Avengers: Endgame setting ticket records, expected to be highest grossing film ever

Avengers: Endgame sets new record for ticket sales.

Avengers: Endgame establishing history.

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HOLLYWOOD — Tickets for Marvel’s “Avengers: Endgame” went on sale Tuesday morning and, as anticipated, they’re being plucked at a maniacal pace. If pre-sale purchases are an indication, there’s a battalion of Marvel zealots eager to descry the quietus of intergalactic sociopath Thanos. Not convinced? Check this out: In a matter of 6 hours, Endgame annihilated Fandango’s existing record for first-day ticket sales — beating out “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” in 2015. Endgame also doubled the first week sales of its precursor “Avengers: Infinity War” in just one day.

Thanks to web traffic, the cyber community was concomitantly impacted. Tickets for the new Avengers flick sold at such an expeditious rate, multiple online ticket outlets crashed. Damn, you know ticket importunity is perfervid when rabid aficionados wreck the internet.

But, from the look of things, Marvel fanatics will definitely get their money’s worth. Mainly because the highly augured sequel has a three-hour run time, making it the most protracted theatrical cut in superhero film history. It would certainly be sagacious of moviegoers to take a piss prior to entering the theater. After all, directors Joe and Anthony Russo put in a bunch of overtime to make this happen.

We can ill afford to miss one minute.

That said, we’re still talking more than 3 hours of screenplay.

Why so f*ckin’ long?

“Joe and I like very propulsive storytelling,” Anthony explained.

“We like to keep it tight and focused, and to give the audience a thrill ride. But this movie… you know, no one’s pushing us to cut the film. We usually are; we’re primarily pushing ourselves. The number of characters, the scope of the story, the fact that it was a conclusion. It’s just that everything lined up [so] that it was going to be a difficult story to tell. Meaning that it would require a lot of screen time to tell it properly.”

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters April 26th.

If you plan on attending, better pre-order now because there won’t be anything available at the box office.

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  1. This movie is 3 hours long

    Me: I’m not going to the bathroom

    Whatever it takes

    Iron man: Whatever it takes…

  2. Indian By Heart

    Thanos : I have all the 6 infinity stones and works on my command

    Time stone : Hold my beer 😂

  3. I can’t believe spiderman is dead 😢😢😢😢😢

  4. To this day, Thor still hasn’t cleaned the eye that rabbit gave him 😂

  5. Tony is going to die this time round. I can feel it. Now how am I supposed to see this movie knowing this…?

  6. Ant-Man could have gone inside Thanos’s head and grow up large and BOOM, Thanos dead. Could have saved Marvel millions.

  7. Why the heck is Chadwick Boseman not even in Avengers Endgame cast

  8. When you have all of the infinity stones and kill half of the universe and black widow tries to kill you with a gun

    Thanos : am i a joke to you?

  9. Got my tickets!!! 😁

  10. I think that hulk will come to surface when black widow is near dying to protect her, i really think that he will give thanos an awesome/hard fight… At least i hope so

  11. Thanos: should have gone for the head
    Thanos in endgame: wears a helmet

  12. Spoiler:
    Loki is still alive,he is inside hulk.
    End game is time travelling, they will go back to avenger 1 and from Their they will start to stop thanos..
    Nebula will snatch thanos golllet😄
    Anything else? Knock mw

  13. Andre Wicaxono

    I guess, in the end, with Time stone, everything will be returned and all the superheroes will be back

  14. None of Your Business

    Don’t forget it broke the AMC website and app for a good 3 hours. I had to buy my ticket on Atom which took a while for the AMC part to fix too.

  15. Jeiku Anime Review

    Thanos-“Reality is whatever I want it to be”

    Me- “Omg make Anime cat girls real!” crosses fingers

  16. If you think I’m about to spend a whole 3 hours watching a movie then you are totally right

  17. Shazam is wise to release early so it could have its 3 weeks of Fame before it becomes an afterthought on April 26

  18. Hell Yeah! Endgame on its way to becoming the highest grossing movie of all time.

  19. Moses Portillo

    Omfg cant wait

  20. Dragon Lightgalatic

    avengers forever

  21. ★ Box office collection of All time (Coming Soon)
    » Avengers Endgame – 1st
    » Awatar – 2nd
    » Titanic – 3 rd

  22. spoiler alert: Thanos dies!

  23. Rishikesh Dubey

    Cap got his shield
    Thor got his hammer
    And we got tickets

  24. Some people will get up to pee during the movie
    But not us
    NOT US

  25. If Captain Marvel has any part of actually killing Thanos, I’m walking straight out of that theater

  26. Oooohhh…. Ooohhhh😘I am dying for it… Oh dear… All people involved in marvel are so so Amazing and Brilliant….♥️♥️♥️😘😘😘😘

  27. Nalani Williams

    end game lets go yayyyyyyyyyy sing it on 26 with my friends

  28. Justified Faith

    The end of an era ladies & gentleman. If the surviving avengers figure out a way to bring back the others, it will be at great cost. Chris Hemsworth said Endgame is more shocking than infinity war. Not everyone will make it.

  29. I got tickets for end game

  30. Jesse Hernandez

    I hope Thanos wins again.

  31. Hey, Vsauce Michael here

    Just here to say that the new Joker movie is going to be better than this.

  32. We will not go to the bathroom during this movie

    Whatever it takes…

  33. BOring, the Avengers suck a$$ I never wasted my time reading avengers comics and the movies are even gayer. Fake propaganda show to deter peoples minds from whats really going on in the world. Hollywood should be abolished it serves no purpose other than to enrich people who were already undeservedly rich from not doing anything necessary for the survival of White people.

  34. Patrick Francis

    If this movie sucks im sueing marvel

  35. Katie Mcfadden

    I’m too excited, me and my friends got tickets to the premier 🥳🤩

  36. Ms Marvel aint got jack on Thanos… 😔😔😔 media rubbish saying she the most powerful… pffft…. if so… where is Rogue?…

  37. Please Thor, i’m begging you, please go for the head this time, whatever it takes 🙇🙇

  38. Clash of Clans

    Roses are red
    Half of the humanity is dead
    According to thanos
    U should have gone for the head.

  39. Movie is gunna be Litty AF

  40. Matthew Jay Evans

    God Bless the Avengers. :-)

  41. Is black panther in the movie and spiderman

  42. We’re in the endgame now

  43. They seriously need to bring deadpool and the X-Men into this

  44. hrishikesh padmar

    Avengers is not just movie for me it becomes a part of my life which I can’t live without it

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