Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris was hospitalized for an attempted suicide?

Paris Jackson slams suicide rumors/TMZ.

Paris Jackson rips suicidal bavardage.

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LOS ANGELES — Dammit Oprah! Look what you’ve done. In a sad development, Michael Jackson’s daughter — Paris — was recently hospitalized in Los Angeles. But she’s letting the world know it had nothing to do with the HBO docuseries “Leaving Neverland” and/or an attempted suicide. After receiving a 911 call, police officers and paramedics were dispatched to Paris’ home around 7:30 a.m. Saturday morning amid reports of self harm. The 20-year-old damsel was transported to the hospital for a mental evaluation. According to a close source, Paris suffered an accident that required prompt medical attention.

But, after a round of treatment, Paris appears to be doing okay. “She is currently resting at home and doing fine,” said the source. Shortly after her amelioration, an irate Paris logged into her Twitter account to squash bavardage of an attempted suicide. “Lies lies lies omg and more lies,” she tweeted.

TMZ said Paris slit her wrists.

Do you think she did it?

Is the HBO documentary causing too much stress?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Such a beautiful girl….many prayers up! 🙏🙏🙏. No doubt she is upset about the accusations against her Dad. My heart breaks for her & the other kids.

  2. Mechelle Howard

    Praying for you and your brothers baby girl. 🙏❤

  3. Again? She’s not very good at this. Its not like she doesnt have the attention that she craves. If she isnt careful the third time she may not be leaving the hospital and she will lose her sponsorship, modeling career, singing career and have to live off her millions. Maybe if someone sent her to live in S. America or Africa she would see that her life is pretty good and she has access to all the therapy she could use. Many people dont. In America most people live paycheck to paycheck and in some countries they are starving to death so she should appreciate what she has. Its sad that her father died..so did mine. But you have a family…maybe not a normal one but regardless, some people like myself do not have a single relative they could call. My pity goes to the bombing victims not to the people that may have issues on social media.

  4. She loves her dad so much. I hope God gives her the emotional sanity she needs to deal with so much pain.

  5. Attempted suicide is her gig.

  6. When they tear our icons down, their children suffer too and people forget this. George Foremans daughter, Whitney and her daughter, Cosby had 2 children die. No respect for their families. I wonder how Oprah feels inside if Paris kills herself. It’s no coincidence that she tried it while all this is coming back up. He’s dead already, what does Oprah get out of what she does.

  7. They just showed pics of her leaving the hospital….Smiling for the cameras! She could be mentally I’ll, idk however this isn’t her first attempt. I think she might have heard what ppl were saying about her not speaking in defense of MJ..I also think she’s a bit of an opportunist. If she does need mental help I hope she gets it. The jury is still out on this one….

  8. Oprah & Gayle gonna get backlash from hell! Just Wait‼️ they gonna flip it on Oprah & Gayle for poor I ice the little Paris’s suicide attempt! Hope Oprah & Gayle gets roasted‼️

  9. Whatever happens to the jackson, family from the mother to michael children oprah, IS to blame for digging this s$$t back up, an trying to diminish his legacy!!! Oprah, should b ashame of herself knowing catherine, is sick n throwing this back in her FACE monstrous!!!!

  10. Michael brought this on his self man
    Paris she know he was wrong that’s y
    She did what she did

  11. God it makes me sick how she’s targeted and bullied and she really intended to end her life. Shes a humble, polite kind girl, I very much doubt she’s someone who offends people regularly… There’s some children of celebrities that are FAR from the class act character she has….so….people who bully her have no lives. Seriously there’s nothing to bash her for…SMH

  12. Where is the 911 call❓ That would put rumors to rest.


  14. Caylen Steadman

    leave this girl alone. the last thing she needs is people putting her personal problems out there. smh

  15. Such a beautiful girl….many prayers up! 🙏🙏🙏. No doubt she is upset about the accusations against her Dad. My heart breaks for her & the other kids.

  16. Jesus, please help someone save these children for the right reasons.

  17. GORGEOUS girl wow 😱💖😉honestly lookin at her you would of never knew she was Michael’s daughter beautiful, beautiful girl

  18. LEAVE HER AND HER FATHER ALONE!! That’s the damn problem.. You media think EVERYTHING is a story without thinking of the person as a human being!!

  19. Marlana Edwards

    Don’t hurt yourself Paris. Pray to God. He’ll help you. Ask him to make those people stop messing with you. He’ll stop them. Whatever you do don’t harm yourself. The Devil will get you if you do. Don’t let him get you.

  20. Well glad shes recovering ,glad shes ok 💖

  21. I hate the press so so much wtf

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