Wendy Williams hospitalized after her husband’s mistress gave birth to his kid

Wendy Williams hospitalized after hubby’s mistress gives birth/ETOnline.

Wendy hospitalized, health in jeopardy.

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NEW YORK — Just days after informing the world she’s addicted to cocaine, talk show extraordinaire Wendy Williams was hospitalized on Monday after her husband’s paramour gave birth to his baby. The 54-year-old scuttlebutt star was so inebriated, she required emergency treatment in ICU. After being on IV fluids for several hours, Wendy got up and checked herself out of the hospital. Rather than expend a day off to recuperate, the jilted broad returned to work for Tuesday’s episode.

While her husband — Kevin Hunter — is out bangin’ every THOT in sight, Wendy was residing at a sober house around a bunch of malodorous Negroes. Everybody knows today’s women are desperate to have a man, but damn… when is enough, enough?

“Wendy is not in a good way, everyone is so concerned for her,” said a close source.

“The sad thing is that she’s been working so hard to stay sober and she’s been so honest in her struggles with all her fans, and this just tipped her over the edge. But, the fact she still came to the set just shows how strong she’s trying to be.”

What’s your take?

Is it time for Wendy to retire?

Should she find herself another jude?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. This is a lesson to everyone who always try to laugh at people, and points out people mistake this is what happens what goes around comes round, I’m not happy about what she’s going through I feel sorry for her

  2. Wendy need to realize her bank account don’t say -$2.18 & focus on her own shit

  3. It’s sad! Wendy is in pain, lying, and hurting her body with drugs, while her husband and his mistress are having a ball! If a man cheats on his pregnant wife and continues even after the baby is born, Wendy should have left then! Prenup?!

  4. AliciaVlogAhora

    Sorry, but Wendy Williams need to suck it up and get with her life , stop using excuse about her marrige (to get drunk and use drugs) the same way she talk stuff about TV actors marriage and give advides pls .

  5. Why is this crack head so widely celebrated?


  7. Denis Shillingford

    There is nothing like a dope addict that forgets they should be humble and thankful. It will eventually lead to their relapse.

  8. I mean…why is she so obliged to tell everyone her business? She doesn’t owe anybody anything

  9. The baby’s first words are gonna be “How you doin?”

  10. Welp. Guess we know wich celeb is going to die next in 2019

  11. Pray for Wendy, as an alcoholic i know it’s her only hope! I didn’t want religion to stop drinking, but it’s your only chance, I swear! It’s her only hope! Only belief in God can help her, please all pray she seek God!

  12. MamaBethsWorld

    If my husband of over 20 years had a baby with a longtime side piece I’d get drunk and stay drunk too. God love her heart!! She’s getting beat up on every side. I hope she gets on her feet, divorced, and happy again

  13. This is the time where Wendy needs to take her own advice that she gives others and get the toxicity out of her life.

  14. janella calomese

    The old adage “Payback is a BITCH” I think is biting Wendy in the ass. She always was judgemental of other people…down right mean. But, now is in denial about her stuff!! Time to come clean, Wendy!!!

  15. This is what happens when you lead a pretentious life making people think your crap don’t stink. Rooster coming home to roose. She reek fake inwardly, but she can dish that dirt…her turn. God please, not judging.

  16. Ronnie Johnson

    Just stick a fork in Wendy…..cause SHE’S DONE!!😂😂😂😂

  17. Wendy Williams should date Jussie Smollett, two grandstanders. Wait! One is gay and the other, no man would phuck. They’re perfect together!

  18. Divine Commerce

    Those who love to spill others tea are always brewing in their own 😎


    😒KARMA is the HBIC! KARMA
    Damn it!
    Wendy Williams “suck a dirty sock”!
    & Tamar BackstabBraxton
    “Braggin” about the (Nigerian Boyfriend) rushing into a relationship before the divorce that
    😒clearly looked like she was already in!”
    ANTICS of two Clowns!

  20. DAM… he was hitting that thing in the raw.
    Smh 😂🤣

  21. we’re all going to pray for Wendy she needs a lot of prayer and a whole lot of healing it is going to take awhile because she has a broken heart and broken feelings to know that the man you love the man you call your husband having a baby a newborn baby with another woman being with another woman is bad enough when you love him but her giving birth I’m sure that Brooke Wendy down to her core so let’s all pray for her that she gets strong and sober and realize that there’s other man out there to besides him let him go on about his business to take care of that baby if I hear somebody else

  22. Lord watch over Wendy watch over her Lord we love her send someone to be there for her Lord she needs you, she needs your help Lord in JESUS name I pray Amen 🌼🍃🌾🍃🌼🍃🌾🍃🌼🍃🌾🍃♥️

  23. Trying to remain sober is hard enough… And everyone has slip-ups. I can only imagine trying to get sober in the Limelight of the entire world watching me let alone possibly my husband having a baby with someone else let alone everyone gossiping about it. We will need to start understanding that addiction is a serious disease and there are people dying from it every single day and Live and Let Live. Just because she is a gossip columnist does that not mean that she does not deserve piece at a horrible time in her life. If something were to happen to her everyone would brrip Wendy everywhere… But no one would realize that possibly it was the fact that they could not respect or understand anything about addiction. I’m surprised that Lindsay Lohan made it through what she did but I could sit here and meme countless celebrity is that did not make it through situations like this because every single time they trip not only do they have to deal with her own guilt but they have to know that the world is hearing about it and read about it and feel that guilt as well.

  24. Poor Wendy. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. What a disrespectful, disgraceful “husband”. By the way I don’t think she has to talk about her marriage to anyone! Just because talking about celebrities is her job, she doesn’t have to mix it with her own privacy!

  25. Whitney Dahlin

    She has EVERYTHING in the world yet she’s so miserable she can’t stay sober. She has lots of money, her own successful talk show, millions of people who adore her, but it can’t make her happy. Like I have a knee that dislocates very painfully anytime I walk if I don’t wear a metal brace I need surgery to fix it but can’t afford health insurance so I’ve been wearing a brace all day and all night for the past four years. I would give ANYTHING to just be able to be normal again but she just takes everything she has for granted. It makes me sick.

  26. WENDY LOOKS very sick. A mental breakdown.

  27. Phoibos Apollon

    Com’on Wendy, you can do sooooo much better!

    Quit that loser, ASAP!

  28. All I wanna know is how the hell did she get drunk in a sober house 🤷🏾‍♀️🤔

  29. God gave you the ability to think and do what is right for you Wendy!!!!!!
    Now do it!!!!!!!?

  30. I don’t feel sorry for her she’s been in everyone’s business so now the streets are talking !!!!!!

  31. Oh, cry me a river !!!!! Who cares let her lay in the bed that she made !!!! If this was anyone else she would be all Over it, and not in a good way !!! Let’s not for get what she has said about others when they were down! And she has made lot of $$$$$$$$$$ on other down falls !!!! Hopefully she goes lower !!!

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