Deranged Somalian throws 5-year-old Caucasian kid off 3rd floor mall balcony

Emmanuel Aranda threw a kid from a mall balcony.

Crazy man threw child from balcony.

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MINNEAPOLIS — Ladies… the next time a man solicits your phone number, just say “yes” or lie and give him phony digits. Emmanuel Aranda, the 24-year-old malefactor accused of hurling a 5-year-old boy from the third floor balcony of Minnesota’s Mall of America, is now charged with attempted murder. The near-fatal ordeal transpired Friday in Minneapolis. The motive? Emmanuel was reportedly so sick and tired of being shunned by women, he decided to kill someone as a reprisal. According to police reports, Aranda approached the little boy and his mother outside the Rain Forest Café.

Realizing she was standing too close to a stranger, the mother politely asked Aranda if they should move. That’s when he grabbed the kid and tossed him from the third level balcony of the mall’s interior to the first-level floor. We’re talking a 40-foot drop. Aranda tried to run towards the exit.

But, he was apprehended at the mall’s transit station.

The poor kid remains hospitalized in critical condition.

“That a child, with his mother, at a safe public area like a mall, could be violently attacked for no reason is chilling for everyone,” said Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman. “We charged Mr. Aranda with the most severe crime that the evidence allowed.”

Many are labeling the incident a hate crime.

Aranda is a Somali immigrant and the child is white.

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  1. Hate crime

  2. You do the crime you do the time!

  3. Give him the DEATH penalty.
    he’s SOMALI MUSLIM. crazy Muslim

  4. This is why you carry a gun. People like him are target practice.

  5. Amber Wallace-Mustufina

    Skin him alive

  6. Somalians, don’t care about your laws. I am not just saying that. It’s a fact and the police knows that.

  7. LaToya Loveliness

    Man this world is just sick smh ugh

  8. Where are all the black lives matter people now? Smh

  9. motive is white skin

  10. White kids lives matters.


  12. Over female rejection 🤦‍♂️ so man are killing not be gay? This is pure evil man. I cant believe that was the motive behind the story

  13. ßlàçk Kîñg

    Black Woman don’t like dark skin negros so I’m guessing he was rejected by a white woman 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

  14. This tragedy can be laid directly at the feet of Barrack Hussein Obama and Micaela Schuneman and Ben Walen, directors of the church charities that take taxpayer money from our State Department to resettle Somalis in Minnesota.

  15. Kitsalp Srewolf

    HOW IS THIS NOT A RACE CRIME!!? Racist Black killing innocent white due to race!

  16. Im black and I’m approving all racist comments towards this man… This is why I hate black men!! Because of men like him.. Go ahead and drop them racist comments👇

  17. Such a pathetic person. I have no remorse for people that hurt kids!

  18. Not Somali, born in USA. Doesn’t change a thing, but at least TRY to do your job properly a get your facts correct.

  19. Muslim/Somali

  20. If this little 5-year-old boy had been Black and the attacker White, the Media would devote ALL coverage for DAYS..reminding us how Hateful most White people are. But instead, the story will quickly be forgotten. Why, because that’s not the narrative the Media wants to tell.

  21. Titanium Green

    The crowd should have beat the hell out of him unmercyfully on the spot..

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