Day care teacher got caught on camera ‘assaulting’ three children, parents livid

Sibongile Mkani-Mpolweni assaulted 3 children.

Day care worker assaults children. 

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CARLETONVILLE — Day care maltreatment is not only an issue in America, it’s now a global recrudescence. Parents in Africa are outraged after descrying video footage of a sadistic day care teacher beating the sh*t out of three toddlers in Carletonville, South Africa — a city west of Johannesburg. A viral video shows 40-year-old Sibongile Mkani-Mpolweni thwacking a child upside the cranium before kicking him because he vomited. She also stepped on his head then made him clean up the regurgitation.

In a separate clip, Sibongile grabbed a little girl by the head and slammed her onto a mattress to coerce her into taking a nap. It’s arguably the most disconcerting child care ordeal ever captured on video. Sibongile has been arrested and charged with child abuse.

Watch the disturbing footage.

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  1. I’m shocked 😥😥😥😥😥


  3. Michelle Sithole

    I’m never having children

  4. Hurt my toddler??? You’re going 6 feet deep….f**k calling the police or sending her to jail

  5. Hmmmm….I would definitely go to jail for beating the crap out of that 🤬 …. I’m furious. Unfortunately I don’t have anyone to look after my child, and I have to work. Things like this make me think twice about daycares 😔😞

  6. Deborah Thompson

    THEY NEED TO prosecute this woman so she won’t do this to other children!

  7. Demon is what she is

  8. Michelle Parker

    Omg give me 5 min alone with that monster!!!

  9. just gonna say it… I would beat her to a pulp!!!

  10. Oh Hell No!! I would be in jail if that was my child. I would have beat the Hell outta that woman.

  11. I would of taken her by the hair, dragged her in my basement and beaten the living hell out of her. The poor little boy! What did he do to deserve this! I want this women where no one else is around. I’ll teach her what power feels like.

  12. Good Lord, why do parents drop their children off at these crap places? Yes I understand takes 2 parents to work, then, you need a sitter. People need to do some back ground checks on all the people working in these daycare centers. Not rely on the center to do it for you.If your noticing a change in your child,the first few days, of daycare, better pull them out soon.Not all people are loving towards your precious child.

  13. Silibaziso Ncube

    That woman belong to jail she’s heartless I don’t think she have a children😭😭😭yoooh my heart is broken💔💔💔

  14. I hope this day care sitter rotts in hell

  15. Terrible!!! Where is this woman?? We need to get her locked up after the parents get some revenge! I cannot watch this fully

  16. BITCH 😠😠😠👊👊👊👊

  17. Parents that don’t have money or time to care for their kids shouldn’t have kids. Then again we have parents who abuse their own kids. In the end only kids suffered.

  18. If you don’t like animals or kids, please please don’t work doing that, please just don’t. And if you get mad with WHOEVER, please tell yourself “THIS IS A 10, I AM OUT” and LEAVE THE ROOM!!! JUST LEAVE! FOR 10 MINS!

  19. Wow so sad

  20. The person shooting this video derseves a beating as well

  21. All the parents that are like I would have beat her up etc. y’all kids are probably bad af. I wouldn’t want my kids to be hit on but my kids wouldn’t be bad af either. Y’all unstable parents don’t teach y’all kids respect

  22. When it comes to children be very meticulous about who and where you leave your babies. Trust your gut instinct. Suffer not to come unto me yours is the kingdom of heaven. Father Father in heaven and the Mother of the Son protect the gives bestowed unto women from evil doers and wolves in sheep clothing I beg.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  23. time to bring back slavery

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