R. Kelly has hit rock bottom, latest bank statement shows paltry sum of $625.00

R. Kelly is completely destitute.

R. Kelly’s bank account is low. 

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CHICAGO — Recently released court documents show R. Kelly has $625 to his name. That’s not a misprint. He’s broke as a joke. Word on the street claims the 52-year-old vocalist was spotted patronizing a Speedy Ca$h last week. So, how did he get here? A few weeks ago, Kelly had roughly $400,000 in savings. But he was court ordered to pay $160,000 in child support in addition to another $173,000 in back rent. Kelly’s landlord originally sued for $200,000. But, given Kelly’s destitution, the property owner had to settle for what he could get.

After receiving a court subpoena, Kelly provided a recent financial statement from Bank of America that contained a laughable balance of $625. In an effort to generate income, Kelly has been reduced to performing at low budget nightclubs in front of diminutive audiences.

Sh*t, he’ll need every penny if he plans on remunerating Jussie Smollett’s lawyer.

Keep in mind, the “Sex Me” singer is still on the hook for 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse. If convicted, he’ll spend the next 70 years tap dancing for inmates. It’s really a damn shame.

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  2. He’s a liar

  3. Patricia Alsobrook

    Give me a freak break, keep the negative mess going. You people need to get a damn life and leave this man alone

  4. R Kelly Will Going To Jail After What He Did He Nothing But He Pig And Rapist And Monster I Hope R Kelly Burn In Hell In

  5. I got -0 in my Account..How Does Peoples know his Bank Account Money!?He shouldn’t have said he has a Account with Bank of America.. SMH 🤦

  6. He aint broke…he a damn jiggalo. Yall sluts know yall will pay him for sex. Yall get moist when he sing. 🎤😎

  7. geraldine bounds

    Y’all are some of the filest people in the world!! What the HELL this man’s damn bank account has to do with you bitches??

  8. Let them suckers keep downing #Rkelly. The more they do it, the higher he will rise to the top. #God bless you, it will be alright #Kelis.

  9. Roberto Gonzales

    Who is this grown ass man talking about R Kelly’s bank account worrying about another man’s pockets this is the same s*** Dame dash was talking about pockets in the mind damn shame

  10. Rkelly is not broke this a joke

  11. There’s no way in hell that this dude is broke can’t be hes been in the game to long this is bulshit I’m a regular dude not famous and I’m a thousand air there is no way in hell Kelly has an empty bank account just can’t see it….. this dude had a net worth of 150 million from back then till now ,so now it got adjusted but him paying all them legal fees plus his living expenses and him paying other people off he still would have 1 million dollars left over today so I really dont think hes broke can’t be man just can’t see it at all

  12. Bro please where you getting this info ?

  13. He is lying he got money somewhere look at all the people supporting him even though they know hes a whole pedophile. The lady that bailed him out said that wasnt even her money so whose money was it.? Tryna play the victim. He wants people to think he broke but if he really was broke why are those girls still around him.? Hello are they being fed they got somewhere to sleep.? How are they being supported.? Tf 🤔 how tf you gone be broke and you playing sugar daddy to 2 teenaged girls R Kelly. 🗣 SET THOSE GIRLS FREE my nigga.

  14. Tremaine Johnson

    How do u know about another man finances or account info? There’s better things to be concerned about than another person pockets.

  15. Pamela Williams

    Ha Ha keep thinking that he living better than we are 😂😂

  16. Hey it’s better then nothing

  17. Lorraine Banath-Yasharahla

    Stop the Drama 😧😯😕 He has money. How are people getting info regarding R kelly’s Bank Acct? Banks do not release personal info to the public or anyone that is not on his acct. 😕

  18. SMH damn …… I thought I was bad off

  19. Shantel Goggins

    It’s not nice to kick someone when they down I wish him the best and I wish I could Help Him!!!

  20. R Kelly is not broke he has money 💰 and gold stash somewhere

  21. He emptied those accounts so child support couldn’t take it

  22. Kholofelo Machaba

    So the bank has the right to tell the public how much is in my bank account?

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