Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill “investigated” for breaking son’s arm

Tyreek Hill investigated for abusing his son.

Tyreek investigated for domestic abuse. 

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — First Kareem Hunt. Now this. In a shocking development, Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill is under investigation in Overland Park, Kansas for child abuse after he allegedly broke his 3-year-old son’s arm while spanking him. Actually, two separate incidents of abuse took place on March 5th and 14th. Tyreek’s fiancé, Crystal Espinal, is listed as being involved in the ordeal. Hill is already playing under a ‘zero tolerance’ policy after he assaulted and strangled Crystal (who was pregnant at the time) in 2014 while in college at Oklahoma State. Hill was arrested, charged and convicted of the crime.

If it’s determined the allegations are true, Hill’s professional football career could be over. “The club is aware of the investigation involving Tyreek Hill,” the Chiefs said in a statement. “We’re in the process of gathering information and have been in contact with the league and local authorities.”

“We’ll have no further comment at this time.”

To compound matters, Crystal is currently gravid with Tyreek’s twins.

The Chiefs have already jettisoned Hunt over a battery incident.

It appears Tyreek could be next.

Sad, sad story.

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  1. Man, Cleveland is going to be great next year after they sign Hill.

  2. Well, there goes the Super Bowl

  3. If he broke the kids arm he should not be on a NFL team for awhile.

  4. Wow, Chiefs was a Dee Ford offside from the Super Bowl. Dee Ford, Justin Houston, Kareem Hunt all gone. Now thus news on Hill.

  5. smoke a joint, out of the league
    beat ladies up… a few games suspension

  6. The fiance needs to be charged with child endangerment. She was abused and then took her child back to live with him. Now her child is abused. She knows who he is and what he does. She’s just as guilty in this as he is.

  7. Nice selections Kansas City. Your 2 best running backs like to beat women and now children.

  8. Ugh. The culture of “whoopins” needs to stop already. It’s not working out, it’s not keeping your kids out of jail, it’s perpetuating the cycle of violence!

  9. Who beats up on women and babys?????BUMS….HE DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE IN THE NFL…..MAYBE JAIL, NOT NFL!!!!

  10. Chiefs are aware. This guy has pled guilty for assault and strangulation in 2014. Chiefs knew. They drafted him anyway. Now he breaks a three year olds arm. Chiefs are aware and have done nothing. Fans are aware and support him. Guess character means nothing to Chiefs fans. He broke a kids arm during an intentional assault. Is winning a super bowl more important to you.

  11. Thankfully, this is all coming out during the offseason! I would hate for this to be happening with Fantasy Football winnings on the line.

  12. And people look up to sports players as heroes and idols. So sad

  13. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it must be a duck

  14. damn she’s pregnant with this nigga’s twins?

  15. This does not look good. My guess is he’s done in the NFL. I suppose he could play for the XFL.

  16. Staybull Jeenyus

    If Kareem Hunt got an 8 game suspension for kicking an adult woman who attacked him first, what will the punishment be for this? Anything less than 2 year suspension by the league and the Chiefs cutting him immediately would be a total joke.

  17. no fuckin way

  18. Hill needs to get out and away from that relationship if he is ever going to have a long career in the NFL. Stay the hell away from women..don’t drink alcohol..go to church and be happy with your NFL career if you still have one.

  19. This guy is like 3 feet tall……………….who the hell is he “allegedly” someone who can bully anyone? Bro, come bully me. I hope this is fake news. If not, come at me bro

  20. Now remember folks. These are the guys who take a knee to offend anyone who respects These are the folks who complain and whine about mistreatment. However, they seem to have no problem abusing children and women. Interesting.

  21. Well the Chiefs aren’t going to cut Hill.. unless video surfaces 8 months later and it’s shown to the public.

  22. Andy Reid loves having black criminals on his team.

  23. personally IDC

    He sounds like quite the tool, he beats up women and children but in the NFL he’s a star-,something very wrong here.

  24. Chiefs need to do a better job with assessing their behavior interviews…

  25. The Chiefs are headed for that flash in the pan status. Not this year boys.The Browns and Pats will be in the AFC championship game this year. And again the Pats will be in the SB and win. Sorry Pats haters as long as BB and TB are running the show they will persevere

  26. Jack Auffensachs

    Tyreek’s fans need to get in his corner, this is a young man who had a pretty tough childhood and now has been given an opportunity to beat the overwhelming odds that have been stacked against a young man who needs a way out of that way of life. Obviously he has had some of the wrong people influencing him, which is something I think evrryone of us has been guilty of at one time or another


  28. Tough to play football when you’re in prison.

  29. Typical ‘Brotha’ behavior….. Next Stop — back in the ‘hood’ or mop-and-broom duty at McDonald’s…

  30. So let me get this straight. He beats her 4 years ago when she’s pregnant and she stays? Thinking he will never hurt her or child again? Ok

  31. Tyreek Hill’s next words: “Welcome to McDonald’s, can I please help you?”

  32. This just in; Andy Reid has filed for a rule change allowing KC players to beat children saying, “its only an arm, its not like it was an arm and a leg. The NFL overtime rules cost us an arm and a leg so no one knows better than us.”

  33. Mr. Impossible

    R-Kelly’s buddy

  34. So the NFL is becoming the new improvised version of the criminal justice system for black men. So I wonder how much time Robert aka Bob Kraft the Patriots owner is going to get for soliciting prostitutes at a massage parlor. Maybe N.E. can forfeit rounds 1-3 draft picks, a 5 million dollar fine, and suspended for 6 games from seeing his team play at the Gillete Stadium.

  35. All I see are idiots assuming Hill is automatically guilty.No one knows the circumstances here yet, it well could be accidental or who knows how the mother was involved. In a world where the president presents “alternate facts” people believe whatever they hear. At least wait for the truth, what ever it turns out to be.

  36. Charlie 'n Charge

    Next headline: After being released by the Chiefs, Tyreek Hill signs with the Cleveland Browns.

  37. Burger 'n Fries

    Tyreek, if the chiefs dont reach the super bowl Im kickin your ass


    No proof, no case.

  39. Tyreek screams a lot on the field.
    Maybe he was screaming a lot at home and somebody called Johnny Law on him. If so, maybe he should just concentrate on only TWERKING at home instead of screaming when he gets so mad.

  40. i’m a die hard chiefs fan we can’t afford this the NFL doesn’t want us winning playoffs or super bowls apparently

  41. He is a fucking SCUMBAG

  42. David Dircuits

    Tyreek and Hunt deserve to share a jail cell not a locker room.

    Both are pieces pf garbage and anyone who defends them is probably also a women beater.

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