Evil mother arrested & jailed for feeding children animal “feces” on a daily basis

Mary Elizabeth Moore fed her kids dog poop.

Nutty mom fed children doo-doo. 

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DELAWARE COUNTY — Mary Elizabeth Moore, 34, will spend the remainder of her black-hearted existence behind bars after the nefarious broad fed her two children dog excrement on a daily basis. That’s not a misprint. The kids (ages 3 and 5) had puppy caca for supper and diarrhea juice as a beverage. The maltreatment took place in a rural town near Jay City, Oklahoma. Mary’s dumbass boyfriend is reportedly the mastermind behind the ordure menu. But police couldn’t pin any evidence against him.

According to court docs, the kids were hospitalized at Saint Francis Hospital at the behest of the Department of Human Services. Medical professionals said the children were “so malnourished that hospital staff had to place them on a special diet and apply nasal feeding tubes.”

The eldest child, a girl, weighed 26 pounds and the youngest, a boy, was 18 pounds. The girl had pinworms. “While DHS was at the hospital and speaking with one of the children, the child disclosed that she was allegedly being fed dog feces,” said Delaware County Undersheriff Tracy Shaw.

“This is definitely an extreme case of child neglect, one of the worst that I’ve seen.”

Area residents were equally baffled.

“This is just beyond anything I could ever even think about,” said neighbor Jefferson Miles.

“Because here… it seems everybody kind of knows each other.”

Mary looks terrible so we shouldn’t be surprised at her lack of decorum. However, I’m shocked somebody made that ugly b*tch gravid… twice. During interrogation, the little girl told investigators Mary’s boyfriend hurled beer bottles at her little brother.

She also said Mary cooked canine poop in a saucepan before serving it on a plate.

Damn, I guess her cooking really does taste like sh*t.

Mary has been charged with two counts of felony child neglect.

Is it time to bring back public hangings?

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  1. Her cooking tastes like shit! 😎🍻😂👻👻 but females are angels, aren’t they?

  2. That woman is a piece of shit. That woman should be flushed away.

  3. Well she’s got my vote for mother of the year. I can’t see any woman topping this. LOL

  4. More toxic femininity running rampant in society

  5. The Naked Lumberjack

    I think we are seeing the horrors of war – in this case “The War on Men” and our enemy has shown it self to be depraved / immoral / mentally ill / barbaric – In the days of King Solomon, he would have sent his army to wipe out such depravity – every man – woman and child! the goats / chickens / camels – then pore salt into the ground that they lived on so no one could live there again.

  6. single mothers are a cancer and child abusers if there’s any justice left in this country she’ll never be in the kids life again those poor children

  7. Single mom’s are the worse parents.

  8. The MGTOW Misfit

    hmm..that’s he second time I’ve read that in an article women making kids eat dog crap. Incredible.

  9. And they’ll still have people saying that Single mothers are better then single fathers and that fathers are still worse.

  10. Gentlemen…. don’t stick your d*ck in crazy. Have some self control.

  11. this is the sick society we are in..women cannot afford to take care of children by themselves anymore..this is all their fault..they wanted the kid or kids for their own reasons..selfish gender the female is..sterilize them if they are in poverty levels..only one kid and thats it..blame the mothers of today.

  12. Crysta Moffitt

    Let’s kill that women.

  13. trellbfieldarts

    where’s the father? oh I thought only blacks were without fathers

  14. execute that mother

  15. Born Under Water

    I don’t know why in these cases the mother is rarely sentenced to life. She deserves to be locked away for ever.

  16. biggybtoussaint

    It’s strange to me when children are abused and killed it’s usually done by the mothers!! And even when the mother isn’t financially stable or mentally fit they’re the ones who still get full custody of the children.

  17. antwon valentino

    yet we always give women custody over our children

  18. She really should get the death penalty!

  19. It's Ya Girl, Jesus' Wife

    Awwww… POOR CHILDREN!! … How can anybody be so evil??! She’s another devil that needs to be put to death

  20. Shoot that bitch!

  21. Aarianne Toliver

    omg that’s nasty

  22. Where's my noose?

    dumb bitch


    These kind of cases are sickening

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