Day Care provider gets 7 years in prison following ‘abuse’ of a 4-month-old child

Paige Hatfield jailed for abusing Kingston Gilbert/DailyMail.

Day care provider receives 7 years. 

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OLATHE, Kan — This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” goes to child abuser Paige Hatfield who received 7 years in the penitentiary on Thursday for beating the sh*t out of 4-month-old Kingston Gilbert inside her unlicensed day care. The ghastly ordeal transpired January 2017 in Olathe, Kansas. That’s where Paige, 27, shook Kingston so hard, his brain fell apart. When Ashleigh Garcia arrived at Paige’s home to pick up her son, little Kingston was laid out on the floor as paramedics scrambled to save his life.

“It’s just hard,” Ashleigh said. “He was happy and healthy when we dropped him off. There was nothing wrong with our baby, and then we literally like lost that baby.” 

Doctors are saying Kingston suffered “abusive head trauma” which means parts of his encephalon are inanimate and he’s completely blind. Thanks to Paige’s stupid ass, he’ll require handicap assistance the rest of his life. “It’s unlikely that he will ever ride a bike,” Ashleigh lamented.

“[It’s unlikely he will] ever read a book, ever watch a movie, ever go to college, ever [have] a career.”

Something’s obviously very wrong with our nation’s justice system. First, Jussie Smollett got off. Now Kingston is sentenced to a lifetime of medical dependency while this b*tch Paige gets to walk free in 7 years. Like Don King said, “Only in America!”

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  1. People who abuse children and animals are the lowest, most cowardly, and most despicable vermin.

  2. U Gotta B Kiddin

    WTF!!! Only 7 years?????????

  3. When my daughter was a baby I had to work 2 days a week in our business. I used to leave with her up, then park my car unseen, sneak back and peek in the windows & listen too. I caught a new woman screaming at my baby. Fired her, she asked for a ride to bus so I gave her a ride alright, way out of the area, told her to get out of the car and find her own way to a bus. Then told my husband to bring the books home.

  4. Just me Just me

    This is why I took care of 3 of my grandchildren…mommy and daddy worked long hours….and just plop them in front of a tv….we had breakfast….music and dance time, arts and craft time, lunch, nap time, back yard time, I had a big swing set, a play house…crazy time, that is where I put all 3 kids on a swivel chair, race them through the house, some times all 3 would push me into the kitchen to grab cookies….take a walk and name the flowers we found in the neighborhood, reading time, we did scarp booking….and movie time while I cooked dinner….I have to tell you I had more fun than a barrel of monkeys….

  5. picklenose pickle

    Aaaaaahhh who cares children these days they are devils lol kill them all

  6. My Son being in the first grade came home once and ask me what the word (strangled) meant??? I ask why are you asking? He said because his teacher whom was a substitute that day had told him, “I could strangle you!!! Pathetic care no one!

  7. Deelicious Grapes

    She needs her ass whooped

  8. And this is way I will never put my daughter in any daycare. Shits sad cause I stay at home to take care of her instead of working to make more money for her cause of disgusting bitches like that.

  9. My first grade teacher was a first year teacher who started well but later screamed at me and screamed at another student while picking up and spanking him. Towards the end of the year, she taped a student to a chair with the whole class watching. She didn’t return the next year. I was told by a fellow student that our former teacher had been fired. The school didn’t offer any counseling to the kids or anything. I didn’t talk about this for 39 years.

  10. Kathie Connelly

    I think All Childcare services should Have to be licenced & have Video that uploads to cloud that Childcare services cannot alter. Operators of Childcare services should maintain employee records and they (service & workers) need to be vetted – criminal, public record check, personal – A complete background check. ANY ONE in childcare convicted of abuse, whatever kind, should get jail & pay restitution to victim. Abusers should be on permanent registry (as they do for sexual predators). If too many abuse convictions at Childcare services (no matter how far apart) loss of license and jail time. If a landlord can be held responsible for tenant actions So should the services taking care of Children.

  11. Deborah Deborah

    There are just too many instances where these children are abused in these private daycare centers
    I wonder if the punishment for abusing a child was harsher we might see a change
    Maybe a 10 year sentence would be the answer

  12. Don’t take your kids to daycares. Trust no one

  13. First. I would have met that chick in the parking lot if that was my son. They would have been taking her away in an ambulance.

  14. They would be interviewing me from death row.

  15. Jessica Keleher

    This is why I only work weekends and my hubby works during the week. So one of us is home with my child at all times. People are so cruel!

  16. Hmmmm….I would definitely go to jail for beating the crap out of that 🤬 …. I’m furious. Unfortunately I don’t have anyone to look after my child, and I have to work. Things like this make me think twice about daycares 😔😞

  17. Hober Swampson

    She would be counting her teeth by the time I’m done with her if this was my child

  18. Lisa Allen- EL

    Waite till your child can talk and Express themselves to you clearly before letting any daycare to watch them…

  19. You know, a few months ago I called several daycare centers in an attempt to apply for work. I explained that I have a history of experience, though unfortunately I had not obtained a certification yet. Still, I hoped that I could find a place or two that didn’t mind allowing me to work there while I obtained the certification needed, or a place that would atleast consider me for future employment (after getting the certifications done).
    Needless to say, the majority (if not all) women who answered my call were as rude and cold to me in their tone as they were adamant. One of them would even cut me off whenever I tried to explain how I would obtain the certification(s). It was shocking; disturbing, even, Especially when I had presented myself in an upbeat, cheery, polite and professional manner. I mean, what does this say about how these people treat the children if they can’t even hide their cold demeaner over a phone?

  20. What the hell is wrong with these daycares nowadays? They have no love or patience for these kids, yet take these jobs. What, is it for the money? Like these good-for-nothing social workers too?

  21. When it comes to your children and someone hurts them like that the law and rules be dammed you hurt my child im gonna hurt you its that simple

  22. Sick cunts anyone who abuses a child wants shooting

  23. Promise Magodielo

    It’s so sad and 😔 sad and heart breaking 😢

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