‘Black Lightning’ leaves shock factor

Black Lightning enjoyed another successful season/CW.

Season two done, third’s coming up.  

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BURBANK, Cali — Monday night’s season two finale of “Black Lightning” was as good as advertised. The 16th and final episode of the popular DC Comics series closed the book on its sophomore campaign with a stupendous power skirmish between Black Lightning’s kinship and a cadre of malevolent meta-humans set free by longtime adversary Tobias Whale (Marvin “Krondon” Jones). The bout of fisticuffs transpired on the caliginous streets of Freeland after Tobias sabotaged the city’s power grid — suppressing the source of Black Lightning’s electricity. The ploy worked at first.

However, with a little succor from occult daughters Jennifer (China Anne McClain) and Anissa (Nafessa Williams), the 48-year-old superhero was able to recharge, kick ass and take names. Speaking of Tobias… the albino supervillain was nearly electrocuted to death by Jennifer. She fried his ass.

Realizing his baby girl was out to avenge the murder of her boyfriend Khalil, Black Lightning (Cress Williams) was able to intervene just in time to keep Tobias alive. As the show came to a melodramatic close, we learned Khalil’s cadaver is being preserved inside a pod for scientific research.

So there’s a chance he’ll be resurrected in season three this fall.

Super cool! I thought we’d seen the last of Khalil after Tobias ripped his spine out.

You can catch reruns of “Black Lightning” on Netflix.

The third installment is already on the radar.

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  1. Lightning doesn’t strike twice Tobias watch out 🌩🌩 🔥🔥

  2. Yep. I knew Khalil was coming back. Tobias will be back also.

  3. This season has been awesome way better than season 1 don’t get me wrong season 1 was great but season 2 puts season 1 to shame

  4. So we just gonna ignore the fact that Anissa is dying in a water bubble with no way out cuz her power requires breathing

  5. I’m so happy this show has been doing good but now I’m afraid they gonna fuck it up in Season 3 or 4.. XD Like the other shows… then again Legends only got better so who knows.

  6. Dewayne Armstrong

    Tonight’s episode was insane! Can’t wait for season 3. Seeing that Agent Odell took Wendy, Issa, and Khalil was definitely insane, meaning he’s gonna be using and controlling them next season. I need season 3 ASAP! The stakes are definitely gonna be higher now dealing with the Markovians

  7. Shivers run through my body watching this😍

  8. I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it Jennier looks amazing in her suit and I’m glad she went with the regular mask thing than her dad or sister to hide her face Lightning has arrived on u bitches Black Lightning Season 3 this fall can’t wait yesssss

  9. Jacorre Abrams

    Omg that’s how (Anissa) Thunder was put into a coma in the comics! She was fighting this lady with water powers and was trapped in the water bubble and she was in the hospital with a coma😭 noooo! Oh wow! I hope she survives!

  10. underablackgaze

    This finale was the type of stuff they should have done through the season. I’m glad Khalil is alive. Tattoo man is an awesome character in the comic’s. I hope they do him justice next season. I don’t understand or like how Tobias was written this season. The writers had him making IDIOT moves. I like Agent Odell. KEEP HIM on the show. He’s the only person with clear FOCUS.

  11. Earnestine Davis

    Can’t wait Can’t wait Can’t wait Can’t wait 🤗💃

  12. Bijan Najibzadeh

    Hope Tobias finally gets that smug face of his caved in!

  13. I have a feeling I woke up the entire community when I saw Khalil

  14. Well here’s the war between Jefferson and his daughters versus Tobias and his crew. Plus finally Jennifer gets Tobias. 😯😮


    I Can’t wait for Black Lightning season 3

  16. Jennifer Queen ♥️

  17. ant LiveYaBish

    U don’t mess with the pierce family!!!!✊✊✊✊

  18. This looks so good!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😭🔥🔥👌🏾

  19. Isiah The'Messenger

    Action packed!

  20. Batman Panther

    Jen is a straight savage. She flyin solo

  21. ⚡⚡⚡⚡Season three will be EPIC!!! Can’t wait to watch it!⚡⚡⚡⚡

  22. Omg the setup they made for next season is to lit 🔥⚡️🔥⚡️ there probably gonna be a new meta human every episode

  23. Olusegun Olajuwon

    Wait. That was the finale? Nooooo. I’m not done yet

  24. Seeing Khalil I was like 😱 I feel bad for La La everytime he dies but I respect the fact that he never gives up lol.I hope Jennifer gets a new suit next season I always get a little sad during the finales.

  25. That Khalil reveal tho 👀👀👀👀👀

  26. I think everyone in the country screamed when we saw Khalil, because it scared the crap out of my family and didn’t realize I jumped up from the couch lol! I was beginning to lose hope that maybe they didn’t fake his death. Odell probably slipped something in whatever Lynn was trying to give Khalil to slow his pulse and make them think he was dead

  27. Not surprised that pain killer is still alive… everybody knows nobody dies in comics …lol

  28. China anne McClain fan page

    first jen dont like her powers now she loves her powers this makes no sence

  29. I wonder if Tobias Whale is getting close to discovering the identity of Black Lightning.

  30. Do you believe in the resurrection, Latavius?

  31. I had to rewind Jennifer flying off like 10x!!!🔥🔥🔥

    Loved, loved loved this season finale!

    Hype for season’s 3 plot with the threat of Markovia. Not feeling Dr. Jace 😒

  32. Mr.Wolfchamp 1999

    The cinematography in this episode was amazing. That slow mo shot with Jen flying out of the van looking all shiny and angelic like a beacon of light was amazing and the cinematography in Lala’s scene here with Tobias was amazing. The hits looked like they were really landing. There have been times where hits obviously weren’t landing in past episodes but that wasn’t one of them.

  33. Stormie blogger


  34. I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it Jennier looks amazing in her suit and I’m glad she went with the regular mask thing than her dad or sister to hide her face Lightning has arrived on u bitches Black Lightning Season 3 this fall can’t wait yesssss

  35. I’m starting to hate this show when are they going to get Tobias when he kills everyone?????

  36. When I saw Khalil in that pod I scared my family from screaming so loud. They got Issa and Wendy too. Season 3 is going to be one for the books

  37. Queeny2012 diva

    Khalil is alive. Thank you Jesus 🙌🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂

  38. this is what Black Lightning was missing for a long time.
    Believe me its great show, but it seriously needs more fight scenes.

    We need scenes from characters daily lives for character development ofc, but there are too many of them.

  39. This show has the best music from back in the day the 70’s. Fire from The Ohio Players was huge!!

  40. Clarissa Beltran

    Finally Jeff and Jennifer get their revenge on Tobias since he murdered Jeff’s father and Jen’s boyfriend Khalil as payback

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