Nanny-cam shows a violent ‘poltergeist’ assaulting a young couple’s daughter

Nanny-cam shows poltergeist assaulting baby/YouTube.

Nanny-cam shows ghost assault baby.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

HIGHLAND, Mich — “I aint’ afraid of no ghosts?” One morning, Heather Brough and her fiancé Josh Higgins noticed a trifecta of deep “purple scratches” on the countenance of their one-year-old daughter, Lily. So, the couple decided to set up a camera in the little girl’s bedroom to identify the culprit responsible. After replaying the video, Heather and Josh learned their residence in Highland, Michigan is haunted by an intemperate poltergeist. Now they’re getting the f*ck out. Raw video footage shows what appears to be a male apparition sauntering past Lily’s crib as she jumps up and watches him vanish into thin air.

The couple currently resides in a guest house owned by Josh’s mother. But she failed to inform them the previous tenants, an elderly woman and her schizophrenic brother, both died in the home. That probably explains why Heather, 25, and Josh, 30, heard a bunch of loud screaming, stomping and chortling prior to the video recording.

A paranormal investigator, summoned to look into their accusations, confirmed the property was cursed. Josh’s mother needs her ass kicked. “This is a spirit — I don’t know what its intentions are, but at this point it’s becoming physically harmful,” Heather told reporters.

“This has made us want to leave as soon as possible.”

“As soon as possible we’re out of here.”

Ya think?

In addition to packing their bags, Heather and Josh have decided to never leave their baby alone again.

Moral of the story?

Do a f*ckin’ background check before moving into a property.

Watch the creepy video below.

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  1. blog king, did you just assume its gender?

  2. Only one tiny sharp finger nail can claw up a baby and they do it to themselves while sleeping. The ghosty is a reflection bounced off someone, somewhere nearby. My best guess.

  3. Not saying I believe in ghosts but have an open mind after this happened.
    After I bought the house we live in, I found out that an elderly previous owner died in the kitchen, she was there a couple of days before anyone found her. About 8 years later, we came home from shopping and had our 2 1/2 year old granddaughter with us. We had just sat down on our couch in the living room. Only light on in the house was in the living room with us. Kitchen was dark.
    As granddaughter stood between us on the edge of the couch, she looked out into the kitchen and said “there old lady in there”.
    As my wife and I looked at each other, we got huge goose bumps.

  4. Eduardo Cuellar

    Get a priest to hose the house down in holy water and cover the walls in crosses like barb wire

  5. The power of Christ compels you, The power of Christ compels you, The power of Christ compels you!

  6. It’s female. Stop giving us males a bad name.

  7. What’s with these people and the shitty cameras they buy!!! They do make 4K cameras now!!!! Enough with the 5mega pixels even banks have shitty cameras

  8. JustMeGeorgie !

    FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!!!!!




  9. Bullshit cough cough

  10. Brandon Gabriel

    Yeah, I agree. They really made a severe and stupid mistake with the shadows trying to hoax everyone with this. They scratched the baby up and that’s that…

  11. I believe in the paranormal, however I noticed that the ghost puts a shadow on the ceiling. Also, where is the moments before this ghost showed up? Why does it begin right when the ghost is in the room?

  12. Let's Get Personal

    Should probably call CPS on these parents… trying to cover up abuse with a bogus ghost story 🤦🏽‍♂️.

    Apparently transparent ghosts cast shadows, c’mon!!! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  13. The camera has a low refresh rate and fast moving objects in a frame get blurred with the previous frame. They need better cameras and better security not the Ghostbusters.

  14. Keksimus Maximus

    dont even have to watch the video, ghost arent real. end of story.

  15. What ever it was it did not attack the baby in this video. Sound more like someone is making a hoax to cover child abuse. ALLEGEDLY

  16. I can’t tell if the figure looks more like R. Kelly or Jared Fogle.

  17. Corey McGregor

    I’ve seen multiple baby cam videos that look like ghosts but it’s just the camera merging 2 videos together

  18. That just gave me goose pimples

  19. Well since they don’t exist then it’s one of two things. The parents are full of shit and that’s the mother (since whoever posted this failed to add a picture of what she looks like we have no frame of reference). That being said the quality of the camera is shit to begin with then add to it that its dark and the image of the woman is ghosted out so even if we knew what the mother looked like we couldn’t make a comparison. Or it’s option #2 and someone else was in the house either hiding out with or without their knowledge. BTW it’s clearly a woman not a “male” the frame is to petite and moves like a woman. I have four nieces and a nephew and all of them have scratched their faces during sleep at various ages.

  20. Wow, that might be the best video evidence of a ghost sighting ever.

  21. Where’s the nanny cam footage that shows the child abuse that caused the facial lacerations?

  22. Demons are real. They are like spiritual rats, you just have to get rid of them.

  23. Ghosts do not cast shadows. Look at the ceiling near the fan as the figure passes … that’s a shadow. Therefore a solid figure passed by – not a “ghost”. They should have checked who else was in the house!

  24. The ghost is probably pissed how messy the house is.

  25. Victor Greystoke II

    Wow, that’s scary!!😨😱😨😨😰
    They need to call GHOSTBUSTERS!! 🙂😰

  26. Cookies and Cream


  27. Simplest answer is either they faked the scares on the baby or actually abused the kid THEN used video editing software to put in a shitty “ghost”

  28. Diana Donaldson

    If these people don’t stop making up stories to hide their abuse to their child. The image walked on the side of the playpen, not a crib, and the child didn’t even follow it.

  29. Savannah McLaughlin

    Little Rednecks needs some money
    Great story

  30. It never hurts to read The Bible out loud. It’s the living Word of God, and the evil spirit cannot stand to hear it. It has to go back to the pit of hell where it came from.

  31. This shit fake asf 😂😂😂

  32. Pray that demon out of your house. Open all the windows, so it can fly out no paranormal team is gonna remove this. Get ya bible out. Ask god to remove this demon. Say the blood of Jesus over ten times remove rebuke, cast that demon out of your home. Blood of Jesus

  33. They beat the girl… then they faked the ghost… simple…all part of the plan to get fund raising and get a new house…

  34. I feel so sorry for the baby !!!, AND NOT BECAUSE OF ANY GHOST!

  35. The6FootPlusTree

    iv been sharing this video everywhere I can, damn they caught something incredible

  36. Bryan Reinhart

    The only way you can walk through that tool shed they call a house is if you ARE a ghost. Anything else and you’ll trip over all the mess scattered all over the place!

  37. I don’t understand…

    If you KNOW a camera crew is coming to film in your house FOR HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS to see, why wouldn’t you clean your house???

    Seriously… at least pick it up. That poor child….that poor ghost, it’s fed up with the mess too. “Maybe if I get caught on camera, they’d HAVE to clean up since it’ll make national news! Welp…that didn’t work…” 😒

  38. Lizard girl Emily

    How dumb is that! say they don’t know it’s intentions after scratching & choking people?! That is obviously Demonic & their intentions are to harm & KILL

  39. Reflection of the child in the crib. It’s a side effect of the night vision, odd shadows.
    Notice how the figure disappears as soon as the child stands up?
    That is a reflection

  40. It was the dad that attacked her🤔

  41. That’s the best evidence of a ghost I’ve ever seen

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