Broken Heart Surgeon: What’s wrong with millennium dating? Is age a huge factor?

Broken Heart Surgeon says be careful what you ask for.

U.S. dating scene is discouraging, sort of.

It’s Blog King, “Mass Appeal”

KANSAS CITY — This past weekend, yours truly conversed with a couple of good friends about the catastrophic state of American dating. Some said they will never experiment with online mating sites again. Others claim they’re abstaining from copulation all together. Is there a courtship problem in the new millennium? Is dating dead? Well, I haven’t had a chance to research any mating editorials transcribed by romance psychologists. I’m merely a finance grad, but I took psychology courses as electives. From my experiences, dating comes down to two things:

1) Your age.


2) If there’s children involved.

If you’re in your 20s, the chances of achieving a romantic reverie are fairly high given the fact there’s usually less baggage to contend with. When you’re in your 30s, 40s and 50s, there’s ample baggage. You just have to determine if there’s too much luggage and impedimenta.

See, the older you get, the following octet of issues become deal-breakers:

1) Credit history
2) Criminal history
3) Mental health
4) Medical dependency
5) Employment
6) Religion
7) STDs
8) Substance abuse

That’s a lot to deal with when you first meet a person, and we haven’t got to kids yet.

If you’re someone with young children, you’ve obviously seen a plethora of news articles involving the maltreatment of kids by stepparents and significant others. Some daycare centers are equally vile. Conventional wisdom suggests you shouldn’t bring strangers around your babies, but that’s on you.

The point is: the older you get, the more exigent it becomes to find true love. Also, don’t discount the interpersonal impact of social media and technology (i.e. cell phones, text messaging). Relationships are easy to get into, but hard to get out of. Just be careful what you ask for.

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  1. it comes down to lack of communication

  2. Timotheus H. Nakashona

    It’s not all down to the lack of communication its because American women have shit for brains.

  3. Every non-black, is fully aware what a nightmare blacks are, worldwide. Every race, fears them, and rightfully so.

  4. Social Media is not the only blame for why dating is a problem in this 🇺🇸 colony.It’s infinitely deeper than that for lost souls especially.

  5. Can’t we all just get along 💯

  6. Dwight Ruddock

    Look at all the men, white women are the best

  7. @Dwight Ruddock — No. Find a nice black women who was raised in a traditional household.

  8. Easier and more peaceful to jack off to porn 💪💪💪👍

  9. Wow dating girls are now harder than my love for Jesus. Stick to loving Jesus instead of these egotistical whores.

  10. today’s men are broke, narcissistic assholes who dont know how to treat a woman

  11. fuck men i have a vibrator

  12. Women are garbage nowadays!
    – Look like shit
    – personality like shit
    but high expectations from a potential partner


  14. MOST women view men as an ATM machine. They change they’re standards for men only after they’re used up by all the chads.(usually close to, or after they hit “the wall”) they somehow are under the impression that they have a higher worth, that their time and affection is a high-dollar commodity. Only by now, they’d have a kid or two which you’ll not only need to pay for, but wait on their every need. In exchange you’ll get sex, not whenever you want but whenever she’ll let you.
    You can get companionship and sex for a hell of a lot cheaper.

  15. Jesus Returning

    Both Men and Women have gone through turmoil with the wrong person in our lives, it’s very prideful to think that only one type of sex, is the only one that is being used, abused and run off the road, please don’t think that you guys are the only ones, we women have had to go thru the same bS. I’ve stopped dating myself because the lack of high value men are far and few between, just like you mentioned, finding good quality women is also getting harder, we all need to support eachother that are truly going thru similar trials without being biased if your a man or women. It is true you will find Narcs who cry out they are the victim, but we now have the tools in our backpacks to discern who is real and who isn’t. It takes time to get to know someone, so my advice is for us all, is build a rship before even thinking of courting, we need to go back to traditional principles. Besides Jesus warned us in the End days ppl will become more selfish and evil, hearts will wax colder, so this is a heads up spiritually and physically, trust Jesus, repent, follow him and he will lead you to the right person in due season. Ps: Don’t take the Mark of the Beast Rev 13:16-18

  16. I had a girl the other day call me cute, it was the weirdest feeling. Not being im not an attracitve guy im decent, but just the fact that most girls aren’t willing to make the first move. Felt good and I was pretty surprised, I wish women would put themselves out there more often, would make finding a gf or bf easier for both men and women.

  17. Why does dating suck today? Because people are in it to hook up and ride all the different ponies they can. It’s quantity over quality. There is no deep connection. If that’s what you are looking for, if you prioritize connection over sex, game over. It’s a race to the bottom.

  18. I’m not a great looking guy, I’ve never meet a women in “real life” that would go on a date with me and I’ve lost jobs for asking out a single women that also worked in the same place. I’ve meet four women at a bar over a 10 year period and they all turned into horrible situations. Chat lines and dating are where I’ve meet the rest of the 70 women I’ve been with. On dating site your looking at lower class women who are open to using apps and have much less to offer for a relationship, but they or open to lower class guys without the 6 figures that all hot women want. The reason that women have a hard time dating is because they want the professional with a great bod and are sensitive. Men want a sex pot with DD’s and aren’t broke. If your the professional guy and can offer a great life why would he want YOU?

  19. Strawberry Shortcake

    men are terrible people who lie about their profiles online just to hook you

  20. Why the fuck when you see a pretty girl and start chatting with them, the bitchy best friend come and take her away from you…AND SHE WALKS AWAY!! what the fuck!!? they are protecting them OF WHAT!!? I’m talking. If someone is going to abuse you, don’t they forcefully commit a crime to get to abuse you? That’s what I don’t really understand.

  21. Women are lazy as hell…you approach and if they are not your type they blow you off..not only blow you off they may make a scene.

  22. Dating now is netflix and chill we are too afraid to ask eachother out because we don’t want to look desperate

  23. Great bird of hope

    The problem is that social media gives women too many branches to grab. Its only a matter of time. Good luck fellas!

  24. I grew up with the idea of romance and relationships beeing the ultimate fullfilment.
    For me the opposite happened. It brought me heartbreak, misery, frustration and depression. The more I cared for a girl, the greater the pain was in the long run.

  25. I hate how no one wants to talk on the phone anymore. Texting is so impersonal and just gives you more freedom to be fake.

  26. dating is fuckin dead

  27. Dating isn’t dead. What’s dead is COMMITMENT….

  28. OMG im 44 years old and I thank god I’m not young anymore and I grew up in a time when dating and love was good and genuine that damn internet and cell phone is the death of everything

  29. Dennis McConnell

    @Jthymesthree: Personally I don’t understand why the aversion to actually talking on the phone. Its actually harder to text someone then to call and talk to them. I would much rather have a conversation on the phone then to text.

  30. Anthony Lockley

    Is dating dead?…..absolutely yes!!….These women out here don’t know what they want anymore…it just a waste of time….

  31. Michael Campbell

    Why does everyone keep saying what they want? Instead of what they can contribute.

    An era of me, me, me.

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