The Dirt: Nikki Sixx & Motley Crue spent roughly $1,000 daily on heroin, cocaine

Motley Crue shares dark secrets.

Motley Crue had highs and lows. 

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LOS ANGELES — Bangin’ hot chicks in the middle of a show, snorting cocaine off percussion sets, and partying into the wee hours of the morning with Ozzy Osbourne. You name it, Motley Crue has done it. Now we get to see the sh*t for ourselves. That’s because the group’s impetuous antics are depicted in the Netflix biopic “The Dirt” which chronicles Motley Crue’s meteoric ascension to ’80s eminence. The 2-hour film, based on the rock band’s 2001 autobiography, features an eccentric cast that includes rapper Machine Gun Kelly as drummer Tommy Lee, Douglas Booth as bassist Nikki Sixx, Daniel Webber as Neil, and Iwan Rheon as guitarist Mick Mars.

During the first hour of “Dirt,” viewers are treated to an inebriated gambol through an array of classic hits that include “Looks That Kill” and “Home Sweet Home.” However, in the second hour, sh*t gets real as the band’s dark side is thoroughly illuminated. If you recall — in December 1987 — Sixx was so high on heroin, he was declared dead for two minutes.

Damn, I want some of that.

Dead for 2 minutes? F*ckin’ cool!

By movie’s end, Sixx and his bandmates ended up in rehab.

“I was doing a little over $1,000 a day in heroin, and then probably the same in cocaine and alcohol,” Sixx explained. “I was in a downward spiral, and was eventually going to end up dead or bankrupt. And that was hard to watch in the film.”

That wasn’t the only thing hard to watch.

During the infamous swimming pool scene, Ozzie Osbourne snorted a row of ants like cocaine. Then, a few moments later, Sixx urinated on the pool’s concourse and Ozzie licked it up.

Ugh! That’s gross.

“The Dirt” is now available on Netflix.

Are you excited about the biopic?

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  1. Alexander Del Risco

    Fuck yeah baby!🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘😝

  2. Lol @ machine gun kelly

  3. Looks kinda wack! The guy that plays Vince Neil does not look like him, in fact! none of them do! I rather watch the Tupac story over and over than this at least those actors looked like the artist! ☠︎☢︎☣︎💩

  4. LACE-UP bitches!!!


  6. “I’m on my waaaaaaayyyyyy home sweet home”🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯. I always play this song (among others) when I’m done traveling during after a long work day having to drive from job site to job site. Going from client to client when I choose to head home for the day it always feels fitting to play this song driving home 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾

  7. Yep it was truly Dirt

  8. Roberto Mercado

    I just finished watching the movie and the reality is that if before I was a fan of the band now I’m even more of a fan of it, guys I congratulate you tremendous movie, I hope it gets back together and you go on tour … I congratulate you Motley fucking Crüe

  9. Just watched this it was fuckin awesome real rock n roll

  10. Great movie..I think they should do ACDC next

  11. SeaBass SeaBass

    The guy who played Tommy Lee did a pretty good job. The Ozzy scene was hilarious and disgusting.🤘😊🤘

  12. Just finished watching the movie, holy shit what a hell of a ride, how are guys not dead or locked up, i don’t know, indulgence of the highest degree, and the highs and lows, one the funnest and craziest joyrides of rock history.

  13. What a crap movie. Absolutely disgusting

  14. Rene Hernandez

    The scene where the girls says oh shit reminds me of the scene in straight outta Compton where easy e says crusin down the street in my 64 and dre says that was dope E

  15. I just watched it on Netflix, and it was fucking good!!!! Just wished they played more Dr feel good and kickstart my heart

  16. TakeAShowerStinky

    I didn’t like The Dirt at all.

  17. Michelle Delaune

    I loved it!!

  18. Roberto Quintero

    What a fucking let down of a movie. Could have been way better.

  19. Such a good movie.

  20. Raymond G Signcraft

    I was 13 years old when girls girls girls came out and my boom box was everything to me. Playing air guitar with friends. Watching this made me rethink my whole life again. Thanks for the awesome movie.

  21. Been a Motley fan since day one and have even read the book twice but this movie was horrible!!! You can obviously tell that Nikki had way more control of its production then the rest! Totally a hurried movie so people don’t forget about the band!

  22. I don’t do heavy drugs but when I listen to Motley Crue it makes me want to do the heavy of the heavy and drive fast and fuck hard 😂

  23. This was really bad!!! Sorry but I watched about 10 mins and had to turn it off. The pace of the movie was awful, the acting was awful. Thank God it was on Netflix and not in the theater. Ps Tommy Lee wearing a Hulkamania shirt in 1981 made no sense due to that shirt being released in 1985, so the people in charge of clothing were also awful

  24. Yvonne Maldonado

    I still love you guys, Nikki!! Miss the Crue!!

  25. Dave Studdaman

    Just watched it
    Pretty good

  26. Alexandre Bezzi

    Motley Fucking Crue!

  27. I don’t dislike rock and roll i mean who would but i have never been that into it i mean i heard of these guys but didn’t know anything about them and i must say this movie was fucking awesome.

  28. These guys lived life to the fullest 🎸🤘🏽

  29. Mary Grace Sulla

    I am a die hard fan of Machine Gun Kelly. That is why I am watching this movie right now. However, I have to admit that the actor who portrayed as Nikki Sixx did better. MGK is good. His performance is not bad for a “beginner” actor. He’s lucky to have a handsome face, I can’t lie about that.

  30. Motley cure sucks balls! This must be MGKs response to Eminem

  31. Motley Crue = 4 R. Kelly’s that havent been outted yet

  32. If your a fan…..Must watch!!!!!!!!

  33. goddamn i wish i was living in 80s america

  34. Outstanding fucking movie! Thanks to Mötley Crüe for the music and the memories I made while listening to thier music. Crüe head for life!

  35. Just watched the film last night. I don’t know this band or their music but I fucking loved the film. I’m now a fan.

  36. MeMyselfandI UntilDeath

    This movie was epic. The squirt in the beginning? Nice touch.

  37. #MachineGuneKelly THIS is dope. LOVE ur rap/rock bro, keep doing This type of shit 💯💯🤘🏻

  38. My only complaint about this movie is that it’s too short. Absolutely loved every second of it!

  39. Sorry but am I the only person to think the film SUCKED in comparison to the book and left out a lot of detail. Douglas Booth wasn’t a good Niiki Sixx. Visually he looked good but he lacked Nikki’s rock ‘n’ roll attitude and real-life menacing personality. MGK was pretty good as Tommy. The Netflix film felt like a low budget TV film, there were pacing and continuity issues and odd changes made from the book and from some factual things that happened. Probably would have been better turning into a series.

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