1. Omggggg this still funny to me…. with a Casio Keyboard beat

  2. She like it long and hard like calculus is the only bar I remembered from this track it this should be on a bet uncut hall of fame. Right next to tip drill

  3. Lmaooooooooo Damn I miss BET uncut!!

  4. Bet uncut, I miss those dayz, this bring back so many memories from my high school years

  5. lmfao this shit is so fuggin’ wiggity whack.

  6. FUCK YOU!!!!

  7. this da shit!

  8. Oh damn, this shit takes me back. I was always laughing at this video. Shit was HORRIBLE. HA!

  9. Wow this song sucks. Lol. I’m embarrassed there’s a Cardinals shirt in there.

  10. what da hell… the nigga transforms into barry white.
    Molaaaaaaa mazoooooooo Baby wigge it wigge it

  11. Vicky Valencourt

    Aww man i remember this song…wiggle it
    classic nasty…lol I miss u UNCUT

  12. Justin Lematty

    Nice Bet Uncut video.

  13. i just noticed this… but
    where are the black women????


  15. I can smell the STDs through my monitor

  16. Suge Knight Clone

    now thats what I call a house party

  17. Omggggg this still funny to me…. with a Casio Keyboard beat

  18. Waffle House Worker

    budget for this video: $5.00

  19. this video ghetto as fuck

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