Wicked mother & crazy boyfriend ‘murder’ daughter then puts her inside duffel bag

Taquesta Graham and Emiel Hunt killed Trinity.

Mom, boyfriend killed daughter. 

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LOS ANGELES — Here’s another reason to keep stepparents and significant others away from your babies. On Wednesday, prosecutors at the Los Angeles County Superior Court charged a mother with the brutal murder of her 9-year-old daughter. Now she’s putrefying behind bars. Taquesta Graham, 28, is accused of killing Trinity Love Jones who’s cadaver was found stuffed inside a damn duffel bag along a suburban horse trail outside Los Angeles. The sanguinary ordeal transpired March 1st in the suburb of Hacienda Heights.

Taquesta’s cretinous boyfriend, 38-year-old Emiel Hunt, is also charged with Trinity’s murder. That funny-lookin’ negro has a lengthy history of torturing kids. In 2005, Emiel was convicted of child abuse in San Diego County. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Taquesta has a criminal past too. In 2016, the nefarious damsel was found guilty of enticing a minor for prostitution in San Bernardino County.

While cleaning brush at the bottom of an embankment, park employees stumbled across Trinity’s corpse. Her head was protruding from a partially zipped black duffel bag. Trinity was wearing pants with a panda bear design and a pink shirt that reads: “Future Princess Hero.”

Community members held a massive prayer vigil in the aftermath of her quietus.

If convicted, Taquesta and Emiel are looking at life in prison.

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  1. No child should have this happen.
    Rest In peace baby girl 🌹🌷🌹

  2. BlackLivesDontMatter

    Your black queens ladies and gentlemen

  3. Mua Cherub'Allah'Vu.

    Omg.This is so Sad.Damm the mother deserve to burned alive..

  4. This is horrible. Subhuman. How can anyone do something like this?

  5. Lets not overlook the fact that the system is broken and once again responsible for another child’s death.

  6. I understand that there are whites that commit atrocities as well, but tell me again why we want to treat these sub-human spear chuckers as equals to us??? Round them up (including freakakan) and send them to Liberia.

  7. Tell The truth

    What the heck happened to this miserable world ppl are so evil they have no limits for their action I wish authorities activate the death penalty instead of keep the scum alive

  8. Some women are so desperate to be with a man, they will forsake their children’s safery.

  9. RIP Trinity sweet Angel✝️💜💙🙏

  10. CPS is so obsessed with gathering white children for forced adoptions and pedophilia that they ignore children who are really in danger. It is despicable. They failed this little girl.

  11. Charge the mother! All she cared about was the DicK! Never her Child!

  12. Thomas Comptois

    Killed a 9 year old child, how different is this from a third trimester abortion?

  13. I had three daughters when I got Divorced and I never brought any man around my Children staying in my house no way because I would have killed him if he messed with them also dating men who are not your kids Father and letting them come around them period should be a no no

  14. The watchmans eyes

    Omg! No step parent should be diciplining its a big problem now days. A man comes into your life and start bossing your kid around its a red flag of a controlling unloving individual. This woman is sick!

  15. As a single mother, I raised my two children. I did my very best. And I didn’t allow men up in my home.

  16. Shameful,even animals take care of their young! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥both of you .

  17. What happened to this sweet innocent child is horrific, discarded
    Like garbage, I hope the mother and that monster rot in prison…RIP Trinity🙏🏽😢

  18. Why was her daughter even in her custody

  19. AfricanSerenityFire

    Enticing a MINOR TO PROSTITUTION??????? And the bf was sentenced to 12 years for a child abuse crime?????? Sweet sweet little girl, I’m so sorry you had to endure such a cruel world that you couldn’t even trust your own mother. She was still learning what trust even was!! Ugh. They both should be charged. Obviously they’re demented and should not have been able to care for this baby. People like this sadly have no earthly clue what LOVE is. I can’t even fathom!!!!!!

  20. Luckey F. Starr

    You never put a man over your child.

  21. Charlotte Katakuri

    Sounds about negro.

  22. Bluecloud Blueheart

    What an 👼 may God bless her in heaven. What an monster. They should have given her back to her father.

  23. Why do you women hookup with these sickos, are you that desperate?

  24. I hope the mothrr and her boyfriend burns in hell

  25. Both of them murdered that little girl. God knows how much abused she faced in the hands of these two pedos. Let them hang!!

  26. Mother was previously arrested for enticing a child into prostitution. Mother’s boyfriend had previously pleaded guilty to abuse of his own son. Poor Trinity Love Jones didn’t have a chance living with two abusers and pedophiles. This is sickening!

  27. No child should have this happen.
    Rest In peace baby girl 🌹🌷🌹

  28. WTF 😡 all of this crap needs to be dealt with 😒 he’ll get it in prison, somebody will see him, mark my words…

  29. She chose some dusty 🍆 over her baby that she gave life to. Trinity’s better off with the most high👼 than being with that deviant and her boyfriend. All of the relatives who knew she was being abused but didn’t get involved deserve neglect charges as well. RIP Trinity👼👼👼✨

  30. Just more black women killing their kids! This happens all the time!
    Black violence is out of control in America!
    75% of all mass shootings are committed by blacks!

  31. You Make Me Laugh

    Omgosh wtf is going on 😢😢😢💔💕⚘ Rest Up 😘Babygirl

  32. 🙏🙏💙 rest in paradise baby !! I’m so hurt by this ! Beautiful Angel fly high !

  33. Jazzy Hernandez

    We love you baby girl rip lil mama 🌟❤️🙏

  34. Vanetta Watson

    Death penalty

  35. Why do people have kids if they can’t even take care of them they should burn in hell Rip little girl ❤️

  36. tiffany curtis


  37. The mother and boyfriend of Trinity Love Jones, should not be allowed to breath the same air we do, for killing a precious child, her own child. Dispicable, disqusting pair and hope they both rot in jail.

  38. I hope the mothrr and her boyfriend burns in hell

  39. This shit made me cry.

  40. heartbreaking 💔 rip trinity ❤️

  41. time to bring back public hanging

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