Wendy Williams havin’ 2nd thoughts on divorcing her cheatin’, absentee hubby

Wendy Williams contemplating reconciliation/TMZ.

Wendy Williams rethinks divorce. 

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NEW YORK — After 21 years of holy matrimony, scuttlebutt extraordinaire Wendy Williams filed for divorce on Wednesday. Now she’s harboring second thoughts. Word on the street claims Wendy is giving strong rumination to reconciling with her fornicating husband — Kevin Hunter — despite the fact his paramour recently gave birth to his love child. “Wendy is having second thoughts about the divorce,” said a close source. “She’s terrified of being alone.”

Hell, loneliness is one thing.

Despondency is another.

Wendy, 54, has to realize she spent the past couple of weeks commuting back and forth from the sober house to the hospital; mainly because Kevin won’t keep his peripatetic phallus to himself. She’s also experienced nervous breakdowns during live television broadcasts.

That said, some people can’t stand sleeping in a half empty bed — even if it results in a lugubrious life of throes and melancholy. “Kevin and his friends are putting a lot of pressure on her not to go through with the divorce,” said the source. “She’s terrified of being alone and [she’s] insecure about her success without him. He’s a master manipulator and the strong lady we see on TV isn’t who she really is.”

“Deep down Wendy is a terrified, frightened little girl.”

In the event of a divorce, there’s speculation Wendy will pay alimony.

Should this weigh in her decision?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Paulette Collier9

    LMAO at all these nasty ass folks…he dumped her tired ass!.Our kids are still being killed in the streets,but folks are eating this nonsense up!.

  2. It’s fucking disgusting, ain’t no way no niggas gin cheat on me for half of our marriage foh, we would have been done with his stupid ass

  3. She’s waffling now….which is normal…hope she doesn’t retract and fold. Sigh!

  4. janet starling


  5. He’s not sweating Wendy anymore she’s used up and she didn’t have a prenup he get half

  6. Peace for their son. Thats the most important. Hope Wendy and her son can find happiness. Stay strong, when a door closes, another opens.

  7. Well hmmm Wendy how you doing?? Wendy is too hypocritical she talk all kinda shit about others and was so bashful and see Karma is a bitch

  8. Mahleah Chicetawn

    Everyone, no matter how successful, has their breaking point. I think if you’re in the public eye, the disrespect makes it worse. I wish Wendy all the best and hope her travels to self-heal are successful. Feel bad for all the crap she has had to go through.

  9. 👏👏👏I’m so happy that Wendy filled for a.divorce from that sorry piece of trash,she don’t deserve that.Karma is real and she’s on the way

  10. he just doesnt want to be with wendy because people thinks she is a tranny

  11. That dude is just mad disrespectful .Wendy deserves better

  12. Wendy should produce her own biopic ’Surviving / Escaping Hunterville.’

  13. He don’t need no spousal support. He could sell them two cars and support them since he wanna be despicable

  14. Annette Jenkins

    To this I say, three sides to Every story-His , Hers, and the Truth. ALOT of people are putting things out that are Not true. Nobody knows what goes on within a 20 plus year marriage but the people that are actually involved- But she said out of her own mouth he cheated weeks after the birth of their son ( A Big Red Flag). I feel for Both of them. People love each other but ” Things Happen”. My parents were married for 50 years before my Mom died. I personally watched Both of them go through ” Hell and High Water”( During the bad times) but I watched them in ” Heaven” during the goodtimes. Marriage is like life good and bad. It’s easy to speculate from the ” outside”. So, Unless you’re living in the house with these people- You Don’t Know the Whole story. I wish Both Well. What’s also funny to me is Wendy is the ” Headline” right now but the ones commenting on her, the news, gossip stations,-Their relationships are ” Jacked up”. She’s not the first or the last. For those who say she talks about everybody else-,Its her job ( Her lively-hood). I’m of a certain age. Wendy is the ” Black” Rona Barrett. She’s like the 5’Oclock news, they report on the same thing without the ” Stigma” It hurts but she’ll push through.


  16. Belynda Spruill

    The infidelity, the excessive spending and the blatant public disrespect should be enough to block him from any spousal support but if all else fails…offshore accounts honeyyyyyy…him and Ms Sharina can live they best broke life 💅🏾

  17. YOU ARE TRULY LOVED WENDY! I have, literally, felt your pain! But… There is a BLESSED and BETTER life after a “no good man”! Not judgin’…but they lose ’em the same way they get ’em! …Just sayin’! 😉 Stay strong Wendy! God Bless you!

  18. Gerry Hendrickson

    Wendy need to go through with it . She will never get better she will only get worse. Wendy is the money maker of course he’s dont want a divorce wendy needs to let him go and find happiness for herself. How much can a person take he is using her . He playing with her head.

  19. Wendy is on fire! 🔥 divorce looks fabulous on you!❤👏😊

  20. Theirolyn Westbrook

    No. “Wendy Stay Strong Don’t Go Back Things Will Never Be The Same The Trust Is Gone

  21. 🔵Don’t believe this tea. If it were true, Wendy needs to go away, bc she’d be in serious need of a psychiatrist. Anyone staying in an abusive relationship, with a husband who cheats, beats, humiliates, has a baby with another woman – & now he’s been accused of sexually abusing a guy, she’d have to be nuts❗ Kelvin is sick & disgusting. Sharinna wants him? LOL. GL with that trash Hodown❗😝😜

  22. Cornelia Reese

    “BOY BYE”…. LMAO!!!

  23. I hope Wendy stay strong and go through with her divorce and let Kevin go and all those who are telling her not to go through with her divorce those people don’t mean her any good for all that Kevin but her through so Wendy please stay strong

  24. Wendy Williams, nothing but love for you and Kevin Jr.🦋🦋🏵️🌹💐🌷

  25. Don’t buy it at all. She is walking away from this stank.😷🤧😷

  26. All I got to say is karma is a bitch. She loves to laugh and mock people when they’re having problems. Maybe now she’ll show some humility and sympathy.

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