Fake heiress facing jail time for swindling businesses, acquaintances & hotel owners

Anna Sorokin in hot water/MoroccoWorldNews.com.

German con artist facing prison stay.

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MANHATTAN — “Fake it ’til you make it?” German con artist Anna Sorokin is lookin’ at some serious jail time after the duplicitous socialite impersonated a millionaire while swindling thousands of dollars from several oblivious targets. By pretending to be rich, Sorokin received a plethora of goods and services knowing damn well she couldn’t pay it back. She’s currently standing trial at the Manhattan Supreme Court. The 28-year-old Sorokin, who went by her alias Anna Delvey, claimed to be a German heiress worth $60 million when, in fact, she’s destitute as hell. We’re talkin’ R. Kelly broke, not Martha Stewart.

Big difference.

Sorokin even hoodwinked Vanity Fair photo editor Rachel Williams into paying off a $62,000 invoice for a luxury vacation stay in Morocco. Here’s what went down: In May 2017, Sorokin invited Williams and two friends to an all-expense paid getaway to Marrakech. The prodigal quartet stayed in an extravagant four-room villa at the La Mamounia Palace Hotel at an exorbitant rate of $7,000 per night.

After 5 days went by, the hotel manager said f*ck forbearance and demanded a working credit card. That’s when Sorokin offered more excuses than a n*gga going to jail, claiming she was having trouble contacting her bank. Sorokin then asked Williams to use her American Express before promising to pay her back later.

Williams’ card was charged.

Several months went by.

She never received a reimbursement.

The good news?

Williams was able to recoup her losses by selling the story to HBO for $35,000. The movie should be released soon. She also signed a book deal with Simon and Schuster for $300,000. “I just wanted to tell the story,” Williams said while testifying in court on Wednesday. “I feel it’s an important story.”

Williams wasn’t the only one to get duped.

Prosecutors said Sorokin fleeced more than $275,000 from acquaintances, businesses and hotels. She also tried to secure a bank loan for $22 million. Sorokin is charged with grand larceny, attempted grand larceny, and theft of services. If convicted, she’s looking at 15 years in the Penitentiary.

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  1. White Privilege

  2. Stephanie Ramirez

    Wow she’s amazing lol

  3. Say what you will. Feminism have done wonders for gender equality. Women like Anna Delvey and Elizabeth Holmes are proving that, they too are capable of being complete pieces of garbage. 😂

  4. She robbed a bunch of rich douchebags. Big deal 👌

  5. By the way this is the Kardashian’s way of making money

  6. Smart girl…
    The plan she had was poorly executed ….would make a great movie tho👏👏👏👏

  7. Chayavat Mokarakorn

    Just a nut job with greedy friends who thought they found a freeride.

  8. Gotta give it to her fake it till u make it lmao😂😂😂

  9. Oh so you're a wrestler now

    THOT successfully patrolled!

  10. 275K is not a very impressive amount.

  11. I just don’t see why everyone is fascinated by this story. Some girl walked around NYC acting like she was rich but really she only had some stolen money in the bank. That’s not a new story or terribly interesting.
    The true crime were her outfits. Looked like walked out of Goodwill.

  12. Only 275k? If you put that account in the title, you’d get less clicks.

  13. 🤔sooo.. she goes to jail for doing the same thing trump got to be president for? 🤦‍♀️
    Whatever… mesz with the rich and see what happens right? Yet the rest of us go out to dinner or go on a trip with others and they don’t pay like they are supposed to, we just don’t go anywhere with them again. Privilege must be nice.. black list anyone… jail them.. make them president… I get it

  14. She could not keep up with the Joneses

  15. unapologetically me

    …lol how dumb are the people around here to believe her without doing some fact checks?… I swear socialite is just another word for stupid and rich

  16. I say get it girl. Scamming dumb rich people seems like a win win to me 🤷‍♀️

  17. Fae Wonderland

    $$275,000??? dats it tho???

  18. Billionaires, huge cooperations and big banks are scamming the whole country and no one complains. This woman scams them: everyone freaks out.

  19. Phhhhhhtttttt. Costs more to lock her up. Chicken feed.

  20. I need someone to make this into a lifetime movie. This whole situation had me FASCINATED. This girl is a socio.

  21. She managed to fool all those rich pretentious idiots haha

  22. What a ho bag.

  23. ☼YouBetterWorkItYooooooo☼

    This girl was smart….

  24. Bye Felicia!

  25. Sounds about white right!😠👎.

  26. Her lawyers gave her bad advise🤦 Everyone knows if one has enough money to pay for a proper lawyer they can get away with just about anything.

  27. Aww, some rich people had their money stolen. Tragic.

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