Kevin Hart’s Netflix special is attracting obloquy from both viewers and media

Kevin Hart goes to the extreme in Netflix special.

Kevin Hart used very poor taste.

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LONDON — In January, Kevin Hart shunned his responsibilities to host the Oscar Awards after his homophobic tweets resurfaced. Now the diminutive comic is drawing opprobrium for a series of controversial boffolas in his latest Netflix stand up special “Kevin Hart: Irresponsible.” The comedy show was recorded live in front of a sellout crowd in London. Kevin spends the majority of the one hour performance recounting dissolute stories of impetuous amour and parental vexation.

For instance, Kevin said kids are “stupid” and he spewed a wisecrack about flipping off his own toddler before telling the kid “fuck you!” He also bragged about choking his teenage son over a cell phone.

Man, it takes big cojones to joke about child abuse.

Kevin, who’s in his second marriage, did confess to cheating on his current wife — Eniko Parrish — in Las Vegas. But, instead of being compunctious, he prefaced the divulgence with, “This time I fucked up, but I don’t like it when people act like you planned to fuck up …. the important thing is to learn from your fuckups.”


Kevin later exacerbated the tribulation by joking about how irksome it is to have to win back Eniko’s trust. “When you try to fight for your woman to feel secure, you end up feeling insecure as a man,” he quipped. “You’re questioning yourself.”

Then, as the risqué cherry on top, Kevin said he expectorated on Eniko’s countenance during sex to mimic what he once descried in a pornographic video. After she cussed him out in retaliation, Kevin said he felt uncomfortable giving her an elucidation – telling the audience, “What did I tell you guys? I don’t like to talk, let it float in the air and disappear. I don’t like to talk about it.”

Contrary to his ex-wife’s opinion, Kevin said he’s not culpable for the collapse of his first marriage. Instead, the 39-year-old humorist gave the insinuation Torrei Hart screwed things up. “I want to make it clear to everybody that in my first marriage I did not fuck up,” Kevin explained“I filed for divorce, which means I chose to leave, which means I made a better decision for me in my life.”

Kevin Hart’s Irresponsible is now available on Netflix.

Many viewers thought he gave a banal performance.

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  1. Cringe feast 💩

  2. Dats a paddlin

    Ayo Kev…that special was weak asf champ. 👎🏾👎🏾

  3. Looks lit af 🔥🔥🔥

  4. Born Yesterday

    This one sucked

  5. This was one of the worst stand ups I seen,, the audience was very silent and I actually fell asleep watching it. I always say this if you see one Kevin Hart special you seen them all

  6. Srijal Shrestha

    Idk why so much hate..This is the only stand up I understood and found funny(btw I’m asian)

  7. I’ve really tried very hard to toughen out the first 10-15 min of any Kevin Hart special. He’s just not funny. I wonder wtf people are laughing at or about

  8. Timothy Bullard

    Corny comedian material, Kevin talk about his kids too much, he need more comedian material. Gave it 15 minutes into the show, still talking about his family. My Kids, my kids, my kids, my kids, my marriage, my first marriage, Jawn was corny. Fact.

  9. I just watched this on NETFLIX it fucking SUCKS

  10. GamOholic spartan

    Shit was so funny 😂

  11. Just watched it….not funny…..except the “kids is crackheads for phones” jokes

  12. Why can’t people just understand that everyone has a different sense of humor and opinions ? It’s not rocket science people.

  13. Alistair Kilpatrick

    I’m a big fan of Kevin, but this was lacklustre and boring.

  14. I did not laugh once…..the whole show he yells and tells lame ass jokes and over does the same sentances over and over and over and…..glad netflix only cost me 10 bucks a month LOL…IT WAS SHIIIIIITTTT! get a new career man….you suck ass.

  15. Don’t even waste your time to watch this shit

  16. WOW…..just……WOW. This was Kevin’s worst special EVER, I could not believe how dry and boring he was. What is going on with you Kevin?

  17. An hour out of my life I’ll never get back …

  18. Kevin Hart is one of the funniest comedians out there. But this Irresponsible special made me laugh once. He pretty much glossed over his infidelities, told some exaggerated stories about gun compartments and great babies, which took like 20 minutes a piece then boom! It was over. I laughed at one joke but can’t remember what it was. No memorable jokes like his previous specials. Go watch Ray Romano’s Netflix special. That one had me dying.

  19. Shit had me rolling the whole fucking show😂😂😂🙏

  20. Maisha Moreland

    This is so funny… Kevin hart is a fool…..

  21. Well.. He’s no Chappelle.

  22. I used to like him but he is getting worse and worse

  23. 👎👎👎👎

  24. Sapphire Warner

    First joke he made about his son was choking him out over a phone code. Child abuse isn’t fucking funny

  25. Naturally Beautiful

    I tried to watch this and it was just not funny … disappointing honesty

  26. Watched for a min and turned it off💀 shit was ass

  27. Julliana Rodriguez

    Just finished watching it and loved it 😍 I was laughing so much

  28. RealBlackStarMafia

    1 out of 4 stars. Don’t waste ya time

  29. It’s like Kevin stopped putting effort in his comedies. Maybe he just banks off of his name now?

  30. I don’t understand why he would record this special in London. The crowd doesn’t seem to find him insanely funny, while his other specials has been great, also because the crowd loved him.

  31. Shannon Butler

    this one really wasn’t that funny

  32. Brandon Westhafer

    From my heart!!!!!! GOD BLESS 🙏 YOU 😇!!!!!!!!! Kevin Hart.

  33. Oooooh shit….ooooooh shit

  34. Just watched it
    Not even close to his previous ones
    And he looks awful like he’s sick or something

  35. Aaron Schroeder

    Glad to know I wasn’t the only one somewhat disappointed with this special. Had some funny moments but didn’t live up to the hype or his potential tbh.

  36. Wow this was absolutely atrocious. Shows you what happens when people are not ready for big time. Utterly unprofessional, amateur, juvenile, a regression in his development as a comedian, he was clearly high during the performance, the makeup lady should be fired, he was glistening like a tree topper. Short, he was in a hurry from the beginning.

  37. Kev is too good to be recycling jokes.

  38. Kevin is a legend
    Such a great human
    Stay Positiv y’all

  39. Lakshmi Rathore

    Love him 😂😂😂😂

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