Magic Johnson’s resignation just another example of why stars shouldn’t get hired

Magic Johnson went out like a bitch/CBS Sports.

Magic’s resignation horrible disgrace. 

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LOS ANGELES — There’s only a handful of black executives in big revenue sports. The NFL has one, and the NBA has a couple. Los Angeles Lakers president Earvin “Magic” Johnson was one of ’em until he abruptly resigned Tuesday night before his team’s final game of the season. The Lakers stink so nobody’s blindsided by their dysfunction. Still… rather than conclave with his boss — team owner Jeanie Buss — to confabulate his intentions, that negro Magic did the opposite.

The Hall of famer told a horde of media members he quit.

Jeanie didn’t know.

General manager Rob Pelinka didn’t know.

Hell, LeBron James and the players didn’t know.

Nobody knew but Magic.

“Today, I am going to step down as president,” Magic told a gaggle of journalists at his impromptu press conference. “I was happier when I wasn’t president.” When a reporter asked if he informed his boss of the decision, the 59-year-old pillock replied: “No, I haven’t. I couldn’t. She doesn’t know I’m standing here because I knew I would be crying like a baby in front of her. I’m about to cry now.”


Dude, you’re a grown ass man — knockin’ on 60. If you don’t want the job, tell ’em.

Jeanie, a former Playboy bunny, hired Magic two years ago despite his lack of managerial experience. The ploy backfired. Magic effectuated a series of maladroit personnel moves and his gauche handling of trade talks involving Anthony Davis mortified the once proud franchise.

Fox Sports analyst Rob Parker lambasted Magic, calling him “Tragic Johnson.”

Parker also said the Lakers are an absolute “mess.”

Thanks to Magic, it’ll be a long time before an NBA owner entrusts a former star to govern his or her basketball operation. Magic’s abdication is the arguably most indecorous thing we’ve ever seen from a franchise executive, and it’s really a damn shame.

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  1. I called this when Lonzo was drafted and i heard the stupid stuff Magic said when he first started his job with LAL. Lonzo sealed Magic’s fate, he was never a leader because his father was leading HIM all throughout his life. You cant make moves with marketing or “star power” mentality, because that doesnt win you titles. That mentality is why they traded all those guys and literally all of them top quality players on their new teams and Magic let them all go for peanuts. One of them became an all-star even.

  2. It ended the same way Magic’s career as a coach did……. pretty tragic overall

  3. He tried it at least he tried it, it wasn’t for him. He didn’t quit mid season it’s over now

  4. Lavar ball the next president gonna change the name from Lakers to the ballers

  5. williams milton

    Lebron next to go.

  6. Oliver Phippen

    HOW MANY different ways is there for magic to step down
    He cant handle labron
    The lakers are not going his way
    Magic cant handle the job
    What else could there be ????

  7. I love the way Magic Johnson fired himself. 😂😂😂
    Same guy that became my 1st College basketball hero in 1978.
    High standards

  8. Totally agree!! Magic threw everybody under the Buss!!!

  9. It’s ridiculous that LA has two teams anyway, and that they share a freaking building. Pick one LA.

  10. A lot of finger pointing at Magic now that he’s gone. But the Lakers have been a mess ever since Jerry Buss died. Jeanie is just another pretty face. She has been a disaster as the owner. This once proud franchise is lost in the fog.


  12. I know Jeanni Buss is old af…I’d still smash.

  13. Let’s be real. The NBA does not want ex-NBA player hall of famers operating as GM’s, presidents, and barely as owners. They feel the players have too much influence as is, specifically with players requesting trades, and with players complaining about referees and team owners. The NBA and the Pelicans knew they could go after the player’s growing power by ruin Magic’s reputation as a president by having Magic go full-commit to a trade, and then backing out after having him over offer with the entire Lakers young core. The timeline of when Magic checked out from doing the job was that moment.

  14. Magic Johnson never did anything to deserve the positions he received from the Lakers or anyone else. He is a personality and that’s it. He was a natural talent in basketball and ladies and gentlemen, that is it. He has been a bust at everything else that actually requires leadership and work. Typical former NBA guy who never actually understood work. You cannot put an orange ball through a hoop forever. Sooner or later, you got to grow up and be a man. Jeannie Buss is more man than he is and that’s a shame. Weak.

  15. A man on the court, a boy off!
    A train wreck at the press conference!

  16. Daniel Guevarra

    Damn. This is the craziest press interview magic has ever held… actually no….

  17. 1. I’m stepping down as president of the Lakers!
    2. Lakers are so close to reach the finals! (sure…)
    3. I love Dwades wife! 😮
    Hold on omg stop it what’s next??😆
    Can somebody please call Jeannie for me!?

  18. Ruthless Lover

    bitch move by a bitch nigga

  19. Kids this is how not to quit your job or break up with your girlfriend.

  20. Johnson did the ‘Magic Trick’ to the Lakers, the classic disappearing act!!!!!!!!

  21. Magic knows that the Lakers returning to a championship level team will be a struggle. He’s saying all the right things, but the pressure is probably affecting his health adversely

  22. lol. This guy is like a baby. He wanted the toy. Undermined the previous management. Came in, didn’t like the job, says goodbye. The main guy that promoted backstabbing and bad environment. Always said that Magic was the wrong choice. If Lakers want success get a real GM instead of a washed up glory and Kobe’s henchman. So many great GM’s around the league (SOME UNEMPLOYED) but we had to go with the old dusted off people.

  23. Magic has always been overrated and lazy in business. If it wasn’t for his fake persona, he wouldn’t be hired as s garbage man. He has always had a terrible work ethic! Looks like he was the same way with parenting. Saw his son in a dress at some cockamamie event. Unbelievable!

  24. i love how magic loves showing his emotion idk idk its just funny

  25. What an embarrassing moment for the purple and gold. This iconic organization is a joke

    Shame on you Jeanie for hiring this 🤡

  26. Magic finally realized this isn’t the Dominating NBA of yesteryear…it’s the weak, no-defense, 7 foot players who think they are 3pt shooters, midgets driving the lane dunking on the centers, a sprain pinky 3month on the DL EuropeNBA of today. Yeah Magic, Get the fuck outta there. It’s a disgrace to you, Larry and Michael.

  27. Confidence in the American black man has diminished to the point anyone is a better bet.

  28. Come on Magic if y’all got Anthony Davis, you wouldn’t be stepping down!! We all grown man here that was your words, when the players was complaining now u not having fun!!

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