Coroner’s jury rules lesbian couple & their black children committed murder-suicide

Hart family deaths ruled murder-suicide.

Hart deaths ruled murder-suicide. 

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WILLITS, Calif — After months of speculation, it’s finally official. On Thursday, a coroner’s jury ruled that Jennifer Hart, her lesbian wife Sarah Hart and their 6 adopted children killed themselves by driving off the scenic Mendocino County cliff in Northern California last year. It only took 57 minutes to reach a verdict. If you recall, the cadavers of Jennifer and Sarah were found inside their SUV which was turned upside down, below the cliff, near the ocean shore. The carcasses of the children (ages 12 to 19) were scattered all over the damn place. Jennifer and Sarah must’ve caved in to legal pressure after being accused of child abuse by their nosy neighbor.

Word on the street claims they starved the kids.

Rather than let the investigation run its course, Jennifer and Sarah took the easy way out. The murder-suicide transpired roughly 3 hours after a case worker visited their home. “They both decided that this was going to be the end,” said California Highway Patrol investigator Jake Slates.

“If they can’t have their kids… nobody was going to have those kids.”

Speaking of kids, all of their children are black.

Jennifer, 38, and Sarah, 38, are white.

Prior to her quietus, Sarah researched several painless suicide options on her cell phone which included drug overdose, drowning and hypothermia. To effectuate the crime, Jessica and Sarah got drunk as f*ck. Their blood alcohol level was higher than Snoop Dogg at the BET Awards.

They also had high amounts of Benadryl in their systems.

The kids were drugged too.

Sad, sad story.

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  1. billthestinker

    Mentally ill lesbians murder black children

  2. Fuck these honkies. It doesn’t make sense for white people to adopt black kids. You don’t see black people adopting white kids. They are the devil.

  3. Lesbian’s and homosexuals are demonic reprobates…I’m not surprised

  4. The torment these women are in now is unimaginable. Plus their future eternal punishment is even more horrid to ponder.

  5. Evil fucks!

  6. Worthless fucking FEMINIST TRASH!!!

  7. if these where white kids the nation would be in an uproar

  8. hideous WHITE supremacist dykes.

  9. Those women were not mothers, they were lesbian perverts.

  10. Those poor children. They suffered their whole lives . Just wanted to be loved. I dont understand these things.

  11. Why adopt black and Latino kids? That alone is suspect. My grandfather is always saying we should have stay segregated. Gay ppl should not be able to adopt. You gave that up when u chose to be gay. Go have your own kids!

  12. People are asking why the bitch drove her family off a cliff. Answer: They (Sara and Jennifer) knew that she was going to jail and they chose death over jail. I have no problem with that decision but they could have left the kids out of it. Jennifer and Sara I hope your souls are burning

  13. quan Brooklyn kid

    stop letting gay people adopt kids…

  14. Never trust these people with our children, stop letting whites adopt black children if they are racist, the kids complained of racism!!!! If she couldn’t abuse them she was going to kill them! Buying bananas for them, couldn’t get an apple racist bitch 😠🤬 GTFO

  15. Same sex couple should not be permitted to adopt children . If their relationship is natural , they should be able to give birth naturally without from outside help .

  16. Why not just drive yourself off a cliff? What did those kids do to you?

    Please, can we have mandatory background and mental health checks on would be adoptive parents? I don’t want things like this to happen.

  17. Geoffrey Kidder

    So, is this how lesbians react to be told they cant have something? The numbers for homosexual parents abusing their children arent great… about to Google to see if lesbians are worse than gays

  18. AnticommentWarrior

    This is why putting your baby up for adoption could turn into a death sentence

  19. EvenStevenSays

    What the hell?! Like WHY. Who are you to take the life of 6 people. I’m shocked

  20. We all know gay dudes, and dikes have nothing but drama and chaos, this is taking it to the next level.

  21. Jennifer Rosenfeld

    These poor kids they prob had no idea this was coming I can’t imagine what they were thinking

  22. As a person of mixed race, I cannot help but wonder if this was a gay, black couple, would they have been permitted to adopt mainly white children?

  23. Action Jackson!

    Crazy lezbos…..killing those poor black kids, should’ve left them in the adoption agency instead of getting them involved in their twisted lives.

  24. Who gave these parents custody?

  25. Trump got everybody mentally sick these days..🤦🏽😕

  26. These bitches adopted these children as ruse to put forward an image of how wonderful they are for adopting black children and rescuing them from a life of abuse, blah blah bla. They are fakers trying to portray themselves as the hero’s. The truth is that both women were ill prepared to take on such a commitment and the reality of raising six children. They had previously fostered a child two years before they adopted the first three children, they abandoned her at therapists office because they couldn’t handle her. They fed off the Facebook likes and their hippie buddies patting their backs telling them how great they were. Their social media profiles portray a very different story to the reality, having the children pose and the whole thing was staged to push their agenda of a lesbian couple providing a utopian lifestyle for abused black kids. These bitches make me sick. May those six beautiful children Rest In Peace.

  27. This is the real face of LGBT and Feminism they hate Black people when will black people wake up

  28. Why were two Lizzie Beans allowed to adopt all those little kids? No one speaks up against the Queers for the fear of losing their jobs. The system failed the little ones.

  29. They used these black children as an accessory

  30. Since they’re a “gay couple” they get special rights and privileges others don’t get and even with such reports, they didn’t get the kids taken away from all the abuse and danger. Today this society has been become shaped in such a way you dare not mess with “gay couples”. If it was for example, a Christian homeschool family, with one report, the government would have taken away the kids immediately.

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