Diseased man jailed for knowingly giving women HIV through online dating service

Randolph Smith gave women HIV on purpose.

Sick loverboy gave many women HIV.

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FREDERICK, Md. – It took a couple of years. But they finally got him. Randolph Smith is rotting behind bars after police discovered he knowingly transferred the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) to nescient women he met via online dating. The amatory assault transpired in Frederick, Maryland. Smith was apprehended in the aftermath of a two-year sting operation. Once detectives garnered enough corroboration, Smith’s ass was grass. The case was eventuallly brought before a Grand Jury after investigators contacted multiple victims.

The disease-spreading bastard was arrested and charged with four counts each of first-degree assault, reckless endangerment and knowingly transferring HIV. The investigation, however, is far from complete. If you had sex with Smith since July 2017, please contact law enforcement officials pronto at (301) 600-2100 or send an email to: [email protected].

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  1. JupiterLove87 X

    I want to hurt him so bad 😡

  2. He belongs in hell

  3. Child of Light Forever

    What a bitch

  4. Black, gay and has AIDS, sounds like Don Lemon.

  5. Publicly set him on fire. 💯

  6. ChangeWorldNow


  7. Oh look, It’s another black. They often wonder why there are so many of them in prison.

  8. Monster

  9. Kill him. Be done.

  10. He’s black so libertards will support him

  11. Facts R. Demonstrable

    burn his dick off …. no anesthetic.

  12. girls shouldn’t be sluts lol

  13. He’s a player!

  14. One thing about it he won’t get raped in prison

  15. Pundit of philosophy

    well if you HAVE HIV you should be honest and tell your partner that you have HIV.

  16. Dirty mf

  17. He’s a serial killer you can pretty much say he killed them

  18. good thing democrats made it perfectly legal to transfer hiv without telling people. ahh I love the fact we had a law to lock his ass up and democrats took it away . hahahahahhahahahahahhah

  19. Just appalling, couldn’t his actions be construed as bioterrorism?

  20. President Nixon

    I changed my mind, I’m for the Death Penalty now. Roast this motherfucker

  21. Where is Lorena Bobbitt when you need her?

  22. if bitches would keep they legs closed this shit wouldnt happen

  23. Debbie Cruciotti

    Evil man !

  24. Im ok with police brutality in this case

  25. I hope the cops beat his ass.

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