President Trump slammed Jussie Smollett during MAGA rally, says FBI now involved

President Trump slams Jussie Smollett at MAGA rally.

President Trump hammers Jussie.

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich — Law enforcement officials in Chicago aren’t the only ones pissed at “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett. During a MAGA rally Thursday afternoon in Grand Rapids (Michigan), President Donald Trump lambasted the 36-year-old homosexual — telling the raucous crowd “How ’bout Chicago,” which instigated a loud chorus of boos. Jussie was recently charged with 16 felonious counts of disorderly conduct after he allegedly falsified a police report claiming he was assaulted by a pair of racist, homophobic, MAGA hat-wearing, Donald Trump supporters.

Prosecutor Kim Foxx with the Cook County State Attorney’s Office inexplicably dropped the charges on Tuesday, triggering public outrage. Trump called Jussie’s exoneration a national “embarrassment.” The president also said both the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Justice would get involved.

In the meantime, Chicago officials want Jussie to reimburse the city $130,106.15 for investigating his case. “The city feels this is a reasonable and legally justifiable amount to collect to help offset the costs of the investigation,” said city spokesman Bill McCaffrey.

Jussie’s quandary has certainly taken its toll on the Fox musical drama. Empire’s television ratings this past Wednesday drew 3.97 million viewers, the lowest in the show’s history. Keep in mind, 16.5 million viewers tuned in for the season one finale in 2015.

Damn, after losing 12 million viewers, they’ll be lucky to get renewed for a 6th season.

What’s your take?

Should the FBI reopen Jussie’s case?

Does he deserve jail time?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Jussie is guilty as hell and no one is above the law right Trump. Both are lying pieces of shit

  2. Oh, who gives a fuck about this idiot? Who the hell name’s there kid JUSSIE? Asshole?

  3. CircuitBreaker437

    Dropping charges against that racist is a fuel for white nationalism, and they will win… good luck idiots… and Smollett – that moron will be lucky to survive a traffic violation when stopped by a police officer

  4. FBI won’t find corruption because it involved democrats

  5. Imagine if any single one of us had 16 felony charges like he did, NONE of us would see freedom again.

  6. Smollett has such a punchable face!

  7. He gives up the booty, but he’s gonna keep the lie

  8. Fucking Bullshit! Every single police officer and law enforcement resource that wasted their time dealing with this asshole should individually sue him….

  9. Something rotten in Chicago, yep,it’s a shit hole

  10. trump at his rally last night CURSING, NAME CALLING. what KIND of president of the united states is this DEMON. if nothing else, he is SUPPOSED to be a ROLE model for our children. THIS DEMON is a POSITIVE role model for our kids?????? What a shame there wasn’t anyone there that turned everyone into swiss cheese.

  11. SuperSasha1969

    #45 MUST REFRAIN FROM ACCUSING ANYONE OF EMBARRASSMENT 😂😂 unless he’s referring to himself

  12. Me and my entire family are blacks. We’ll vote for him again in 2020.

  13. Such an idiot

  14. Kristin Brinkmann

    God I love this man❤️

  15. Corruption has a new name…TRUMP

  16. I love it!!! Telling the TRUTH!!! is hard to handle!

  17. We need a good hacker who can hack into Smollet’s cell phone and make all his text messages public.

  18. Thaddeus Pawlicki

    Maybe Jussie threatened to ‘out’ the Obamas unless they fixed it.

  19. Trump needs to STFU he is a criminal he should be in Jail too

  20. What good is a FBI investigation if the FBI is corrupt…?

  21. Nathaniel Quiroz

    This is MAGA country folks. When the story first came out and he said that they said this is maga country.. I knew right away it was a hoax. Thats something only a hood or black person or any color gangbanger woud say. Not no red neck

  22. kim foxx from the planet of the apes is all over this bullshit a la michael oboma.

  23. Basic Attacker

    Thank god we have a president that will call out this disgusting guy. I will vote for TRUMP IN 2020 to the liberals that read this… you should vote for him

  24. Jussie needs to be in prison for hates crimes against US citizens and the show Empire needs to be cancelled for participating and colluding in his scam.

  25. Steban Lewansky

    Oh snap. Shit just got real.

  26. I beleive this hoax was ment to divide our country, make Trump suupperters apear racist, give democrats an issue to run againts Trump, and to make Smollett a more popular and well know as a wonderful black gay man saving black gay communities. I had never herd of him. He tried to start hate between blacks and whites. He is evil to his core and should be tried for hate crime.

  27. Something’s rotten in Chicago, I can smollett from here.

  28. I really love watching Jussie suck his own doo doo off my big white dick, but whooooo… eeeee booooooyyyy…………you can really smollett!

  29. Jussie committed a hate crime and walks free, democrat lawlessness.

  30. Kim Foxx needs to be investigated

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