D-Wade, Gabby’s 11-year-old son openly homosexual, family supports his decision

Dwyane Wade’s son has come out the closet.

D-Wade’s son officially gay. 

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MIAMI — First, Magic Johnson’s kid. Now this. Zion Wade, the 11-year-old son of NBA icon Dwyane Wade, has come out the closet. The jovial pre-teen is openly gay and he’s receiving ample succor from family and friends. Despite his ingenuous age, Zion was an active participant in Sunday’s Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade. The little homo was out there switchin’ like a runway model. Zion was accompanied by his stepmom, actress Gabrielle Union, and the two posed for a photo that’s gone viral. The pic contains the caption: “We support each [other] with pride.” Dwyane, who’s retiring at season’s end, was in Toronto for a game so he was unable to attend.

However, the Miami Heat star disseminated a celebratory Instagram photo with the caption: “Zion had his [own] cheering section today. Wish I was there to see you smile kid.” Zion’s big brother, Zaire, mimicked daddy’s effort. He also posted a pic on Instagram with the caption:

“Love you lil bro no matter what.”

Twitter users lauded the familial support. @CamiCruzThomas wrote: “Dwyane Wade and Gabby Union supporting young Zion at Miami Pride is so beautiful. I could cry.” Another user wrote: “Parenting done right. Much love to them. So inspiring.” Do you agree with them?

Is Zion too young to determine a sexual orientation?

Should the Wade family support this?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. This may be True, but I’m not So sure, this is what he Wants…. I think this Gay thing is getting him the Attention he’s been Accustomed too bc he was the Baby of the Family, bf Kavia Was Born….

  2. So Parents let their children decide what they are going to decide to transform themselves into at the underage of 11, Please! He is supposed to keep those feelings hid until adulthood! Instead of accepting it, why don’t you seek counseling or beat it out of him until he turns an adult!😤 Dewayne and Gabrielle should know better! Did you ask who Molested him?

  3. phyllis johnson

    I wouldn’t be PROUD my son is gay, because that’s nothing to be proud of. If he got into college or got some king of award maybe, not gay. I know people mean to say they aren’t ashamed of their gay children and that’s what they should project but I wouldn’t be proud of that, frankly it would be sad if my child told me he was gay. Being proud to be gay is like being proud cause you’re 5’8 or had green eyes. You had nothing to do with it.

  4. tlcSerenityScents

    When I consider the mental condition of our people .. black folk .. I just wanna cry …! We have really lost our way!

  5. why is this news…..

  6. No one should be proud to be gay. It is a mental illness.

  7. Margaret Scott

    Glad he has all of his family’s LOVE and SUPPORT..

  8. No disrespect at all but can an eleven year old really know he’s gay?

  9. How do he know he gay he just going through changes he just going through changes he’ll know nothing of life yet he only 11 years old how do he know he gave yet

  10. 👑MS.K.RIZzLA

    A 11 YEAR OLD…..SMDH👿

  11. wata fucked up family people need to see this all agenda for people to start accepting gay people more and more and now there starting to make it normal for young kids to come out as gay

  12. How the fuck are you gay at 11 wtf

  13. Wade is getting paid for allowing his son to act this way, you better believe it.


    Not surprised, there is a recent video out that shows him walking the run way switching his butt and in an overly feminine fashion at a Pride Parade.

    Remember, it was just not too long ago that rumors were running amok on social media around the time Dwayne started dating Gabby, that he was showing signs of being gay by the type of clothes and feminine gestures he was carrying himself like which may have rubbed off on the son.

    Again, not surprised.

  15. I think Wade and Gabby are awesome people however to be a great parent you have to draw the line with being your kids friend.
    If your son decide he is gay that’s fine however right now let him be a kid🙂

  16. parkour master

    How the hell do you know what gay is at age 11?!?!? Society has become so corrupt 😔

  17. katina whitley

    Kid needs guidance and.. Gabrielle or and d Wade needs a foot up the ass


  19. My kids are 9, 10 (my son), and 12. – that being said, THIS BS is certainly much too soon!!! Makes me sad, the world we live in.

  20. The gay agenda is real folks!

  21. Wade and Gabriel union are pushing the gay agenda….When You sign your name in blood like most NBA stars does….Satan will require the Children also.

  22. This nigga 11 at a gay parade wtf…is going on

  23. Y’all sound dumb as shit. I knew I was gay since I was about 7. Black ppl Always worried about the dumbest Shit.

  24. WokeProgressive

    This is simply sick

  25. Most celebrities are swingers and gays,lesbian a big orgy with Hollywood stars that’s the norm lifestyle.

  26. Interesting,so Magic Johnson,Isaiah Thomas and Dwayne Wade all have gay sons…..

  27. At 11 years old I was just into toys and movie this society is hypersexualizing our children. Sad times we live in I need Jesus to come down already and end all this madness for real 💯

  28. Eleven years old is not old enough to make such a decision! He lacks the mental capacity to do so. That is why there are age limits in things!
    I think the parents have influenced him, they think it is the “cool” thing to do… SMH!

  29. Rachel Righteous

    Gabrielle Union is NOT a woman. She is a secret Hollywood transgender who took the Bophamet oath to 🤫sssh! not tell like many secret transgender women porn models some of which decide to come out LATER they were born boy…(research!) Hollywood is full of them…in fact when working on set you often have to sign a waiver not to tell the secrets! On your own you can do your own research with the non photoshop pics showing the body…Peep the male forensics of Gabrielle’s high navel, long male length arms, straight up & down frame when she is not hiding it by crossing her legs to give the illusion of curves…

  30. 11 thinking about dick up his s ass already. What the fuck

  31. That’s disgusting. D wade you’re the man of the house! MAN THE F UP. 11 AND GAY? REALLY? THAT’S HORRIFIC. HE’S A DAMN BABY

  32. Absolutely love this comment section, so sick of people with their own agenda’s being pushed onto their children!! And I am sick of people saying Kudo’s to them or the are wonderful to accept him as gay!!!!!! Bullshit this child is way to young to start contemplating if he is gay or not,,, stop sacrificing your children! They push these worldly ways onto these young children and it is disgusting,,,, honestly I think D’wayne is gay for letting Gabrielle eat his behind, and then allow her to broadcast it in an interview,,,, for goodness sakes you idiots you are influencing your children to be just a sick and fucked up as you!

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