TMZ Video: Carolina Panthers lineman got “knocked out” cold during nasty bar fight

Taylor Hearn knocked out by street punk/TMZ.

Panthers lineman gets knocked out. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

AUGUST, Ga. — “You got knocked the f*ck out!” Carolina Panthers guard Taylor Hearn got involved in a bar fight on Thursday in August, Georgia — roughly one hour from his hometown of Williston, South Carolina. Hearn, who’s 6-foot-4 and weighs 315 pounds, had a sizable strength advantage. But it didn’t matter. The Falstaffian lineman got knocked out cold after suffering a wicked right hook to his countenance. To compound matters, TMZ caught the entire ordeal on video and it’s gone viral.

Raw surveillance footage shows a drunken Hearn quarreling with a couple of punks on the street. Seconds later, a bout of fisticuffs ensued. That’s when Hearn got cracked in the jaw, rendering him impuissant. Police were dispatched to the scene. But no arrests transpired.

Hearn, who signed with the Panthers as an undrafted free agent, just completed his rookie season. Getting leveled on video is a mortifying look for a man tasked with protecting franchise quarterback Cam Newton. Team officials released the following statement:

“We are aware of the video, and have been in contact with Taylor and the league about the incident. We will have no further comment at this time.”

What’s my take?

I think the Panthers should cut Hearn for two reasons:

  1. He got his ass kicked by a smaller pedestrian.
  2. If I’m Cam Newton, I wouldn’t want a Charmin soft lineman blocking for me. There’s too much at stake healthwise. My offensive line must be comprised of some hardcore mothaf*ckas.

Watch the video.

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  1. Lmao he deserves it at that point. You’re the bigger guy that tackles people and takes them down for a living, yet you’re out here tryna box with a leaner faster guy that knows how to box. C’mon bro.

  2. knocked out means…. “knocked out of consciousness” ….. which means “unconscious”.

    when you say someone was “knocked out cold”…… that means he was knocked unconscious and they don’t get off the ground for MANY minutes.

    NOW, there is a tiny percentage of people who ARE knocked out but, jump right back up…. those people are NEVER focused….. sometimes they swing on their friends…… sometimes they swing on the ref (if its a legitimate fight) …. sometimes they just stumble around.

    this guy went down, came right back up and went after the guy that knocked him down.
    he wasn’t “knocked out”……. and he certainly wasn’t “knocked out cold.”

  3. Blog king is such an idiot……. he always exaggerates things

  4. Well, if you stand up 5 seconds later, you’re not out cold but he definitely got floored and rocked.

  5. I actually blame the NFL for this knock out. These athletes are well trained machines. But Ur always gonna have some inbreds out there who wanna try to make a name for themselves by antagonizing them. And now that the NFL has put such kid gloves on their players on & off the field. They’re vulnerable to getting these types of situations, Cuz they know if they hurt someone, they will be suspended or out of football for good. They say nothing good ever happens after midnite. Just another example i guess hey?

  6. Charlie 'n Charge

    Blog King apparently doesnt know what being “knocked out” means

  7. Drunk as a skunk. Got caught with a sweet right hand. He deserved it. Nothing good comes from drunkeness..

  8. autigers2010champs

    Dude was drunk that’s what happened plus he is a douche bag glad he got his A$$ kicked

  9. This is hilarious. Drunk moron who thinks his size and strength should allow him to bully around these guys! Even a 50 cal machine gunner would get killed by a man with a .22 pistol if the machine gun could only rotate at 360 degreees a minute 😂

  10. Kevin Harris Sr

    If i were Cam newton id retire right now. This is your protection. Dont think so. Lol defensive backs wont even respect him after this.

  11. That truth serum got his ass knocked smooth out!!! Now, that’s the truth!!!!🤣

  12. Yakub The Big Head Scientist

    and that’s why white people are so scared of brothers…cause no matter how big you are…we still have them hands👊🏿 😂😂

  13. Looks shitty drunk…. Still a k.o

  14. If he can’t handle punches from a much smaller man, then what is he gonna do when a 350 lbs. DT whacks him with a forearm shiver?

  15. Wasn’t me coach, I don’t know what the fuck they are talking about…..My eye? I walked into a left…..door, the left door of my closet….my closet with 2 doors….in my house….the left one…..i opened it wrong, just popped me right in the eye….the door

  16. One he didn’t get knocked out. Two, watch how many different people are actually trying to hit him. Three, end of the video shows him manhandling two people charging him at once with one guy needing help to walk away at the end. Clickbait ass title

  17. Knockem or Lockem

    LMFAO it’s such a pleasure to knock out big pussies like that who think they’re hard but have never been tested

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