Pastor Perry murdered by jilted mistress because he refused to divorce his wife

Brodes Perry shot dead by Latoshia Daniels.

Pastor killed by jilted mistress. 

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COLLIERVILLE — “If I can’t have you…” Latoshia Daniels, 39, will spend some time in the slammer after the jilted damsel shot and killed Reverend Brodes Perry because he refused to divorce his wife. The sanguinary ordeal went down April 4th inside the reverend’s apartment in Collierville, Tennessee. Brodes served as Executive Pastor at Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church. Latoshia, a licensed social worker, is believed to be his mistress… and get this: she specializes in domestic violence and anger management. According to police reports, Latoshia showed up at the pastor’s crib around 10:00 p.m. wanting to talk. Brodes was gone, but his wife let her in.

After a 30-minute confabulation, Brodes finally brought his fornicating ass home. Latoshia stayed and talked for another 10 minutes before she started to leave. As she was being escorted to the front door, Latoshia pulled out a handgun and emptied the clip.

The trigger-happy babe shot Brodes multiple times while saying, “You broke my heart.”

Latoshia then shot the wife in the shoulder as she tried to check on her dying husband. “Get out the way!” she yelled. A neighbor heard the commotion and called 911. Brodes suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the cranium and torso. He died instantly.

Moments later, law enforcement officials showed up and ordered Latoshia to drop her weapon. But, she shunned their behest so they shot her. Don’t worry. She lived. This b*tch is indomitable, sort of like the Terminator. Nevertheless… after receiving medical succor at an area hospital, Latoshia jumped out of bed, shoved a police officer, then ran down the hallway.

She was eventually captured. But the bellicose chick started swinging on a cop before getting thrown to the ground. Latoshia was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, possession of a firearm, assault on a police officer, and resisting arrest.

The pastor’s wife received treatment at a different facility and a full recovery is expected.

Moral of the story?

Keep your banana and two apples in the fruit bowl.

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  1. When you do wrong ….wrong will follow😔

  2. think correctly

    Pastor loved the coochie more than he loved the lord

  3. All these Hypocrites inside the church that’s why a lot of people do not attend church. You do not have to be a Christian to go to church.. You can stay at home read your Bible pray. This is just as good as going to church. The biggest Hypocrites are in church. I have Aunts great Aunts, Uncles that go to church every Sunday and bible study on Wednesdays bout time they dot that door after services is over they on the phone talking about who shot John. I don’t know why people think the more you attend church that’s gonna get you to heaven.

  4. She didn’t heed her own advice

  5. None of this would have happened…had HE stayed faithful.

  6. Another woman’s husband is NEVER going to be the love of your life..

  7. Christine Napolitano

    That HO should be put in jail

  8. It's Ya Girl, Jesus' Wife

    Adultery is a sin unto death. The LORD took the pastor out.

  9. I know these people and that woman Latoshia was nuttier than a squirrel trapped in a crown royal bag. Preacher loved his wife and the nut had a thing for him. But he was faithful and wouldn’t entertain her foolishness, so she drove all the way from Arkansas to Tennessee, showed up to their apartment playing like she was in town visiting, chatted it up with the wife and waited for him to come home. What she should have done is offed herself…nutbag.

  10. Sorry but the facts of the story that’s been presented here are completely off. Jilted mistress?!?!? Obviously y’all didn’t know the pastor, wife, or the killer. For the person who added all of this BS to the story, make sure you get your facts straight before your write a bunch of mess because this isn’t what happened. And for the people that commented on this story just wait until the facts of the story “actually” are presented. Trust me, it had nothing to do with this man needing to keep his banana in his pants as you claim.

  11. He got God’s judgement. He was a selfish, cruel manipulater. Sin gives birth to sin and sin eventually death.

  12. He deserved itt …!

  13. The wife is free now

  14. I just went through a brief relationship with a deceitful preacher. I told him about himself and notified his pastor and surrounding churches. No violence, just expose this wicked men

  15. Only a black chick would call herself a anger management specialist and then go commit a murder!

  16. Buh bye side chick enjoy jail ho! Certified anger management specialist I guess you failed your training dumb ass 😳😳😳😳

  17. On the wife’s side

  18. A scorned women doesn’t operate under a degree or Doctorate degree and you can’t carry a condom in one hand and a bible in the other

  19. The ONLY VICTIM here is the WIFE 💯💯💯

  20. Crystal johnson

    People come out of these churches filled with Devils and Demons. You can have all relationship with
    THE MOST HIGH in your home.

  21. I wish y’all light skin dudes would stop messing around with the Whoopi Goldberg lookin bitches…damn..damn y’all like ugly dark skin bitches…my Chris Brown lookin son be talking to the UGLIEST dark skin bitches..FUCK y’all ugly as fuck man

  22. She was an anger management specialist? Really?

  23. I wish people would stop using the excuse of not going to church by saying that there are hypocrites in the church. There are hypocrites in the bars, in the barber shop, in the grocery stores, at football games, in department store and everywhere you go but you still go to those places right? The church is a gathering place for Saints because God wants us to worship, fellowship, discipleship and stewardship with people of same like minds. So of course you do not have to go to church to get into heaven but you cannot possibly learn anything of substance staying at home teaching yourself and coming to your own conclusion when you get stuck reading your bible. In all of our “getting”, we have to get some understanding and acquire knowledge but that is not possible when you are not fellowshipping with other same-like minded people who are gathered in a place of worship for this purpose…. And to Bayou Baby3, you are just ignorant!!!!

  24. There’s a special place in hell for all these false preachers, how are you going to preach about breaking the Ten Commandments when you’re breaking them all, the Church has become a demon pit, so evil

  25. So where is the pastor now? In Paradise or hell?

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