Captain Marvel worst of the bunch?

Captain Marvel is adorable but lacks spice.

Captain Marvel needs pizzazz.

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HOLLYWOOD — Got a chance to descry “Captain Marvel” and, despite her diminutive embonpoint and lack of personality, the blonde beauty has immense potential. To be candid, Captain Marvel, portrayed by Brie Larson, is a little humdrum when compared to other characters in Marvel Comics. Think about it. Chris Hemsworth remains a nooky-magnet as “Thor.” Chris Evans continues to thrive in his no nonsense role as “Captain America.” Chris Pratt and Co. are hilarious in “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Robert Downey Jr. excels as a scientific genius in “Iron Man.”

Chadwick Boseman delivers a smooth, debonair disposition as “Black Panther.”

And Captain Marvel is… well… she’s plain quotidian if we’re being honest.

That said, if you haven’t seen the film, you may want to check it out soon because the ending credits are a segue to “Avengers: Endgame.” Besides, Captain Marvel has its moments. For instance, Brie’s rectitude represents a noteworthy change when juxtaposed against contemporary action films.

Only problem is directors Anna Boden and Ryan Feck should’ve chosen a more coquettish chick to play the role. Cash-paying viewers (like yours truly) desiderate reverie and eroticism.

Brie is way too wholesome for the part.

Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson, provides comedy relief. But his jokes are sportive in spurts and, to be frank, most sound banal and scripted. The film is only 2 hours long. However, bouts of fisticuffs don’t kick in until the last quarter. The first 90 minutes are dedicated to backstory.

Then, there’s the issue of politics. Many critics believe Captain Marvel imposes a feminist agitprop upon moviegoers. Do you agree with them? Also, even though the movie remains on track to eclipse $1 billion in worldwide box office revenue, was Brie a good choice as lead actress?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. It was a good movie. I went with 10 people and everyone gave it a thumbs up.

  2. Captain Marvel is going to kill Thanos in endgame

  3. Simplistic Life

    This was a REALLY fun movie! It’s not the greatest and it had its mediocre moments but personally I left the theatre with a great feeling. I wish people would stop trolling the movie. It’s understandable if it wasn’t in your taste, but there is no need for negative remarks. Brie Larson is my favourite actress, and I will say that this movie only made me fall in love with her more, just an opinion.

  4. I remember seeing this movie for one reason…

    The post credit scene

  5. What a bad choice of actress


  7. Brie Larson’s acting tho…so bland, no emotions at all. Looked like her oscar was a lucky win.

  8. Crap movie

  9. James Wise Magic

    Such a great movie!!! A great example of why you shouldnt listen to dumb haters on the internet.

  10. THis MoVIe SuCKs

  11. Brie Larson is a great actress, but totally not a good casting choice for a superhero. She looks like a regular girl dressed up for comic con. And I’m not talking about her attractiveness, she’s very attractive. But doesn’t give off a badass vibe.

  12. . . . .ugh. . . fell asleep about halfway through.. . bland, and . . . well, bland.

  13. King Johansson

    This movie was bad. Not worth to watch please make better movies like guardian of the galaxy its much better movie. And choose better female character not a thot/rich/think they are the best and they just think about themself and they think it is only they that are worth something.

  14. abriyuda uloan Sinaga

    worst marvel movie

  15. Welcome to Avengers: Endgame 💥🔫💕💕😎😎

  16. Be warned, Captain Marvel is a truly bad film. Possible the most dissapinted ive ever been coming out the movies. It’s just like a PC advertising film, that at evrey turn states the fact that, Captain Marvel is a woman and is so much better then men……..For no reason though, we all now the abilty of Cpt Marvel, continuously making a point about, how Cpt Marvel is a Woman, is just annoying, and as stated earlier pointless……. The are constant political messages in this film, With points so much as touching on a refugee plot, Sexual orientation, they have even changed characters from Male to Female, (not just Cpt Marvel). If you have seen or watch the film, you will see What i mean. Just like Black Panther, it is a virtue signalling wet dream, a word i really hate, but no other way to describe it, FYI black Panther is a better film.

  17. Rushdeen Barnes

    Such a dry boring person cast for one of the greatest super heroines of all time.

  18. blog king nailed it….. they probably miscast the wrong actress

  19. i just watched the movie and im really confused of all the criticism its getting.I thought it was pretty good

  20. My hunny & I just saw this movie tonight & we loved it. The opening credit for Stan Lee made me cry. Cant wait for Avengers endgame.

  21. half of the movie i had no idea whats going on, the other half i was asleep lol

  22. Purple People Eater

    Movie wouldve been better with a different cast. Brie is a bad actor.

  23. Brie Larson is the new Heidi Montag! 🤣🤣🤣

  24. Brie Larson’s white male, racist comments ruined this for me… Sad she is in avengers endgame… I may not watch that either because of her…

  25. Does anyone know why it got such low ratings from the public? I’ve never seen a marvel movie get that kind of rating. I haven’t seen it so.. Is it even worth it?

  26. As a white male, this movie is not made for me.

  27. Captain marvel sucks……

  28. It doesnt matter if your a women or not stop treating different genders different and acting like the main character being a woman is a massive thing because it isnt its just a character which is a woman just like you can have characters which are men makes you look sexist when you make one gander look more important

  29. Camille Bateman

    I don’t care about what yall think, this movie was SO good. Not sure why everyone thinks Brie is a “bad actor”. Most people say its because of how emotionless she is, but DID YOU SEE THE MOVIE? SHE(Carol the character) LITERALLY WAS TRAINED FOR 6 YEARS TO SUPPRESS HER EMOTION. Brie was so good at acting that she displayed what Carol would actually be like.


  31. I once wrote in a comment section somewhere that I don’t really like Captain Marvel (before watching it) because I thought she was too powerful akin God-like and I wasn’t a fan of it and because she’s a she(yes,stupid,I know), but after watching Captain Marvel, I end up enjoying it! She’s the most powerful avenger, yes, but she also has that human part of her that makes her more amazing! I also love the fact how she keeps true to herself by being herself and ignoring what others tell her to do. I was wrong and am glad to be proven right.

  32. Boooo. Brie larson sucks

  33. I understand that this is a fictional movie and some of the plot elements will stretch the truth, but I can’t get past the fact that they really gave a woman this much power😂 I appreciate the fantasy but that was just too unbelievable

  34. Not gonna lie, watch the movie yesterday and liked it. What’s got so many people hating it?

  35. Sunny Sebastian

    What a boring movie! For the next film, try to make sure that the lead has a personality.

  36. Brie Larson’s is terrible as Captain Marvel. Larson is a bigot and she hates men. The movie was marketed to make a political statement to support women. It’s disappointing and sad that Walt Disney is exploiting a Marvel character to make a feminist statement. It was not enough that Walt Disney changed Captain Marvel from a man to a woman. It’s unfortunate that our families cannot enjoy a movie because of someone’s political agenda. Now science fiction movies are being poisoned with gender and feminist entitlements. Brie Larson promotes an anti-male agenda and the media shelters her. This is one reason why Rotten Tomatoes removed the pre-released wanted to see score and comments from their metric when Captain Marvel’s rating fell to 26%. Too bad that MCU has placed a political agenda a head of storytelling. But what do I know ….I’m just a black man.

  37. This woman and her movie killed the MCU for me. Why add her??? WHY WHY WHY??? Un-called for, she is a shoe-in as they couldn’t think of a way to beat Thanos without making up a Character with Powers that never existed.

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