Izzo’s attack of Henry underscores tension between black athletes and white coaches

Izzo had to be separated from Henry/Getty Images

Izzo’s vile actions raises big concern. 

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DES MOINES — This is why it’s called “March Madness!” Early in the second half of his team’s 76-65 opening round victory over Bradley in the NCAA Tournament, Michigan State honcho Tom Izzo became the latest Caucasian head coach to emasculate a clueless black athlete. This time it happened on national television, and it has everybody talking. CBS cameras caught Izzo storming the court during a timeout and hurling expletives at freshman forward Aaron Henry after an apparent defensive lapse.

Izzo also swiped Henry in the torso while pointing his finger in the young man’s countenance. Both had to be separated by guard Cassius Winston and assistant coaches.  It gets worse. While in the ensuing team huddle, Izzo lunged at Henry with clutched fists as if he was about to punch him.

Team members were once again forced to intervene.

When taking into account the pigmentation of player and coach, the optics of this are inexpiable. National pundits like ESPN’s Jay Bilas have already drawn a juxtaposition between the NCAA and slavery. An old white man berating a sinewy negro rehashes evocative recollections of “Roots.”

And it’s not a good look no matter how you spin it.

Seriously, when was the last time you saw a black coach castigating a student-athlete at an Izzo-type level? Not to mention opulent coaches like Izzo garner millions of dollars at the expense of non-remunerated blacks; many of whom end up returning to the ghetto without a college degree.

Fox Sports analyst Rob Parker said Izzo crossed the line.

Izzo defended his own actions, saying, “What’s wrong with challenging a kid?”

Well… for starters, student-athletes aren’t kids. They’re grown ass men and women with bills, responsibilities and children of their own. Secondly, belligerent adults who chastise kids in an Izzo-esque manner are typically reprimanded and/or incarcerated.

Ex-Indiana Hoosiers coach Bob Knight once cracked a whip at black players in practice.

Given how negro athletes are treated, is it time to stop playing for free?

Would Henry been justified in pulling a Latrell Sprewell?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Ten years ago this is considered coaching.

  2. Bs he had no business pointing his finger in dat kid face or buck up on yelling and holding players accountable cool u wouldn’t like it if was yo kid so fuck dat bs

  3. Sir-Rant-A-Alot

    still dont know why niggas make these coaches rich by playin for free

  4. Ellis D. Wilson, Jr.

    I Don’t See Nothing Wrong 💯👀👍🏾✊🏾🖤💚✊🏾👍🏾🤔✔️✔️✔️✔️ #IzzoPASSION

  5. The Coach was completely out of line. This young man is 18 yrs old and he is ENRICHING THE COACH. The coach must COACH HIM UP but making those physical kind of threats you have LOST YOUR MIND. If I was his parents or Male Relative I’d tell that man “I’ll Kick your Ass if you ever threaten my Son/Relative like that again.”

  6. This is being blown waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy out of proportion!!! All people know is what they saw on tv. Izzo got on Aaron because he needs him to step up and Izzo knows that Aaron is a good player and he can do better. Aaron said that Izzo just needed him to step up he understood it and he went out there and played better. People on the outside looking in are judging it from what they saw. To sum it all up; Izzo fussed, Aaron played better, Michigan State won, that is in the pass now, CASE CLOSED, MOVE ON.

  7. Randy Randerson

    Izzo looked like a clown out there. You can be frustrated, you can coach a player, you can call him out in the huddle, but he just looked like he wanted to show the kid up and say “hey look at me, I’m mad. See, I’m not happy we aren’t playing well.” And he looked like a little child, or actually a juiced up 4 foot smurf.

  8. He isn’t one of the greatest coaches ever by being a pussy!

  9. Coach Izzo was wrong. Just because it is in the tournament does not mean you disrespect the young man. Henry is on the floor and messed up. The team was on an 8-0 8-8-2 run and making their move. He was wrong for the way he handled the issue.

  10. tom izzo is right freshman gotta play defense. “one and done time” is correct coaches should demand more from these freshmen! greg popovich won alotta rings using these same tactics!

  11. Raul Hernandez

    We becoming a nation of pussys. Can’t even handle some yelling

  12. People are very silly to think that college players SHOULD get paid. If I’m on the DEAN’S LIST 4 years, I get paid when I get my degree, Athletes are no different. If u pay the player pay the students. The school is promoting you before you get a ball or a book, they are responsible for your safety and well being while you’re there. They CAN still be insured by their parents til 24 I believe. Wanna pay players pay students too.

  13. Coach Izzo is a piece of shit no excuses!!!

  14. Not Tom Izzos fault they aren’t getting paid, he’s doing his job, nobody forced these kids to go to college.

  15. Tom should’ve politely asked aaron if its not too much trouble, maybe next time he could just pick up the pace a little bit. Is that the politically correct way to handle things nowadays?

  16. William Parker

    If that kid had defended himself and socked izzo for lunging at him not once but twice the NCAA would be losing their mind right now.

  17. Izzo wanted to throw hands lmaoo

  18. Students are getting paid with a very expensive education. If that isn’t a big deal for them then they should give those scholarships to people that would appreciate them more.

  19. Marzipan Hughes

    Izzo wrong for touching the dude but he ain’t wrong for getting on him for his lack of effort.These players are so soft n lazy it’s hard to have real coaches to get to them.Society as a whole is developing into a women’s mentality of I do want what I want without consequence,don’t tell me anything I don’t wanna hear it,you’re hurting my feelings etc

  20. Wonder if ever izzo coach in the nba.. How would it go

  21. This bitch loud in every movie

    People today are so damn sensitive 🤦🏾‍♂️

  22. fuck izzo and fuck white coaches

  23. LeeTravius Mckay

    Izzo is an old school head coach so when you commit to MSU u better better have heart

  24. No lie this soft ass generation is taking the grit out of sports and it’s honestly annoying asf

  25. blacks athletes should walk out and let his old ass yell at white boys

  26. If you have an issue with this, then you are what’s wrong with America and you’re a soft soft soft human being

  27. Izzo doesn’t look like he has more control than the players did during that moment… the kid will survive.. that’s obvious… but did Izzo coach or parade his power?

  28. I don’t often agree with DeMarcus Cousins but when he told the media a couple weeks back that college basketball was bullshit I couldn’t have agreed more. !!!! Its Total B.S.!!! The coaches and asswipe college presidents are making all the money, but the players are who people are paying to go watch.

  29. coach did lose control frfr (guess it’s cause of all that money on the line lbvs)…coming on to the court etc for the other team to really see….do all that in the huddle frfr…..i don’t blame him for getting on him for bummin it, but yall expect these 18, 19 year olds to keep composure, their old rich tails should do the same.

  30. JesDaBest Gamez

    This is all over espn its annoying af. What a damn soft world we live in. He the coach he supposed to get on his team or player if he see’s no effort. #growup for those that view this as a problem.

  31. 2 words: OLD SCHOOL😉

  32. Izzo better settle his ass down somewhere before he catch a left hook-right hook

  33. His d*ck don’t get had that’s why he mad 😂🍆

  34. Coach that makes 5 million a year yelling at player that is playing for free.

  35. fuck izzo……… bring that shit to me nigga

  36. Yelling Timber

    Izzo, Im glad you are NOT winning the national championship u racist piece of shit

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