Cowherd says Odell Beckham Jr. despises Cleveland, Mayfield calls claim “bullsh*t”

Beckham reportedly hates being in Cleveland/AP.

Odell Beckham Jr. loathes Cleveland?

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CLEVELAND — Homesick already? Odell Beckham Jr. despises Cleveland and he prefers to play football in Los Angeles, this according to Fox Sports analyst Colin Cowherd who labeled the Browns a “dumpster fire” during a Twitter pontification on Friday. Cowherd also called Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield a “baby.” Beckham was acquired in March via trade from the New York Giants in exchange for safety Jabrill Peppers and two high draft picks.

Cowherd may have a point.

After all, it took nearly a month for Beckham to appear at his introductory news conference in Cleveland and he didn’t look particularly beatific to be there. You can already tell he misses the New York spotlight. Hell, there’s practically no media coverage in Ohio. 

“Nobody will be honest about this Cleveland thing,” Cowherd tweeted.

“It has a chance to be a complete and utter dumpster fire… Odell [Beckham] didn’t want to go here, the owner is a control freak, John Dorsey is a control freak, Freddie Kitchens could be over his head, and I’m not even mentioning Baker (Mayfield), who’s just a kid, a baby.” 

“Nobody will just say the truth,” Cowherd continued. “Odell Beckham’s not happy. He’s not happy. Look at him! Does he look happy? This thing has a chance to be an absolute mess. Freddie Kitchens, with these egos and these stars? I can tell you I have this as well sourced as I can have it on Odell Beckham. He didn’t want to go to Cleveland! He wanted to go to LA….”

“Now… he’ll make it work, but this was not his choice.”

Mayfield took offense to Cowherd’s claim, calling it complete “bullshit” before daring the 55-year-old commentator to visit the Dawg Pound. “Come to Cleveland and ask O if he actually likes it,” Mayfield tweeted. “Just because you say you have a source doesn’t mean you’re not full of BS.”

“And while you’re at it… come see if I’m a baby…”

Damn, that sounds like a threat.

Nevertheless, do you agree with Cowherd?

Are the Browns a trainwreck waiting to happen?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. MadDoginaMeatMarket

    Cowherd calls Dorsey a control freak and a power-drunk GM. Never mind that John has single handedly revived the franchise. If that’s controlling and the symptoms of a power drunk man, then I say more power to him!

  2. dorsey sucks thats why he got fired in kansas city

  3. The only player of significance is Baker Mayfield………..the rest are expendable

  4. @stopsignbadge: so pro bowl players like, garrett, obj, Landry, Vernon, Richardson and west are expendable
    got it

  5. Reality folks…there is MUCH truth in what Cowherd is saying. While O may note hate Cleveland (yet), he CERTAINLY doesn’t want to be here…he’s ALL about bright lights/big city (LA/NY). And, Cowherd nails the power drunk arrogant GM thing (Dorsey) and folksy grease eating novice head coach in over his head (Ferdy). I like you hopes this works out, but let’s great real and CALL IT.

  6. @Ridley: Quit prevaricating. You want nothing more than to see the team go down in flames. What a sad little doomer!

  7. I’m extremely positive that the near future is bright as it has been since the return in 1999. Regardless of the media spin. People are just jealous that Dorsey in 15 mos has built hope and changed a losing culture and exposed all the other gms that came before him. The media can’t predict Dorsey’s next move and they just frustrated by that fact….Go Browns!

  8. Cowterd always meets expectations. Always a fresh pile every episode.

  9. Christopher Turner

    Just a true hater on cleveland, and can wait till u get silenced…

  10. Colin Coward, you’re pathetic!

  11. All these comments are throwing shade at Colin for hating Baker but everything he is saying is facts, the Steelers lose bell and AB and you think they’re just out of the game ? They lost 5 of their 6 games by 1 possession, they’re one of the most well coached and managed teams in the nfl with a ton of picks, yet people wanna hop on the team with an injury prone OBJ a half season suspended hunt and a terrible head coach, not to mention the browns defense is terrible and has only gotten worse with losing peppers

  12. Colin – “Mayfield is undraftable”
    Also Colin- “Mayfield is a failure if he doesn’t win a playoff game or win the superbowl “

  13. Douglas Henderson

    Colin Herd I couldn’t have said it better myself.👍🏾You can’t buy a championship just ask the Rams

  14. My predictions for AFC North
    1)Pitsburg Steelers
    2)Baltimore Ravens
    3)Cleveland Browns
    4)Cincinnati Bengals

  15. This guy doesn’t really like Baker Mayfield after he put him in his place the last time he was on this show 😂

  16. Joshua Vandemark

    Keep talking sh*t about my BROWNS team Colin… you fueled the flame with Bake and now you’re going after OBJ… LOVE IT!! Cleveland will win SB55… my prediction!! Haters gonna hate but Cleveland will be a dynasty and we have gathered the pieces to make it work as long as my TEAM checks their OWN individual egos at the door!! Dawg Pound Baby!! Go BROWNS!! 🏈🏈

  17. colin cowherd how does this jackass keep a job he is a complete moron.I mean how can a tool like cowherd keep a job when he talks so much trash and then denies the things he says on the air. This guy is the biggest fool on the tube my 5 year old quit watching said he wanted to watch someone who knew more about football than him

  18. Baker and Odell is a match made in heaven. Baker is so accurate

  19. Mark Edmisten Jr.

    How does this douche nozzle still have a job?

  20. I think this a**** only says these things so he can get better ratings he’s a jerk and I’m more than happy to have Baker the world shaker in Cleveland Super Bowl babyGoBrowns 🏈

  21. I know he’s a Baker hater but he got good points

  22. Brenden Mostoller

    I wonder if CowTurd will ever get tired of being wrong.

  23. Colin just needs to come out and say it he does not like Baker Mayfield at all..
    0% respect for anything Baker Mayfield does

  24. Browns are actually good now,I’m glad that Odell went to the browns,giants had a trash qb and team overall (yes I was a giants fan now I’m a browns fan)

  25. Obj went to the worst team in the NFL

  26. Cleveland Browns will win Super Bowl

    Colin you really are a coward. Your name suites you greatly. The Browns will be good and you will be able to do nothing to stop it. Odell Beckham will love Cleveland, because his best friend plays with him. You got stood up by Baker, face it.

  27. Edwin Aguilera

    Colin is a shitbag.🖕

  28. Kathryn Barrows

    I don’t think you need to worry about OBJ, considering the Giants still have to pay him, 16 Million I believe!! Plus he’s teamed up with his best friend in college! Landry? LSU? THE BROWNS, with this QB alone, improved 150% from the last several years! We have an enormous amount of talent and all we need is for it to CLICK! IF IT DOES THAT, IT’S OVER FOR THE AFC!

  29. Colin sucks

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