’s denunciation comes as no surprise.

The 51-year-old Oscar winner is still pissed at Oprah for having her blacklisted from Hollywood 10 years ago. Mo’Nique may have ostracized herself permanently when she said Oprah, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels can ‘suck her dick’ during a concert performance.

That being said, do you agree with Mo’Nique?

Is Oprah a traitor?

Are companies and entertainers justified in rebuffing Jackson’s music?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. This is wrong wrong wrong…Ask yourself this…your father or your grandfather or just a family member, passes away and he leaves you a nice sum of money and a LARGE estate….THEN his gardner and plumber comes along and says, he touched me and now I want SOME MONEY! You gonna believe them?

  2. Genevieve Baldwin

    I love you Mo’Nique.

  3. The Woke Sister

    There was something off about Michael take the fame away and that’s a person you wouldn’t wanna be in the room alone with especially as child, we don’t know the whole truth but it’s immature and ignorant to write off these people because the alleged perpetrator is one of your faves

  4. God bless Oprah for the truth and a level of understanding that we NEED to hear

  5. I was shouting at the TV, saying “FUCK you Oprah, and then I said, “Oprah , suck my dogs dick you two face bitch” as soon as I said that my dog looked at me and growls as if he was saying” that bitch is not good enough to suck my dick” TRUE STORY

  6. They are lying🤷‍♀️

  7. Aphiwe Matyolo

    What a bunch corrupt lairs!

  8. Now I see it. What the “Me Too” movement was all about, what this and all the beloved celebrity convictions like Cosby & Jackson, Spacey. This has been part of the NAMBLA plan all along. Present it slowly to the public, that anyone can become susceptible, it happens all the time. They are slowly normalizing pedophilia, just as they did with homosexuality & transgenders.

  9. Patrick Garmon



    she is a bitch

  11. At least that ugly junkie wig wearing anorexic pedophile is dancing for the devil now… 😶 😶 😶

  12. Every Michael Jackson fan should watch “Leaving Neverland”. I as an MJ fan was skeptical and prejudged but after watching it it all makes sense
    I tend to separate the artist MJ from the boyman, the child abusive MJ. I will still listen to his music though as with R. Kelly

  13. Alexis Diana Monroe

    The KingOfPop will always be the KINGOFPOP #MJInnocent 🔥🌹💔

  14. Oprah goes with her gut feeling and does not play the race game. Look at her reaction when OJ was found innocent!!! OJ was found NOT GUILTY!!! Michael Jackson was attracted to little White boys. That is what Michael preferred in his bed: LITTLE WHITE BOYS. Your deffending a Pedophile!!!!! Wake up and stop playing the RACE GAME!!!!

  15. Just wrong to accuse someone who cannot defend himself. Doesn’t matter if he did it or not. Now those men are the abuser and not the victims any more.

  16. Kendra Stuckey

    Oprah has been cancelled in my book. She has exposed herself countless times as someone Black people cannot trust. She had TWO KNOWN liars on the show lying about abuse they both know never happened. Wade Robson is salty because he didn’t get anything from Jackson’s estate. He felt entitled and then completely set out to help destroy Michael Jackson’s legacy and reputation. Why didn’t these lying bastards come out when Jackson was alive? They know they would have been sued! They testified as adults Jackson had never done anything inappropriate to them during the trial for alleged molestation. Law enforcement and FBI combed through Jackson’s entire estate and checked the man’s entire nude body and found ZERO EVIDENCE that corroborated the accuser’s clams. Both these former associates of his are lying. The director looks like the Neanderthal he is.

  17. Oprah is working for all these demons in Hollywood! She’s evil! But I bet her sellout ass would never give Harvey Weinstein accusers a platform..

  18. Poor kids. Don’t shame the victims people

  19. What a load of shit we love you Michael!!!

  20. Monique I love you…. Your looking fabulous… Continue to be real… Like you are..

  21. Barbara Holmstrøm


  22. Minique Thomas

    I lost all my respect for Oprah

  23. Evandro Barros

    R.I.P. MJ fans u all r PEDO 2 u know??🤬🤬he WAS my hero but now he’s nothing but a …🚽🚽💁🏼‍♂️👋🏿billie jean🕺🏾🖕🏾

  24. Gpink26 Forever

    If u can “mute” R Kelly then you can “cancel” 🚫prah……..PERIODT!

  25. No way Michael Jackson did anything. Don’t believe them, It’s All About the Benjamins. Wade Robson psychiatric help. Save Chuck he also needs psychiatric help. To wait after all these many years to pull a rabbit out the Hat ain’t working

  26. Drebodollaz Dollaz

    Michael Jackson was a sick man. Raping 7 year old boys, innocent children. Makes me feel so much rage and hatred. I used to defend the man and be a fan too

  27. Fair-Is-Foul& Foul-is-Fair

    Caucasians love to see black people fighting and they are getting over time. Oprah is on the plantation like the rest of us why not call out the Caucasians with true power? I think too many black people are enjoying their oppression so much that they don’t even see it as oppression, the 12 tribes were so entrenched in their oppression and dysfunctional behavior that even when death was coming for them they didn’t care and didn’t see it. We are bombarded with distractions and this is just one more we are ALL coming to the END of our story and its time that we all work towards personal healing and seeking inner and outer truth. We (blacks) should not be our own worse enemy.

  28. Michael is innocent, their always tryna tarnish a black celebrities name, thank you Mo’Nique ❤️👑

  29. fuck i dont know who to believe

  30. lilblicky eskedit

    Oprah.the cock sucking oreo.she is done.the bitch sold her soul for ratings.the dead can’t defend themselves dirty oprah.
    Michael was and still is the king.he was found innocent in a court of law.

  31. The man is gone and not here to defend this. Why? I’m sorry I just don’t believe it. This man had no childhood. As an adult I feel he was just did not want to grow up. No I don’t think it was right having sleep overs with kids but where were the parents. If a grown man famous or not wanted my children to sleep over my answer would be a firm no.

  32. Oprah ain’t been the same since she got locked up in color purple for hitting that white man 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂😂😂

  33. Insanelybeautiful

    Oprah hosting the Neverland Special, Yet was Kissing Harvey Weinstein while taking a pic with him🤔hypocrite to me!!!

  34. I’m happy Monique is finally vindicated!! They did her dirty, and everybody turned on her. Now everybody’s seeing Oprah for who she is, & who Monique said she was!!!

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