Street nurse sentenced to prison after effectuating a lethal “booty injection”

Allen Spence behind bars following lethal butt injection/DailyMail.

Street nurse jailed over butt injection.

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MANHATTAN — Ladies… the next time you contemplate getting a derrière inoculation from a street physician, please understand it could kill your ass. Allison Spence, 44, was sentenced to prison on Thursday for effectuating a lethal buttocks injection that took the life of 31-year-old Latesha Bynum. The anatomical vicissitude transpired last July at an apartment in Manhattan, New York. After suffering symptoms of dizziness and chest pains, Latesha called the authorities via 911. She was expedited to a nearby medical facility where she ultimately died while comatose.

Medical professionals determined Latesha passed away amid complications from systemic embolization of silicone injections for cosmetic augmentation of the buttocks. Allison was consequently charged with second-degree manslaughter and unauthorized practice of a profession.

She’s looking at 2 to 8 years behind bars.

Allison’s accomplice, Kevin Richardson, was sentenced in September. He’s looking at 4 to 12 years. Bertie Bynum, Latesha’s mother, went off in court. The lachrymose dame spoke for roughly 10 minutes. “You knew you wasn’t no nurse,” Bertie told Allison who held her head down in ignominy.

“You knew you didn’t go to no medical school, so what right you had to shoot anything in my child and other people’s kids?”

Allison did, however, apologize to the family.

But Bertie, who wore a t-shirt in her daughter’s memory, covered her ears.

She didn’t want to hear that sh*t.

Her daughter’s life is gone.

It’s apparently too late for apologies.

Moral of the story?

Ladies, please eschew harboring low amour propre and be proud of the ass you got.

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  1. TussitalaTussitala

    How does it happen that the woman gets TWO years but her MALE accomplice gets 4 years. I’ve never been good at math but I think that’s TWICE AS MUCH TIME AS THE WOMAN.

  2. She doesn’t look remorseful. Yikes.

  3. Say no to silicon and yes to cookies

  4. Sooooottoootototodsagflkdsfgs

    2 to 8 years for killing someone?? She will be out in 6 months for good behavior they system is broken

  5. I am flat breasted and I would never do anything invasive about it even if I dont ever get a boyfriend who would marry me because of it.

  6. Pontius Pilate

    No matter how much or how hard some people want to deny it our lives and the course they take are based on choices and the decisions we make. Some people falsely claim other factors decide the course their lives take but that’s a way for them to deny any responsibility for what they do or do not do.In this case we have a woman who wanted a butt like Kardashian/Jenner/Graham/Minaj etc. for some strange reason and paid the ultimate price for her choice. The woman who is convicted of manslaughter made her choices too and is where she belongs. Two people who made bad decisions no victims.


  8. KimK should be blamed too

  9. I was sentenced to 5 years and served 18 month for possession of marijuana I had a blunt n these folks get less time for manslaughter smdh

  10. While I AM sorry for her pain, HER CHILD was a grown woman. Her child knew this woman was not a medical professional and was trying to get a dangerous cosmetic procedure on the cheap. When will people start take responsibility for their own mistakes?

  11. This is truly sad, but the saying you get what you pay for is true here, the woman had to know that the parties involve were not medical workers, no one in the medical field performs medical procedures in an apartment, In the hopes to save money she traded dollars for death, that is so tragic and sad, and these two sick freaks that fronted as medical workers and played with a persons life deserves more then the sentence they received.

  12. No jail for Jussie – no jail for her – for fairness and equality

  13. 31 year old has no sense. Seems you are blaming the wrong person.

  14. She usually injected used fried chicken grease, but had run out.

  15. Life before Amazon

    The guy got more time why?

  16. Fake Indian Warren

    This is a win win situation – one dead dark skin, another going to prison. Make sure their EBT cards are deactivated.

  17. 2-8 years for a crime resulting in someone’s DEATH?!!! My how BROKEN the U.S INJUSTICE SYSTEM really is. That woman should be facing a lifetime behind bars at a minimum/the death sentence at the maximum. Beyond ridiculous.

  18. Sooo….the 31 year old was forced into this APARTMENT and forced to get these injections? She wasnt the one who called the lady because she heard from a friend of a friend that she does butt lifts..come on…yes it was awful she died, yes it’s awful that she was able to even get her hands on that silicone but the victim is not innocent….she chose to let this woman inject her with it

  19. So sad.

  20. All she had to do was some squats. Just awful.

  21. it is true that Allison Spence did not have any medical training to administer that process. But, the victim should have known that she did not have a license to administer that procedure. Therefore, Allison’s intention was not to harm the victim. I hope this is a lesson for people who have limited money not to fall victim to these unlicensed people.

  22. “LaTesha”? The name says it all.

  23. She knew the injections were illegal. Why can’t people take responsibility for the decision that they make. Damn, she knew she wasn’t going to a real doctor! Because she did tho to a real doctors office

  24. KnowledgeOfThySelf

    This was not worth the risk

  25. What kind of mothafucka goes to a street COSMETOLOGIST and pays her to INJECT SILICONE CAULK INTO THE RUMP??

  26. Some people lives don’t mean jack to them , STOP putting that SH.. in your BUTT !!!!!!!!

  27. People have to love themselves just the way God made them. Sad.

  28. We all have insecurities; I know I do. Some days I don’t feel pretty, some days I feel drop dead gorgeous. I don’t have the biggest butt, I don’t have the slimmest waist, I’m not the prettiest, but I love me and I wouldn’t change anything. I love my flawed beauty

  29. The same lady did cardi b’s butt

  30. **this gets my dick hard**

  31. Assed out

  32. these woman gotta stop being insecure about their asses

  33. Ok now I just don’t understand what all these people & the Kardashian’s see in HUGE ASSES…it looks just plain stupid…Not to mention off balance.
    A lil’ poem:
    Who the hell wants to be able
    To use their butt as a table?

  34. Pamela Washington

    She should not have done it.what is it with big butts

  35. Buddha's Child


  36. I wouldn’t want nobody sticking God knows what in my butt this is like 10th story I’ve heard of some woman died cause of this need of their butt being hung God help us

  37. She was pretty, a real man would have been cool with her like she was.

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