Tiger Woods wins Masters following late comeback, Nicklaus shows appreciation

Tiger Woods wins at Augusta for 5th time/AP.

Tiger collects his fifth green jacket.

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AUGUSTA — It took fourteen years. But he finally did it. Tiger Woods is on top of the golf world again, shooting 13 under to win his 5th green jacket Sunday afternoon at the Masters. The Chinese negro is now the proud owner of 15 major championships, trailing only Jack Nicklaus’ 18. “Just unreal, to be honest with you,” said an elated Woods. “Just the whole tournament has meant so much to me over the years. Coming here in ’95 for the first time, and being able to play as an amateur. Winning in ’97 and then come full circle 22 years later, to be able to do it again.”

“And just the way it all transpired today.”

Tiger’s road to pre-eminence was anything but facile. The 43-year-old golfer drilled three birdies over his final six holes to overcome a third round deficit for the first time in his career. Speaking of overcome… many thought Tiger’s championship days were over as a corollary of past amours, DUIs and four back surgeries.

Yet, despite his tribulations, Tiger overcame tremendous odds to triumph at Augusta. “A big ‘well done’ from me to Tiger Woods,” Nicklaus tweeted. “I am so happy for him and for the game of golf.”

“This is just fantastic!!!”

In addition to his green blazer, Tiger will become the fourth golfer to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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  1. Tiger makes golf actually seem interesting. Goat.

  2. He’s finished?? He’ll never win a major again?,,, WHERE ARE THESE PEOPLE NOW??

  3. About time

  4. Congratulations, Tiger. Bless you.

  5. Congratulations Tiger🍾🎉🎈🥂🍷🥂🍻

  6. Now the haters love him again…👀👀

  7. Quiter never win, and winner never quit. Tiger never quit. I used to watch him mentally outlast many players. Today brings back the old feelings. Congrats to you Tiger.

  8. Golf needs tiger I don’t know s*** about it and I enjoyed watching this

  9. The Rayvolution

    His hair will never make a comeback.

  10. red aka yellow man

    Congratulations tiger black people would love you more if wasn’t such a sellout brother and I don’t want to hear that Asian crap you are a African American brotha

  11. Heeessssss baaaaacckkkk!

  12. Damn Bout Time tiger winning 😂 again trillz (that Green jacket tho)

  13. If Tiger Woods runs for President … I will vote for him …

  14. I only care about golf if Tigers out there. Talk about a legend. Glad he bounced back. That’s overcoming adversity.

  15. Tiger and Jack are the two greatest golfers of all time.

  16. I’m one of Tiger’s biggest fans, but to be honest there was a time I thought to myself “Tiger will never win a major title again”.

  17. It’s actually great seeing tiger woods back on top again

  18. My wife and I saw this before with Tiger so many times in the past before his injuries took a toll on him: If you open the door, and he is right behind you, You Are Done.
    As soon as Francisco sunk that ball in the drip at 15 (or was it 16)
    I knew it – GAME OVER.
    He may not be able to leave the stiffest competition far in his wake as he used to do, but his hunger and competitive edge has NOT diminished.

  19. 🎶”Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger Woods y’all ” 🎶

  20. Frankly, based on what he did to his family, I still dislike him. I was VERY disappointed in him as a human being after I found out how he cheated on his wife (and for all intensive measures, his children). But, I cannot deny this individual has talent. Let’s hope he behaves himself on a personal level now that he’s back in the limelight. If you’re going to cheat on your spouse – fine, but divorce them FIRST. Sorry folks, his prowess on the links still doesn’t allow me to forgive his familial indiscretions.

  21. James Buchanan

    I am so happy for this guy. What an awesome comeback.

  22. I hate golf and don’t care who won………………so don’t know why I’m here.

  23. It’s time for a movie on the life of this great, great man!

  24. Victoria Jennings

    I am so glad to see tiger win again. In spite of his private life I have always loved watching him play golf. I am old enough to remember when he was a young child playing golf on the Mike Douglas show.. congratulations tiger!!!!!

  25. Remember how much negative crap was said about Tiger Woods by all the haters? 🙄 Hhmmm, yeah, I wonder how sour that HATERADE is tasting right about now!😆

  26. I don’t care one bit about golf but to see this man fall from the heights he once held ..and come all the way back to win again years later…that’s why I’m here

  27. the best that ever done it! 😜💕

  28. Kazeem Adedokun

    Tiger Woods Has finally proven that it is only you who can say it is over for you. What people say about your life does not matter. Just believe you will rise again and it will happen. Congratulations to the World Champ.

  29. It’s unbelievable that Tiger is still winning these Masters. The media had at one time totally slammed dunked Tiger. But, the guy is still being blessed to make these incredible comebacks!

  30. Jean Paul DesEnfants

    Fuck tiger woods

  31. Derek Bamberger

    If youve ever played golf one hole you mess up on can ruin your score . i just dont know how they can calculate and make the ball go exactly where they want. Congrats tigerr🔥🔥🔥🔥

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