Deranged husband murders his wife and children after accusing her of “cheating”

Austin Smith killed his wife and two kids.

Crazy husband murders family. 

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PHOENIX — Austin Smith, 30, is busy rotting behind bars after he murdered his wife and two kids because he thought she was having an amour with a mutual friend. The familicide took place in Phoenix, Arizona. According to police reports, Austin went to a bar Thursday night and had one potation too many. The morose bastard then went home and confronted his wife — Dasia Patterson, 29 — for cheating on him. As the ruction intensified, the Hebrew Israelite pulled out a gat and emptied the clip — killing Dasia and his two daughters; Mayan Smith, 7 and Nasha Smith, 5.

Austin’s 3-year-old daughter was astute enough to hide under the bed.

She was not harmed.

Austin then jumped into his vehicle and drove to the apartment of 46-year-old Ron Freeman, the man she allegedly had an affair with. As soon as Ron opened the door, Austin shot him dead while injuring two others. Ron reportedly told Austin he was “crazy” prior to the shooting.

Austin was arrested and charged with four counts of first-degree murder, two counts of attempted first-degree murder, and three counts of aggravated assault.

When asked why he killed his family, Austin said God told him to do it.

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  1. My heart breaks for the family & friends of the victims of this senseless massacre!

  2. Another black demon on Earth.

  3. Sign of the times. People are losing their minds to evil everywhere you turn. The misguided youth of this world solve their problems by killing themselves or themselves and whoever happens to be in the room. No end in sight for this madness. Tell me I’m wrong. Then I would like to borrow your rose-colored glasses and see the world through them as you do.


  5. Why shoot his kids? They did nothing wrong.

  6. kathy tangrine

    These Jesus freaks and born again Christians are dangerous! He needs to be executed ASAP!

  7. Religion. Of course.

  8. Domestic violence sucks. Mental illness sucks. I’m guessing there is more to the story than he was just jealous or outraged.

  9. Rip to everyone that passed

  10. He’ll get the CHOMO treatment in Prison. Killing and/or Molesting Children, are automatic Violations behind the Wall.

  11. Wow..may the mother and daughter and the man Rest In Peace. You have to be careful who you love. My heart breaks for that three year old little girl. Sending my prayers to the family.

  12. This MF was crazy

  13. I’m of the opinion, on this fine Easter Sunday, that religion is a disease.

  14. Thought she was having a affair really

  15. women outnumber us 3 to 1 and these niggas be trippin over one bitch…… smh

  16. Dirtbag needs a bullet thru the head.

  17. He is a Hebrew Isrealite unfortunantly. The cult is serious and hateful

  18. WTF

  19. why nigga why???

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