Chiefs star Tyreek Hill and fiancé Crystal ‘battling’ for custody amid abuse claims

Tyreek and Crystal investigated for child abuse.

Tyreek Hill lost custody of child. 

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OVERLAND PARK — There was wildfire speculation Tyreek Hill’s 3-year-old son was extracted from home amid ghastly reports of child abuse. Turns out, the scuttlebutt was veracious. Thursday night, KCTV5 aired an investigative report detailing the loathsome ordeal. As of now, it doesn’t appear Tyreek and his fiancé — Crystal Espinal — will face any criminal charges. Crystal is currently gravid with Tyreek’s twins but their son remains in foster care pending an investigation.

Given the fact Tyreek lost custody after his son suffered a broken arm, it’s probably safe to assume an NFL suspension is on the way and possibly a ban. As a former employee of the Kansas Department for Children and Families, I’d be the first to say it takes subhuman circumstances for a child to be deracinated from home.

After all, it’s never easy dragging a kid out of his or her natural element.

This is a terrible look for Tyreek and the Kansas City Chiefs probably have no choice but to let him go. If I’m general manager Brett Veach, I’m on the phone right now discussing a trade. The NFL Draft is near. If the Chiefs are able to secure a 2nd or 3rd round pick for Tyreek, they should take it.

The draft is saturated with talented receivers.

It won’t be hard finding a replacement.

I’m serious. It’s time to move on. While at Oklahoma State, Tyreek assaulted Crystal (who was pregnant at the time) and the Chiefs drafted him anyway to proffer a second chance. Tyreek screwed that up. Now his career is in jeopardy. The speedy 25-year-old ain’t the only one at fault.

Andy Reid and the front office are also culpable. The past couple of years, the Chiefs have had issues with 3 players who had contaminated reputations coming out of college.

1) Marcus Peters: Played collegiately at the University of Washington where he got kicked off the team for cussin’ out a coach. As a member of the Chiefs, Peters got kicked off the team for cussin’ out a coach.

2) Kareem Hunt: Played collegiately at Toledo University where he got in trouble for drinking too much and picking fights. As a member of the Chiefs, Hunt got kicked off the team for drinking too much and picking fights.

3) Tyreek Hill: Played collegiately at Oklahoma State University where he got kicked off the team for domestic battery against his pregnant girlfriend. As a member of the Chiefs, he’s close to getting kicked off the team for alleged domestic battery against a child.

As you can see, red flags were visible and the Chiefs clearly ignored them.

Look… Coach Reid and company probably thought a paycheck would rectify their deportment, which is an asinine way of thinking. Anybody with an encephalon understands money doesn’t ameliorate defective character. As a matter of fact, it augments proclivity.

In other words… if you’re nice, money will make you a nicer person.

If you’re an asshole, money will make you a bigger asshole.

The way I see it, the Chiefs have a 2 year window to win the Super Bowl.

This season and next.

That’s because Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson just signed the richest contract in NFL history worth $35 million per year. Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is 10 times better than Wilson. Owner Clark Hunt has to open up the checkbook to Mahomes when his contract expires next year.

National pundits have already predicted Mahomes will be the NFL’s first $200 million dollar man. When that happens, the Chiefs won’t have enough mazuma to remunerate other elite players. That’s why KC has to win now. To do so, it’s imperative they scout, draft and develop the right players.

So far, Coach Reid and his accomplices deserve an “F” for player evaluation.

They have to act fast.

Time is running out.

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  1. tenoch chichimeca

    He’s getting traded

  2. IF he is guilty then forget suspension, I hope he does prison time! Hopefully the investigation is over before the season starts.

  3. Good now we just need someone to come out how mahomes raped em 10 years and were good..raaaaaideerrs up

  4. Lightningstriker1

    The Chiefs don’t deserve a SB when they hire felons to play. Why can’t the NFL do investigative background checks before a draft to weed out these criminals like other employers do?

  5. i’m a die hard chiefs fan we can’t afford this the NFL doesn’t want us winning playoffs or super bowls apparently

  6. Jake Abjornson

    Don’t worry the browns will sign him

  7. NFL greatest hits are all on woman and children these p.o.s are poor role models for todays youth i hope the kneelers get fckn locked out ill be rooting for the owners.

  8. Corner Sportsnet

    Tyreek CANT BE THIS DUMB nahhhh

  9. Justin Sullivan

    Chiefs management has no morals. Hill is a dirtbag; they knew it when they drafted him.

  10. This isn’t a good look even so idk all the facts yet Chiefs front office need to hired a private investigator in the off season

  11. please don’t be true he’s the best it would not be the same without him

  12. Peter Tibbetts

    If this ends up being true he needs to be out of the league his previous punishment was he couldn’t go to the combine I’m sorry but you can’t have this guy in the league or any player for beating girls and children it’s a bad look the NFL is a privilege not a right

  13. I’m just gonna say it.. but white people can’t stand when black people simply discipline their children, that’s all that it is.. and knowing he already had a history of displaying aggression towards his wife, they will really take that incident and go left..I swear this country isn’t for black people at all.. one mistake doesn’t mean he’s labeled as that..

  14. get rid of Watkins as opposed to Hill. Chiefs have a nack for discovering wide receivers.

  15. If he broke his son’s arm he shouldn’t be able to play football ever again RNFL!!!!

  16. Robert Jackman

    He’s going to jail or get traded. All the chiefs players are 🐖s hitting women and children

  17. T.Hill will be out the league if he did break his sons arm they dam near banned A.Peterson for whipping his son

  18. Chandler Brown

    I’m honestly not worried about this Tyreek thing

  19. Crazy how allegations can almost ruin someones career.. He wasn’t even listed as a suspect on the police report.

  20. Keith Wingfield

    Fake News

  21. If this turns out to be real, I hope no team picks him up. It will be messed up if the Chiefs (or any team in a similar situation) end up losing the most. A new teams picks him up on the waiver wire with little to no complains (think the Browns with Kareem Hunt) and the player only is suspended for half a season.

  22. CPS needs to save that child

  23. Chief fans: wait hunt is gone? At least we have hill
    Also chief fans: just kill me now

  24. Asshole of the year award goes to mom n dad. Dhs employees. And nfl for not suspending him. Kids getting neglected and abused because this idiot can catch a ball.

  25. TheZombieMan16

    Got dang it Hill. First Hunt now this. Control yourself, man.

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