Dr. Dre’s daughter got accepted into USC, rapper celebrates by slammin’ scammers

Dr. Dre’s daughter accepted by USC.

Dr. Dre slams Felicity & Lori.

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LOS ANGELES — Express yourself? Dr. Dre’s 18-year-old daughter, Truly Young, was recently admitted into the University of Southern California. Rather than take the high road and show some reticence, the “Chronic” star took a brazen shot at actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman — the embattled faces of the college admissions scam. On Saturday, Dre (legal name Andre Young) posted an Instagram photo of himself and Truly showing off her acceptance letter with the caption: 

“My daughter got accepted into USC all on her own. No jail time!!!”

In case you’ve been asleep the past few weeks, Lori, Felicity and dozens of other parents are facing litigation after they allegedly expended mazuma to get their kids enrolled into some of the nation’s most prominent universities. Hell, you could make an argument Dre did the same.

If you recall, in 2013, the NWA alum and Beats Electronics co-founder Jimmy Iovine donated an eye-opening $70 million to USC with the intent to construct the ‘Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation.’

Given the fact there’s a building named after her dad, it’s certainly no surprise Truly was accepted. After garnering $70 million, did you really expect USC administrators to say “no?”

That probably explains why Dre deleted the tweet.

Now is certainly not the time to gloat.

Wouldn’t shock any of us if the feds decide to probe Dre’s $70 million contribution.

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  1. Javier Fernandez

    Hahhahahahaaaaa, that’s hilarious. 70mil is alot of moolah. Probably a tax evasion type thing. That was back in 2013. I guess they didn’t forget about dre. :)

  2. There’s valid reason why it’s called University of Spoiled Children. It would be somewhat impressive if she was accepted to Stanford, although money can buy into any school. BTW, Dre is a sellout. Worse than Eazy ever was.

  3. The ultimate affirmative action!!!

  4. Dumb arrogant black man had to back pedal and delete his post

  5. Dre is clearly proud of his biracial daughter from his white wife! 😂😂😂

    What’s wrong brah, black women are not good enough for you to marry?

    I guess he wanted light skinned children with light eyes and good hair!!!!

    We know you hate yourself, niggahhh!!!

    LOLOLOLOL!!!!!! 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  6. Yeah trow up the devil horns. Dre be in gitmo soon. Don t worry. Wwg1wga Q .. Eazy was right you are satanic gay.

  7. 70 Million?!?! Ummmm no!!! My kids will be going to community college!😂


  9. I thought his daughter genuinely got accepted to USC, but her dad made a $70 MILLION DONATION to the school…

  10. Dre should’ve kept his mouth shut on this situation

  11. Deborah Hardaway

    He paid more to get in than the 2 actresses accused.Just a different way

  12. awsumocoolbeans

    These celebs try to show off then end up embarrassing their self 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️ he couldn’t just keep his mouth shut could he?!

  13. If she was qualified to get in on her own then there’s no way dr dre would pay $70 million for a building. He bought his daughters way in without a doubt. AND WRITING THAT DONATION OFF ON HIS TAXES TOO!! But I guess that’s ok right ?

  14. She stated on her application that her father was a “Doctor”

  15. At least he didnt lie and break the law to get her in🤦‍♂️😂

  16. afro curly girl

    Everything don’t have to go on social media. I hope Dr. Dre’s Twitter fingers don’t get his daughter bullied.

  17. Building a $70M academy for underprivileged Angeleros in the name of USC is the RIGHT WAY to get your daughter in USC.

    It’s not a public school. It’s not a ‘middle-class’ school.


    The College experience is great but receiving a $70M check is priceless 😬🤓🤑

  19. Y’all Mad bc the white people had to fake it and this young black queen got it on her own and brain💯💯❌🧢

  20. If she was qualified to get in on her own then there’s no way dr dre would pay $70 million for a building. He bought his daughters way in without a doubt. AND WRITING THAT DONATION OFF ON HIS TAXES TOO!! But I guess that’s ok right ?

  21. If you have donated 70 million dollars, everybody you want better get accepted. Lol

  22. LMAOhard!!! He just put his bragging foot in his mouth trying to come off as better then that Lori Scandal 😅. Of course donating money, especially having a building named after him helped get his kid in, even if she had a low SAT score. She’s seen as money to the college and will still be given the opportunity to at least TRY out USC where others would not be given such the opportunity. Some colleges are struggling so to all colleges, kids from donating parents just means more big donation money to get from them later. Eitherway, it still takes the opportunity from a higher SAT scoring extremely hard working underprivileged students who dreamt of only going there- MR. DRE😡! Your daughter doesn’t even want to go there-Just another over privilege one!

  23. Tekanatoken Delaronde

    Yeah, I’m sure you being a billionaire had nothing to do with it. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  24. Voice of Reason

    White people use cash to get into college they do not academically deserve and black people use affirmative action …
    Both are guilty of taking a seat that would be better used by a brainiac who could actually do something with an education…

  25. Self righteousness always gets exposed though doesn’t it?! When I first saw this story I thought it was a bit funny that Dre of all people was judging them, when u think of all the bad things that he has done or been a part of, especially during the Suge Knight era, like beating women senseless, but u know to each his own, So to see this now is just hilarious, he has made their admissions scandal seem pretty minor when u think how deep this goes, I know they never paid no 70 million or had no buildings named after them at the same school they’re kid/s got into and then bragged about it, should have just kept quiet and minded his business

  26. Come on guys, she did do it all herself. Just because her dad, Doctor Dre, bribed I mean donated the uni with a mere 70 million, it doesn’t mean she didn’t get where she is on her own. I’m sure she’s gone through all the same struggles we all have, just in a luxurious mansion.

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