Battle rapper Tech 9 reportedly commits suicide amid child sexual assault charges

Tech 9 leaves behind battle rap legacy/

Rapper Tech 9 found deceased.

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PHILADELPHIA — Philly emcee Tech 9 has migrated to that great, big nightclub on the other side. Amid much hearsay and scuttlebutt, the “Microwave Stopper” reportedly committed suicide early Monday morning. He was 33. ‘Queen Of The Ring’ owner Debo confirmed the perturbing news with the following tweet: “Unfortunately, this is no rumor or hoax. My friend & battle rap legend [Tech 9] passed away. Please… don’t let the internet disrespect this man’s legacy with jokes & trolling. For the 1st time, let’s come together with honor for this man.”

Tech 9, legal name Akeem Mickens, became the target of battle rap slander for his utilization of a moniker that’s homogeneous to Kansas City artist Tech N9ne. Battle rap cornerstone DNA once compared him to Rick Ross for “trying to get hot off someone else’s identity.”

Best known for his idiosyncratic style of comedy and delivery, Tech 9 began his poetic career going to war in underground leagues Lionz Den and Street Arena. However, the “Body Bag” star garnered street prominence for his skirmishes in the Ultimate Rap League (Smack URL).

After spending a few years anatomizing rival artists, Tech 9 became a talent evaluator on “Champion” where he vocalized uncensored commentary and critiques of battle rap performances.

Prior to his death, Tech 9 was charged with multiple sex crimes against minors.

He was scheduled to appear in court the day after he died.

Do you think this led to his self-inflicted quietus?

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  1. Darian Almighty

    RIP OG Tech 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  2. R.I.P to Mr. Put yo bodybag in a bodybag. One of the best quotables in battle rap History. Damn we got Love for u over here King. CHAMPION!!!! 😢

  3. R.I.P Tech 9 damn can’t believe it

  4. Bull some pedophile ass niggah lmao nah idc he dead fuck that it’s mad ppl hurt by this nasty ass rkelly niggah I got no sympathy or room for that niggahs out here got daughters me personally I woulda tried to kill this niggah b4 he could give his nasty ass self the pleasure of offing hisself nasty ass creep n idgaf who don’t like what I said that niggah nasty af n ima stand on it out here having sex wit kids like they know any better grown ass excuse for a man period

  5. The Tech 9ne from Kansas?

  6. Young Abu Duba

    Always admire how Tech use to spit his shit! Soon after work gotta watch some classic tech shit!

  7. Say it ain’t so Tech 9….😪😭😢

  8. I can’t believe this shit, my favorite battle rapper dies this young, I thought this was a joke.

  9. RIP Tech9!
    Condolences go out his fam!
    He in Heaven still talkin smack bout Jakkboy!
    We will miss u greatly.

  10. No tears for pedophiles- sorry not sorry

  11. SMH… Stop the microwaves for Tech9, the champion!!! Have a shot for the Philly Boy🥃

  12. I was hoping this was clickbait, DAMN…. stop the microwave… Reside in Paradise Tech9

  13. He was due to be arraigned on charges for molesting his girlfriends daughter the day after his death


    Fuck him he was charged with child pronoghraphy he deserves to die he probably killed himself

  15. Tech a pedo that killed himself, y’all motherfuckers should be ashamed of yourselves

  16. Rot in hell tech nine

  17. Tech was one of the reasons i started watching battle rap.R.I.P

  18. RIP TECH 9. Real shit, life is short.

  19. I thought you meant THE Tech N9ne at first lol. Caught my eye

  20. BBogertTheBoss

    Guys this isn’t Tech N9NE from kcmo this guys from PA

  21. Vander Thompson

    He died omg 👽🚬

  22. “I’m old school like peanut butter on a mouse trap”

    🙏to the family bro

  23. MrsLaYaniJimenez

    To all who are concerned: Tech n9ne is the original Tech n9ne and he is NOT DEAD! So dont worry guys. This is some battle rapper dude that’s named tech nine who’s dead. NOT the original one!!!!

  24. R.I.P to the battle rap legend you will be missed i enjoyed watching you battle my g

  25. The Culture Lost A Real One. This One Hurts. RIP Tech 😔

  26. I cannot believe this. He is the reason I started watching Battle Rap. He was easily my favorite battle rapper. For teh ones that dont know the man, check out his classics and stop spewing hate. Arent you better than that? Even in death we still cant help but tear each other down. Thats a damned shame. We all have to go that way. Respect the dash.

  27. Dang Nipsey was 33 too so sad😢🙏

  28. RIP Tech we love you he was one of the reasons I fell in love with battle rap!!! Truly a legend!!!

  29. Fuck this pedophile and anyone who supports him. Rott in hell piece of shit.

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