Wicked homophobe attacks transgender woman, bloody ordeal is caught on video

Edward Thomas assaults tranny in broad daylight.

Homophobe drills transgender chick. 

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DALLAS — Edward Thomas is busy putrefying behind bars after the 29-year-old homophobe beat the sh*t out of Muhlaysia Booker — a black transgender woman — in broad daylight. The sanguinary ordeal, which was captured on video, took place Friday afternoon in Dallas, Texas. According to police reports, Muhlaysia got entangled in a traffic accident at a ghetto apartment complex just south of downtown Dallas. As the ensuing donnybrook intensified, Edward and his clique gave the truculent tranny a Rodney King-type ass whuppin’ in front of a bellicose audience.

Raw video footage shows Edward slamming the pink-haired transvestite to the pavement before treating her countenance like a punching bag. A staggered Muhlaysia was later helped to her feet by a group of female observers before being escorted to safety. The redbone he-she was wearing a crop top and booty shorts. She suffered facial fractures and a broken arm.

Law enforcement officials arrived moments later.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings labeled the attack “mob violence” against a transgender woman. “Those who did this do not represent how Dallasites feel about our thriving LGBTQ community,” Rawlings said. “We will not stand for this kind of behavior.” Police said they’re investigating the matter as a hate crime.

Edward was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

Watch the shocking video.

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  1. I’m still waiting to see the fucking woman….It was 2 grown ass men fighting. Seemingly the DUDE with the pink wig on incited this fiasco.

  2. I don’t think it’s a hate crime just picked a fight with the wrong people.

  3. Excellent Work!!! Attack those mentally sick F… ers

  4. Gender has nothing to do with it when society pushes gender equality. And that shit is being pushed! And there’s nothing a parent can do when one of these mentally disturbed things goes into a bathroom with their kid. Oh, and don’t ya just love how some schools lose federal funding if they don’t comply with these things requests/demands. Damn shame is what it is!


  6. That should have been Jussie Smollet. America owes him a good beating.

  7. I wish she had a gun so she could’ve killed those disgusting roaches.

  8. niggas gonna nig

  9. You had it coming. Period. Making a scene , becoming highly adversarial and pissing off a whole bunch of people is a great recipe for an ass whooping. First, you should not have put yourself in that situation. Second, you should stay in your car and wait for the authorities to arrive. (the written law does not protect you, the authorities acting on behalf the law is your protection) Third, never expect just because you think you’re a woman that means other people think you are too. That meaning, you will not be afforded the compassion men have towards women. Next point, a tranny being confrontational with an actual woman is not going to be looked on in the same light by the men in her tribe. Women-woman would be given a great deal of leeway by the men, they would not interfere. BUT If you’re a man dressed like a woman disrespecting another woman…. you’re ass beating is forthcoming.

  10. “Transgender woman?” You mean a guy with his dick cut off pretending to be a biological girl.

  11. Dayumm!!
    That MUTHERFUCKER was really gettin wailed on!
    A little more and it woulda been beat back straight…….

  12. ALL of the attackers should be arrested!! Not only 1 person!!

  13. I may not agree with gay or transgender people’s sexual idealisms in that manner but there is no reason under God’s green earth to attack these people physically for no reason this man should be charged with a hate crime for sure

  14. fuck these ass cracks

  15. They just want to eradicate the black man. They want to see us in jail, dead or as women. Cutting off our bloodline. I’m not bothered by transgendered but that’s the only reason why these white people speak up against. I never see them stand up against police brutality


  17. The Revolutionary

    I commend those brothas, these confused black males are a disgrace

  18. The trans chick was the one who instigated the incident.

  19. I see one guy beating another guy…….with a weave on……

  20. Fuck transgenders. Mr. Booker Deserved that ass whup.

  21. That’s not a fucking “She” it’s a He..white folks fucked up this dam planet man 🖕🏾

  22. They beat that man lol

  23. This was uncalled for to have her almost beat to death! This is the kind of sick world that we live in. This world will NEVER get better. There will always be evil in this rotten world. She sure is beautiful!! Hope she has a full recovery.

  24. Djtennessee 901

    a transgender woman is not a FUCKING woman

  25. That dude is a grown man he could have fought back, it’s not like Hes a real woman anyhow. He’s just as strong as his male counterparts who attacked him. In a life threatening situation like this these female impersonators will have to put their delusions aside stop the fantasy of being a woman and man up to defend themselves.

  26. Rolando R Simon

    It’s not a fuckin woman mothafuckers need to stop calling these abominations women that’s a fuckin man no crime done here

  27. Man is to be a man and woman is to be a woman.
    Stop changing what God made you. Don’t expect all to except that demon ⚪ nasty up the booty ass

  28. She is a he so lets be clear, then this is what alot of them do , start shit then play victim, you get punched you are a man so act like it but this is nothing compared to what GOD will do when living that lifestyle.. He clearly was taunting and parading around looking for trouble and got what he was looking for..

  29. another day in Niggerville

  30. Man hitting man hate crime??

  31. The comments here are disgusting and dismissive.

  32. See he thought he was a woman & would get protection from the police. Nah u man and you’ll get yo ass beat like 1.

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